Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1245

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan was the numero uno among the Divine Realm cultivators.

With Seboxia currently in him, not even the underground cell could completely contain Jonathan’s

As for Kathleen, the alliance of the Leesons, the Mallorys, and the Hendersons behind Kathleen was
only the result of the fight between the eight respectable families.

Perhaps this alliance was crucial in the outside world, but it was as helpful as a matchstick in a fire in
the small world.

The alliance between cultivators had always been about the benefits they could reap. Stellario would
be a fool if he were to go to Kathleen.

The fireworks above them soon disappeared.

Jonathan was sure that Hayden was doing his best to get to him as well.

In the next moment, the three started making their swift way along the ridge to the spot up ahead on
their right.

“Jon, aren’t we getting too full of ourselves by running along the ridge without care?” Stellario asked as
he gestured a spell to channel the spiritual energy inside him. In no time, he had covered himself with
various spiritual parasites.

If anyone were to attack him from the side, Stellario would definitely be capable of summoning a large
number of parasites.

“This is the fastest way there,” Jonathan flatly replied as he kept his gaze fixed on the path before

Despite the tranquility of his expression, Jonathan was feeling grim.

As per the rules introduced by the man earlier, in previous competitions, only the final one hundred
cultivators in the arena would be chosen to serve as envoys of Yannopolis.

The competition was the same as battle royale games in the outside world.

The rate of elimination was high, and even if the survivors did not amount to up to a hundred, there
would be no major issues.

The cultivators selected from the hundred and eight villages would be bestowed with cultivation
methods. Once they upgraded themselves, they would then be tossed into the competition.

Even if only thirty people were selected from each village, there would at least be three thousand
cultivators who would ultimately end up in the competition.

In fact, there were definitely more than three thousand cultivators in the competition.

If one were to look at the arena from Ascension Peak, one would be awed by the massive size of it.
The distance to the massive black walls encircling the arena stretched for dozens of miles. In fact, if
one were to imagine the arena as a perfect circle, its diameter would have measured hundreds of

The distance seemed terrifying, but there were thousands of God Realm cultivators within the arena.

Furthermore, each God Realm cultivator was capable of leaping dozens of meters away from their
original spot. In other words, it was still too crowded for them.

Moreover, their locations had been exposed.

Regardless of whether or not Jonathan and the others made an effort to hide themselves, they would
still end up engaging in fights against other cultivators on their way to their destination.

If they were not stationary and concealing their aura, they would surely be noticed by the others.

The battle was inevitable, so Jonathan saw no point in sneaking around.

Furthermore, they were moving as a trio. If they bumped into other average cultivators, they would be
able to defeat them quickly. Avoiding a drawn-out battle was the most efficient method for them.

At that moment, Jonathan’s focus was mostly on Merilyn, who was beside him.

The longer they ran, the more frightful Jonathan grew.

A while back, Jonathan had wanted to break away from Merilyn because her cultivation level was too
low, as far as he could tell from when she tried to assassinate the two. If they were to bring her along,
she might end up holding them back.

Moreover, it was merely a coincidence that Merilyn’s unique skills happened to be the perfect counter
against the snakes they had encountered.

Yet, from how Merilyn seemed at the moment, Jonathan realized that he might have underestimated
the local cultivator.

Stellario’s cultivation method was strange. When Jonathan first found Stellario on Mount Boisvista,
Stellario had been so quick that even Jonathan’s green wolf could not catch up with him.

Therefore, it was evident that Stellario was adjusting his pace to match Jonathan’s as he ran alongside
the latter.

In contrast, though Jonathan had yet to channel his life force, he was already at his limits.

With each step he took, his feet’s meridians, flesh, and blood would suffer immense strain. He was
teetering on the brink of collapse.

On the other hand, Merilyn remained unfazed. Throughout their entire run, her posture remained
unchanged, and her expression stayed the same.

As a matter of fact, if Jonathan were to pay attention to her breathing, he would realize that her
breathing was not even getting any heavier.

At that observance, Jonathan found the corners of his lips twitching.

I can’t believe I had looked down on Merilyn when both of them are accommodating me now. This is
ridiculous. I was the numero uno in the Divine Realm of the outside world.

Just as that thought crossed Jonathan’s mind, a golden ripple materialized before him—a clear
indication of the bronze handbell fulfilling its role in safeguarding Jonathan.

“Someone’s attacking us!”

As the steel needle hit the ground, Stellario and Merilyn transformed into swift, indistinct figures, diving
into the midst of the battle.

Moving at their maximum speed, they left behind nothing but fleeting afterimages as they swiftly darted
away. Jonathan could only watch them leave helplessly.

With their incredible speed, staying alive in this arena would not be a concern for them, not unless they
were faced with a large swarm of enemies.

“They’re in the woods below!”

Protected by his bronze handbell, Jonathan leaped into the air, positioning himself as bait for the
incoming enemies.

“Kill them!”

The second Jonathan confirmed the ambusher’s location, Stellario was already at the spot with his
short blade.

With a powerful swing of his spiritually enhanced sword, Stellario cleaved through the ancient trees in
the direction Jonathan had indicated.

As Merilyn stepped on the cleaved trees, each footfall caused them to explode into mere wooden
chips, disintegrating under her immense strength.

In a flash, her spear was launched toward the enemy with incredible speed and precision.

Despite not being a master in spear combat, Merilyn’s upbringing in a perilous world honed her skills in
battling formidable demon beasts. She moved with grace and precision, effortlessly wielding her
weapon in a deadly dance.

Every move she made was simple and accurate.

Blood spurted everywhere.

As Merilyn thrust her spear downward, it collided with her opponent’s head, causing it to burst open like
a watermelon struck by a bullet. Blood spurted out in all directions, and the body of her adversary was
gruesomely split in half.

Jonathan landed, crushing a boulder beneath him before hurtling toward the body.

Meanwhile, Stellario and Merilyn raised their shields, vigilant and ready to defend against any incoming

They knew that the battle had truly begun.

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