Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1238

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To the prison guard, Stellario’s hostility felt like a thorn that pierced through his heart.

Most of the cultivators who were imprisoned were rebels who were dissatisfied with Yannopolis’ rule.

It was just that their fervor for resistance was doused by the long-term torment they suffered.

The emergence of new blood to lead them reignited the indignance within their hearts.

One by one, they trudged laboriously toward the prison bars, dragging their weak, painful bodies.

The listless look in their eyes was now replaced by one of burning rage.

Although the prison guard knew that the prisoners couldn’t break out of their cells to harm him, their
predatorial stares still sent a chill down his spine.

The prisoners’ spiritual energy might have been exhausted, but all of them were, at the very least, a
God Realm cultivator still.

With their aura still present, they continued to exude an air of dominance.

Now that their murderous intent was once again released after being sealed away for ages, the icy
tension in the air would strike fear into anyone who shared the same space as they did.

“Mutiny! This is downright mutiny! D*mn it! Do all of you have a death wish?” the prison guard yelled at
the top of his lungs.

Despite his loud voice, the prison guard’s fear didn’t go unnoticed by everyone.

In the cell opposite Jonathan’s, Marmount’s voice gradually rang out.

“What’s the point of living when we have lost our dignity? Even if we don’t resist, we’ll still die after
being tortured by you.”


As the crisp sound of the whip echoed out in the cell, Marmount was sent flying backward.

His lifeless body slumped to the ground after crashing into the wall.

Jonathan looked at Marmount and saw that the latter’s neck was snapped by the whip.

Marmount’s dead! He lost his life after being tortured for an indeterminate period of time and eating a
bowl of cheap beef stew. Is that how a God Realm cultivator is supposed to meet his end? That’s just
downright pitiful.

As the sound of the whip rang out continuously, Marmount’s corpse was whipped into mush, as if it was
a torn rag doll.

At the same time, the sound further intensified the tension within the prison.

The concentration of murderous intent from countless prisoners might not be noticeable to an ordinary
person, but the prison guard was so pressured by it that he found it difficult to even swing his whip.

He then gulped as he turned to face Jonathan and Stellario.

“Since you have awakened their desire to rebel, you will be responsible for ending it. By killing the two
of you, I’ll snuff out whatever hope they are harboring!”


The moment the crisp sound rang out, the whip was stopped and entangled by a ray of green light in
front of Jonathan.

Even though Yannopolis Outer City’s formation could suppress all spiritual energy, Seboxia’s life force
was a league above spiritual energy and unaffected by the formation at all.

Seboxia would need to gather spiritual energy if he wanted to materialize, but there was no stopping
him from unleashing his life force through Jonathan’s body,

“H-How is this possible?”

The prison guard gaped at Jonathan.

“Come over here!” Jonathan barked as he reached out to grab the whip and pulled the shocked guard
up to the prison bars.

Before the guard could react, Stellario had already gotten a hold of his collar.


He spat a mouthful of blood into the guard’s mouth.

That was more than just a disgusting act. Stellario, as a parasite specialist, had just injected the
guard’s body with the parasites that he had cultivated in his body.

When the guard opened his mouth to scream, Stellario slapped the guard’s mouth and channeled
spiritual energy from his palm. The guard clutched his throat and stared at Stellario in horror as a surge
of spiritual energy was thrust into his mouth.

“How much spiritual energy have you lost?” Jonathan asked Stellario in an indifferent tone.

“At least thirty percent!” Stellario stared at the guard who had collapsed onto the ground.

“This place absorbs our spiritual energy at a crazy rate. Using only a little would allow it to strip a lot of
it away from us. We’ll probably go mad here in three days, let alone three months.”

By then, the guard had let go of his whip. Leaning against the prison bars, he stared at the two men in

After working there for more than ten years, this was the first time his weapon was seized from him.

On top of that, the blood Stellario had spat into his mouth had been pushed down into his stomach by
the former’s spiritual energy.

By using his inner vision, the guard could observe within his blood, tiny parasite eggs that were almost

Moreover, the eggs, with the help of the burst of spiritual energy earlier, had grown active.


Kneeling on the ground, the guard began to use his spiritual energy to induce vomiting.

Unfortunately, Stellario began ringing the bell he was holding in his hand.

“It’s too late!”

Ring ring ring…

The crisp sound of the bell echoed in the dark dungeon.

When the guard threw up a mouthful of blood, he could see more than ten round beetles that were the
size of a wheat grain swimming in it.

Fists tightly clenched, the guard grimaced in pain as he looked up at Jonathan while sprawled on the

“Jon, do you want to keep him alive?” Stellario asked once he stopped ringing the bell.

“Kill him. Someone else would come here.”

With that, Stellario showed no mercy by ringing his bell vehemently again.

As the guard stared at Stellario with widened eyes, he attempted to beg for mercy, but all that came out
of his mouth was an endless swarm of beetles.

With that, Jonathan and Stellario watched as the prison guard was devoured by the beetles and
reduced to nothing but bones.

The terrifying beetles were so relentless that they even sucked clean the blood on the floor.

Jonathan subsequently gave Stellario a complicated look.

“The Mallory family’s cultivation method shouldn’t have existed. For ordinary cultivators, killing another
cultivator of equivalent skill requires a certain amount of effort. But all you need is a few parasites to
achieve the same result. I finally understand why the divine being exiled all of you to Centum Mountain
of Yorksland a thousand years ago.”

“Horsesh*t!” Stellario let out a snort. “What do you mean by we were exiled? The ancestors of the
Mallory family decided to stay at Centum Mountain because it was a good place to raise parasites, all
right? Besides, we are the descendants of an ancient wizard. Do you think it’s that easy to extinguish

While both of them were speaking, the beetles on the ground stopped moving.

These beetles relied solely on spiritual energy and the consumption of flesh and blood to sustain
themselves. Now that they had consumed everything available and lost their source of sustenance,
death naturally came to them.

“What are we going to do next?” Stellario asked with furrowed brows.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was sitting in meditation with his legs crossed.

“We’ll wait. We’ll wait for them to discover that the guard is dead and allow us to participate in the fight!”

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