Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1235

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Stellario was stunned when he heard that. I’ve never been to Village 108, but Jon told me quite a lot
about Yannopolis during our journey. Yannopolis is a mysterious land filled with God Realm cultivators.
If we’re in Yannopolis, we’re doomed.

In the next second, the cultivator in the opposite prison cell suddenly laughed out loud, leaving
Jonathan and Stellario flabbergasted.

“Yannopolis? If we were in Yannopolis, I would be more than willing to die here! Unfortunately, I tried
everything I could and only ended up in the Outer City of Yannopolis. We’re now in the dungeon in the
Outer City of Yannopolis. However, you’re right about something. We’re stuck in a formation, which is
the foundation of the Outer City of Yannopolis. There are two ways you can escape this place. Firstly,
you can find the formation’s foundation and take control of it. Secondly, you can try to break this
formation and destroy it. Haha!” The old man started laughing like a maniac.

Seeing that, Stellario gave Jonathan a nudge and commented, “Jon, is he a madman?”

“He isn’t a madman. He’s merely in utter despair.” Jonathan heaved a helpless sigh and said, “None of
the ways he mentioned is workable. Both options require us to go against the entire Outer City. If we
don’t have someone strong enough to topple the Outer City on our side, there’s no way we’re getting
out of here.”

“The entire Outer City?” Stellario gaped at the cultivator in the opposite prison cell incredulously. “What
the h*ll?”

“Are you saying that we’re going to die here? Don’t we have any hope of escaping?” Stellario’s
expression turned sour as he turned to look at the bones nearby. I’ve been carrying such a heavy
burden from the moment I left the Mallory family. I can’t afford to die here. Even if I were to die, I would
rather die fighting. I can’t die in vain. That would be terrible!

Just then, Jonathan shone the light at the prison cell opposite them and asked, “You aren’t alone in that
huge prison cell, are you?”

The cultivator leaned on the wall feebly, drained. The conversation he had with Jonathan earlier had
seemingly depleted his energy.

“There’s no point in telling you all that…”

Sighing, the old man fell silent and shut his eyes.

“Hey, you old b*stard! F*ck!” Stellario roared furiously. If it weren’t for the prison bars getting in his way,
he might actually end up rushing toward the opposite prison cell to beat the cultivator up.

Jonathan then stopped Stellario and produced a pack of self-heating instant beef stew from his storage
ring. “Stellario, you can’t solve everything with violence. Let’s eat!”

Afterward, Jonathan quickly prepared the instant beef stew by adding a bottle of water to it. Although a
large amount of spiritual energy would be consumed every time he took something out from his storage
ring, he knew it’d be worth it.

The beef stew was ready after a few minutes, and the tasty aroma immediately filled the entire

While squatting on the ground, Stellario picked up a fork and was about to dig in. “Wow! I’ve been
craving beef stew!” he said, chuckling.

However, Jonathan shook his head and stopped Stellario. “Stellario, look over there.”

Stellario followed Jonathan’s line of sight and turned toward the opposite prison cell to see that the
emaciated cultivator had already crawled toward the prison bars. Slumping against the bars, he was
staring longingly at the beef stew.

Realization dawned on Stellario, and he snickered right away. “This beef stew is a delicacy back where
we’re from. The vegetables and chunks of beef just melt in your mouth and taste amazing. Old man,
you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to eat this.”

With the beef stew in his hands, Stellario slowly walked toward the prison bars.

The prison cell opposite them was at least five meters away, but the intense, tantalizing aroma of the
beef stew still wafted into the cultivator’s nostrils.

Stellario picked up a chunk of beef and slowly moved it toward his mouth.

Right before he put the beef in his mouth, he deliberately dropped it on the ground. “Oh, no! That’s
such a waste! It’s all right, though. I still have plenty!”

With that, Stellario picked up another chunk of beef before dropping it on the ground again.

The cultivator couldn’t stand Stellario’s actions and finally gave in. “Don’t do that! I’ll tell you whatever
you want to know! L-Let me have the beef stew…”

“You brought this upon yourself!” Stellario sneered. “You must answer all our questions. If we find your
answers satisfactory, we’ll give you the beef stew and something else, too. However, if we’re not
satisfied with your answers, you’ll have to watch us eat!”

Stellario placed the beef stew on the ground and nodded slightly at Jonathan.

Jonathan had wanted to use the beef stew to lure the cultivator into telling them what he knew, but he
didn’t expect Stellario to end up gaining complete control over the cultivator. This is rather surprising.

Jonathan found his heart skipping a beat as he looked at the cultivator. If he was telling the truth when
he said he was a prefect investigating Yannopolis, he must be a tough and strong-willed man. Yet, he’s

throwing his dignity away for food! I wonder what he had been through here.

At that moment, Jonathan had a lot of questions in his mind, but after a moment of pondering, he still
chose to ask the cultivator the most important question.

“You surely know a way out of here. I want you to give me an answer as detailed as possible,”
Jonathan demanded.

In response, the cultivator looked at Jonathan, rested his head on the prison bars, and gulped. “We’re
in a dungeon in the southern part of the Outer City of Yannopolis. This is where the rebellious
cultivators are imprisoned. According to the protocol here, no one will entertain you if you’ve just
arrived. They’ll imprison you for three months and wait for you to consume all your revitalization pills
and magical herbs in your storage bag. Once you’ve emptied your storage bag, someone will come to
confiscate everything you own. You’ll only have one option if you want to get out of here before running
out of spiritual energy. When the guards come over to send you food, you can request to join a fighting
competition. If you win thirty rounds in a row in the Outer City, you’ll be free to leave this horrific
underground prison for good! That’s the only way!”

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