Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1233

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As a way of thanking Merilyn and Abraham for saving his life, Jonathan chose not to kill them.

Even so, Jonathan had still wounded Merilyn severely when he tossed her away earlier.

What they did not expect was for Merilyn to drag her wounded body back into the battle and attack
them at the very last second.

Although Jonathan was a sentimental person, he was not about to let it get the better of him.

Merilyn and I are even after I spared her life just now, so I have no reason to hold back now that she’s
attacking me!

With that in mind, Jonathan raised Heaven Sword and swung it at Merilyn’s throat.

“Don’t do it!” Stellario shouted as he got between them, blocked Jonathan’s wrist with his left hand, and
grabbed Merilyn’s broken sword firmly with his right.

That was when the portal formation was fully activated.

Everything around Jonathan became a blur, and he had been teleported to a dark place before he
knew it.

The formation mark on the ground vanished as Stellario stared apathetically at Merilyn.

Merilyn saw the blood dripping from his right hand and asked with a trembling voice, “Why didn’t you
dodge my blade?”

I was so determined to kill these two for spying on my village, even if it would cost me my life. That was
why I went all out in that attack. Had Stellario not intercepted both of us in time, Jonathan’s sword

would have cut my head clean off! Why did this scrawny man risk his life to save mine? What exactly is
he playing at?

Merilyn had always been teased and made fun of growing up. The males in the village would rather
treat her like a guy than see her as a girl.

As such, Merilyn found herself feeling a little awkward when faced with Stellario’s serious gaze. She
subconsciously averted her eyes.

Stellario slowly let go of Merilyn’s blade and flashed her a faint smile. “Merilyn…”

He was about to say something, but the teleportation left him feeling so dizzy that he began vomiting
on the spot.

Assuming he was vomiting in disgust because of her appearance, Merilyn quickly lowered her head
and covered her face with her hands.

Her tears kept falling as she leaned against the wall in dejection and watched Stellario puke away.

I know I’m not good-looking, but the men in the village have never said anything about my appearance
ever since I became an adult! Why would Stellario vomit the moment he sees my face? This is just
downright insulting!

Stellario realized that he had caused a misunderstanding when he heard Merilyn sobbing in the corner.
He quickly waved his hand and said, “No, I’m not vomiting because of you…”

“What is it, then?” Merilyn asked with a sniffle.

“It’s because—”

Stellario began vomiting again immediately after making eye contact with her.

Merilyn cried even louder when she saw his reaction.

It took Stellario about ten seconds to finally stop vomiting. His face was white as a sheet when he stood
up straight and explained, “I didn’t vomit because you look ugly or anything, Merilyn. I vomited because
the portal formation made me dizzy. It’s like suffering from carsick.”

“Carsick? What is that?” Merilyn asked, choking back on tears.


Stellario stared at Merilyn speechlessly for a few seconds before realizing that cars did not exist in her

He then turned toward Jonathan and said, “Hey, Jonathan! Could you help me explain it to her?”

Jonathan, who was crouching next to a pile of bones, let out a sigh when he looked up at the two.

“Now isn’t the time to be flirting, you two. Don’t you see where we are right now?”

“Where we are…”

Stellario’s eyes went wide after a brief pause, and he quickly glanced at his surroundings.

There were walls on three sides and a row of black metal bars on one side.

They were standing on a damp, rocky floor. There was a torch hanging on the wall outside, and there
was a skeleton in front of Jonathan.

It instantly became clear to them that they were inside a dungeon of some sort.

“This is…”

Stellario ran up to the metal bars and glanced outside.

All he saw were a few other cells similar to the one they were in.

“How did we end up here?” Stellario asked while staring at Jonathan in confusion.

“How would I know? Try using your spiritual energy!” Jonathan retorted as he stood up straight.

Stellario then retrieved his black knife from the storage ring and channeled his spiritual energy as he
slashed at the metal bars.

A thin cloud of mist rose from the metal bars and began absorbing Stellario’s spiritual energy like a

“What the f*ck? There’s something strange about these metal bars!” Stellario exclaimed in shock as he
forcefully cut off his spiritual energy.

Jonathan reached out and touched the metal bars.

“It’s not just these metal bars that are strange. The walls around us and the ground beneath our feet,
too, have this strange property about them. I was going to try using my Elemental Extrication
Technique, but my spiritual energy was completely absorbed the moment it left my body. I can’t get my
mental energy out of my consciousness field either. If my guess is correct, we are currently inside a
very complex formation that drains spiritual energy!” he said while shifting his gaze toward Merilyn.

Noticing the way Jonathan was looking at her, Stellario quickly got between them.

“You spared her earlier as an act of gratitude, and I did the same by saving her life, so we’re all even
now. You mustn’t hurt her unless she does something to harm you.”

Jonathan rolled his eyes as he walked past Stellario.

“Already being so protective of her before you two even start dating, huh? I can only imagine how much
of a simp you’d be if you two end up together! Don’t worry; I just want to ask her if she knows where we

Stellario snickered when he saw that Jonathan meant Merilyn no harm.

“It’s funny that you call me a simp when all of Chanaea knows you’re the biggest simp in the country!
You abandoned your job as Asura and insisted on returning to Josephine in Tayhaven even when your
mother-in-law dislikes you!”

Jonathan ignored Stellario’s rant and crouched next to Merilyn as he said, “Relax; I won’t hurt you as
long as you don’t try to kill us. I just want to know where we are right now.”

Not wanting to scare Merilyn, Jonathan even made sure to lower his voice and soften his tone when
speaking to her.

Merilyn, who had finally stopped crying, glanced about and shook her head.

“I don’t know where we are either…”

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