Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1232

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A loud roar sounded as soon as the Dark Tortoise’s form appeared.

A sudden, powerful surge of spiritual energy hit Jonathan like a truck and sent him flying backward

“Not again!” Stellario exclaimed while conjuring up some spiritual energy to intercept Jonathan.

Unfortunately, that did nothing as the two flew backward and crashed into the dent that Jonathan had
created earlier.

The sword in Jonathan’s hand ended up falling into the old man’s hand, too.

Footsteps sounded from the corridor behind them.

The old man calmly retracted the Dark Tortoise form before the villagers emerged behind him.

Merilyn, who was wearing a wide cape, asked, “What happened here?”

She had always been ostracized since she was little because her appearance did not match the
villagers’ beauty standards. Since she did not have many friends, she had no choice but to focus on
her cultivation.

Although the villagers had yet to change their opinion of her appearance, she had earned the respect
of all the men there with her capability. Eventually, she was allowed to lead a team of her own.

Among the villagers that arrived, Merilyn was the only one qualified to ask the old sage questions.

The old sage tightened his grip on Heaven Sword as he stared at Jonathan and Stellario, who were
both severely wounded and lying on the ground.

“These two tried to leave without permission after finding out about our village’s secret. On top of that,
they have also killed many of our villagers. Their crimes call for punishment!”

He then turned toward Merilyn and continued, “These two are spies pretending to be outsiders. We
should kill them to be on the safe side.”

“Understood!” Merilyn replied with a nod as she took off her heavy robe and retrieved a short sword
from her storage bag.

She was making her way toward Jonathan and Stellario with the blade in hand when a calm voice rang
out from inside the cave.

“Jonathan, isn’t it about time you let me kill these people?”

Everyone at the scene froze in shock when they heard that.

They quickly glanced about but were unable to see anyone. Meanwhile, the old sage’s pupils
constricted in shock as he stared at Heaven Sword.

One end of a fine, green line could be seen floating above the hilt.

As the sage shifted his gaze toward the other end, he saw that it was coming from Jonathan’s right

“Kill them… Kill them all…” Jonathan said weakly while leaning against Stellario.

Had Stellario not caught him mid-flight earlier, Jonathan’s bones would probably have all been
shattered by the impact.

Even with Stellario’s help, they still sustained fairly severe injuries as a result. Stellario had passed out
from the pain, which showed just how powerful the sage was.

However, the pain activated the murderous intent that lay dormant within Jonathan.

After all, a man who possessed the Pryncyp of Slaughter was definitely no saint.

Seboxia appeared next to Jonathan in his pure white robe.

With a gentle wave of his hand, two beams of life force entered Jonathan and Stellario’s bodies,
healing their wounds completely.

“F*ck! What happened just now? I feel like my brain has gotten all mushy!” Stellario exclaimed while
rubbing his head as soon as he regained consciousness.

Those words had barely left his mouth when Jonathan reached out and pulled him to his feet.

“Huh? What are we doing now?”

Stellario had confusion written all over his face as he stared at the group of people that had emerged
out of nowhere before them.

“We’re going to kill them!”

As it turned out, that green line was actually Seboxia’s life force. Since he was in spiritual energy form,
the distance and his physical state did not matter.

Seboxia could instantly travel to the other end of that life force line no matter how far it was.

As the line was a part of Seboxia, it could be as thin as a strand of silk and still function just fine.

Before anyone even realized what was going on, Seboxia had appeared next to the sage and gripped
Heaven Sword firmly.

“It’s about time your life came to an end,” Seboxia said before pulling Heaven Sword backward.

Heaven Sword emitted a blood-red glow as it sailed through the air before landing in Jonathan’s hand.

The sage didn’t even have time to unleash the Dark Tortoise seal again before the sharp blade sliced
four of his fingers off in one fell swoop.

The sage stared at Seboxia in horror and quickly jumped backward while yelling at the villagers, “Kill
them all!”

“Fate has allowed us to meet, so I’m afraid you cannot escape,” Seboxia said with a smile before
turning into a green ray of light.

Having recovered from their injuries, Jonathan and Stellario clashed with Merilyn and the others.

With a mighty swing of Heaven Sword, Jonathan sliced Merilyn’s short sword in half.

Instead of killing her, however, Jonathan grabbed her by the hair and flung her away.

“That’s for saving my life!”

Since Merilyn had been thrown out of the fight, Jonathan and Stellario were able to go all out.

They activated Elemental Extrication Technique and caused rocky spikes to emerge from the ground
beneath the villagers.

On those spikes were lots of tiny, black worms that would crawl onto the villager’s bodies upon contact
and bury themselves in their flesh.

Although the villagers were all God Realm cultivators, their methods of attack were rather simple and
could be countered easily.

Despite being surrounded by dozens of people, Jonathan and Stellario were able to hold their ground
and retaliate with ease.

“Keep an eye out for the portal formation. We need to get out of here before more of the villagers
arrive. There’s no way we can fight them all off!” Jonathan reminded Stellario.

“The portal formation seems to be fully illuminated. Does that mean we can go now?” Stellario asked

“Fully illuminated?”

Jonathan turned around in surprise and glanced at the portal formation.

Sure enough, the portal formation deep within the cave was indeed fully illuminated.

“Clear us a path, Seboxia! It’s time for us to go!” Jonathan shouted at the top of his voice while
stomping on the ground.

The remaining bit of spiritual energy in his body surged into the ground, causing two stone walls to rise
up and push the cultivators away.

Just like that, he had forcefully created a clear and straight path through the crowd.

A cultivator aimed his gun at Jonathan and Stellario, but Seboxia teleported himself behind the
cultivator and swiftly snapped his neck.

Without wasting even a second, Seboxia then entered Jonathan’s body as he and Stellario made their
way onto the portal formation.

Jonathan activated the formation with a hand gesture, and a white light enveloped the two of them
almost immediately.

When Jonathan felt the sensation of being isolated from the world around him, he knew that there was
no stopping the formation from doing its work, so they were safe.

Right as he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, a broken sword pierced through the ball of white light.


With a determined look on her face, Merilyn thrust the broken sword at Stellario’s throat.


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