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Chapter 1231

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Seboxiasm’s cultivation demanded a substantial amount of life force.

Cultivators in the Grandmaster Realm were already rare in the outside world, and those in the God
Realm were even scarcer.

In this particular place, God Realm cultivators were a dime a dozen, while Grandmaster Realm
cultivators were considered of lesser importance and were not highly regarded.

Therefore, for a deity like Seboxia that required the absorption of a significant amount of life force in its
cultivation, this place was like a paradise.

Furthermore, in Mountain Village, Seboxia revealed his sinister plan to Jonathan, outlining his intention
to ruthlessly slaughter every inhabitant of the village.

Jonathan firmly believed that Seboxia’s words were not idle threats or mere intentions. The deity was
probably dead serious about carrying out a horrifying massacre in Mountain Village.

Seboxia had refrained from taking action because of Jonathan’s obstruction. Now that Jonathan had
spoken, Seboxia had no further reason to hold back or show restraint.

Within a matter of moments, all six individuals, except for Abraham, met their demise, their bodies
completely crushed and trapped within the confines of the rocks.

Both Jonathan and Stellario proceeded to retrieve the emerald badges from the cultivator’s storage

“Abraham, with this, I’ve repaid you for saving my life,” Jonathan uttered indifferently.

“Remain here and refrain from entertaining any thoughts of retaliation. If you dare to make a move, I
won’t hesitate to end your life,” he warned.

“Softie,” Seboxia grumbled, dissatisfied.

At this point, with their symbiotic connection and Jonathan’s newfound method to counter Seboxia’s
divine realm, the threat Seboxia posed to Jonathan had greatly diminished.

While Seboxia could still use his own life as a threat against Jonathan, it was considered a last resort.

In fact, excessive use of such threats would ultimately backfire on him.

Hence, their relationship at the moment was rather peculiar, and the deity was also willing to take
Jonathan’s advice on many matters. As if reflecting this, Seboxia, with evident reluctance, could only
shoot Jonathan a contemptuous glance before retreating once again into the coffin within Jonathan’s
elixir field.

“Let’s go!”

Jonathan and Stellario, holding the emerald badges, made their way to the portal formation in the
depths of the cave.

Following the method they had obtained through interrogation, Jonathan and Stellario inserted the spirit
stone into the grooves surrounding the portal formation. The spirit stone provided the necessary
energy, gradually lighting up the portal formation.

“Such intricate formations. I wonder,” Stellario mused with curiosity, standing within the formation, “if we
could successfully replicate these markings, would we be able to recreate the entire formation?”

Jonathan, although not well-versed in formations, had come across information about them in the
records of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

He retorted, “Stop daydreaming. If formations could simply be copied and pasted, then why would
formation experts be so rare? The arrangement of formations is not something formulaic; it’s akin to

concocting poison. Even though everyone knows the basic ingredients of a poison, the precise
proportions can greatly affect its efficacy.”

He then proceeded to elaborate, “The size, orientation, materials, and even the depth of each rune in
the formation beneath our feet determines the speed and amount of spiritual energy flowing within it. If
you try to imitate the markings without understanding the principles, you’ll only be wasting your time
and effort. Moreover, there’s a high chance you might be killed by the explosion of spiritual energy.”

Listening to Jonathan’s words, Stellario squatted down on the ground, his curiosity piqued. “You have
such a clear understanding of this. Don’t tell me you’re secretly an expert at formations!” he joked.

As he spoke, Stellario reached out to touch the formation beneath his feet. However, before his hand
could make contact with the ground, Jonathan swiftly grabbed him.

Jonathan chided the man, “Didn’t I tell you earlier? Even a slight disruption to the formation can pose
an irreversible danger to the portal. I’m tempted to chop off your hand, I swear!”

Stellario flashed a placating smile as Jonathan grabbed him by the back of his neck and lifted him off
the ground. “Oh… I didn’t realize that… My mistake.”


As a loud explosion reverberated throughout the cave, Jonathan swiftly tossed Stellario aside.

“The entrance has been opened!” Jonathan exclaimed as he looked down at the portal formation
beneath his feet, which, to his surprise, was only seventy percent activated.

The portal formation was supposed to produce quick results, but the casting technique demanded a
profound understanding of the intricate formation itself.

Jonathan, having limited knowledge about formations, and Stellario, a complete novice in this field,
were completely ill-prepared to handle its intricacies.

The two men were clearly not among those capable of effortlessly activating arcane arrays.

Jonathan swiftly leaped out of the formation and pressed his hands against the cave wall. Using his
Elemental Extrication Technique, he effortlessly tore off a sizable portion of the cave wall, as if ripping
apart a blanket.

However, despite his efforts, one silhouette in the cave seemed unaffected and broke through the
stone wall, lunging toward Jonathan with great force.


As the resounding toll of a bell filled the air, Jonathan’s silhouette streaked past Stellario’s sight before
forcefully colliding with the rock wall behind him.

“D*mn it!”

At once, blood gushed out of Jonathan’s nose and mouth.

The mysterious figure who had emerged was none other than the village chief who had been behaving
strangely earlier.

Surprisingly, the elderly man had delivered that blow using pure physical strength alone, without
employing any spiritual energy. Yet, it had been enough to inflict serious injuries on Jonathan.

Stellario promptly positioned himself in front of Jonathan, and as he raised his hand, countless small
insects converged to form a thin, sharp blade. “You’d better let us go.”

“Sure.” The old sage stood with his hands behind his back, a sly smile on his face. “Leave your storage
rings behind, and I will let you go.”

Slowly, Jonathan got to his feet and wielded Heaven Sword in his hand.

“You’re after this sword, right, old man?”

A spark of excitement ignited in the old sage’s gaze when he lay eyes on Heaven Sword, and he
demanded, “Hehe, since you’re already aware of that, then hand it over. A sacred item of this caliber is
beyond your grasp!”

Jonathan traced a graceful pattern in the air with the sword before pointing it directly at the old sage’s
forehead. “If you want my sword, you’ll have to take it from me!” he declared firmly.

With a powerful stomp, Jonathan propelled himself forward, transforming into a blur of motion as he
charged straight at the old sage.

“You’re courting death!”

The old sage’s shoulders trembled slightly as a mighty surge of spiritual energy emanated from him,
forming a force field that enveloped Jonathan and Stellario.

There was something fishy about the elderly man’s force field, and Jonathan had already experienced
its power firsthand during the daytime.

Hence, he was, of course, on guard.

Jonathan, too, unleashed his spiritual energy to form a force field that encompassed a radius of ten
meters, covering the entire area within its grasp.

The old sage’s force field was powerful, and Jonathan could not resist it even after exerting all his

However, fortunately, Jonathan’s force field was large enough, and the old sage would need a brief
moment to fully suppress him.

With a distance of only about ten meters between them, a moment’s time was more than sufficient for

“Take this!”

Jonathan swung Heaven Sword forcefully toward the old sage’s head, but to his surprise, the old sage
made no attempt to evade the powerful attack.

The old sage simply tilted his head slightly, allowing Heaven Sword to strike his shoulder.

Following that strike, a faint blue silhouette emerged on him, revealing the majestic form of a giant,
black tortoise.

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