Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1229

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“Who dares to trespass on this forbidden ground?” Following that deafening roar, the tip of a spear
flashed right in front of Jonathan. The sharp point was only half an inch away from piercing his
forehead when a fair, semi-illusory arm reached out from his chest and grabbed the long spear’s shaft.
It was Seboxia.

Cold sweat beaded Jonathan’s forehead. That person was incredibly quick with his spear. In truth, I
had sensed it the moment he attacked. However, the terrifying speed of the attack left me with no time
to react. Even though I was already holding the bronze handbell and could’ve summoned it with a
single thought, there was no time for me to use it. Had it not been for Seboxia, that spear would’ve
probably pierced through my head already, and I’d be dead.

He looked at the person who had thrown the spear. That’s the chief of the guards who had received
orders to conduct a security check on everyone when I arrived here earlier today. I thought they were
very friendly at the time. Who knew they’d go so hard when attacking? They didn’t even ask why I
came here before trying to kill me!

Meanwhile, it was clear that the head of the guards was somewhat taken aback by the sight of the arm
that had suddenly appeared out of Jonathan’s chest.

A moment later, however, the man let out a shout and struck the spear’s shaft hard with his left palm.

A strange pattern appeared on the shaft immediately after he did that. As the spear’s red tassel
swayed, it produced a destructive force that shattered Seboxia’s arm in the blink of an eye.

Jonathan drew back and retreated to the edge of the cave. Behind him lay an abyss with a thousand-
foot drop.

Seboxia slowly materialized next to him, wearing a grim expression. His right arm also gradually
regenerated thanks to the restoration powers of spiritual energy. “It’s a spiritual destruction formation.

Such magical items are specifically for breaking spiritual energy spells, especially spirit shields. Up
against these weapons, spirit shields are about as effective as paper. We must deal with the situation
with caution.”

Activating his spiritual eye, Jonathan studied the spear held by the chief guard. The shaft was an inky
black color, and its surface appeared to be smooth. However, every inch of it was covered by intricate

It was not just his long spear that carried those markings. Even the blades of the other guards who had
rushed over were similarly adorned.

Jonathan was slightly alarmed by the sight. The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique’s chapter on
miscellaneous information contains records on refining weapons. A magical item’s grading depends on
its material, the technique used to make it, and its markings. All three aspects are indispensable.

Even among the magical items currently available outside, including those belonging to the eight
respectable families and the hidden sects, most are commonplace armaments made from somewhat
better materials.

Some magical items have markings for size manipulation carved on them, allowing one to control the
length and width of the weapon through spiritual energy. Those that can produce unexpected attacks
are already considered a top-grade magical item.

As for the weapons that these people are wielding, they’re all completely covered with markings. Any of
them can be an ultimate weapon that powerful forces would fight over.

There’s no way what that old man said about these people merely being villagers mistreated by
Yannopolis is true. I’ve seen the weapons used by Greyson and others from Mountain Village.

In poor villages, it’s impossible to find proper weapons, let alone ones inscribed with such markings. At
most, they’ll only be armed with sharpened animal bones.

Standing half in the shadows, Stellario suddenly said to Jonathan in a hoarse voice, “They’re people
coming from below.”

Jonathan turned toward Seboxia and asked, “Can you defeat them?”

“With ease,” he replied calmly. Holding the spiritual beads in his hand tightly, he started walking

Meanwhile, Jonathan drew out his Heaven Sword, turned his wrist, and swung it behind him.

A series of agonized howls rang out from the bottom of the cliff.

Despite the God Realm cultivators’ impressive cultivation levels, they could not prevent themselves
from falling. From that height of over two hundred meters, even someone of their caliber only had a
slim chance of avoiding plunging to their death.

“Keep one alive!” Jonathan called out coldly before transforming into an afterimage and charging into
the cave.

The guards’ weapons bore the markings for spiritual destruction, but Jonathan and the others used
other means to avoid casting spiritual energy spells.

Neither Stellario’s parasites nor Jonathan’s sword and formation plate were affected by the markings.

The only person who did not use any weapon was Seboxia. Instead, he used his reserve of Pryncyp of

Although life force was not a power of Pryncyp, it was the direct manifestation of Pryncyp of Life. In
terms of power, life force ranked one level above spiritual energy.

There were twelve guards in total. Jonathan and Stellario each restrained two while Seboxia held back
the remaining eight cultivators by himself.

Green life force weaved between them like thin blades where one wrong move would mean death.

In less than thirty seconds, all twelve guards were lying on the ground in the cave. Ten of them had
been drained of their life force by Seboxia and turned into shriveled bodies, and he would have done
the same to the remaining two guards if Jonathan had not stopped him.

“Check on the situation outside,” Jonathan said to Stellario in a calm tone.

Stellario ran to the cave’s entrance and looked toward the bottom of the mountain. “They’re climbing up
the cliff. They’ll be here in less than a minute.”

Grabbing the chief of the guards, Jonathan growled, “Tell me how to activate a portal formation.”

“Even if you threaten to kill me, I won’t tell you anything,” the bloodied man responded with a bitter

“Chuck him into your divine space. You know better than me how to torture others,” Jonathan uttered
as he tossed the man to Seboxia.

His lips curved into a faint smile when he heard that. With one quick movement, he entered the chief
guard’s consciousness field.

Inside his divine space, he could freely control the passage of time in one’s mind. While in Doveston,
he had trapped Jonathan within that space, making him feel as though he had spent ten thousand days

in there when, in reality, only ten minutes had passed.

Since time was running out, Jonathan felt it was best to let Seboxia deal with the chief guard.

Nonetheless, he was still worried. He tossed another guard to Stellario and said, “You’re in charge of
extorting information from this one. Later, you can confirm it with whatever information Seboxia gets.”

“I don’t know how to extort information, but torturing others is something I’m open to doing.” With that,
Stellario hoisted the person up with one hand, then thrust his other hand deep into the person’s chest.

Meanwhile, Jonathan stood at the cave’s entrance and gazed downward.

“Five Elements of the Dragon Deity, Earth Wall!”

No sooner had he uttered those words than a massive surge of spiritual energy flowed into the
mountainside beneath his feet.

Using Earth Extrication Technique on rocks consumed a lot of energy, so whenever he had used that
technique previously, he always tried his best to avoid rocky terrain.

Hence, it was his first time employing that technique on rocks on such a large scale.

As his spiritual energy rapidly depleted, the mountainside began shifting under his feet like rippling

With a pale face, he gestured with both hands and shouted, “Die!”

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