Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1227

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Listening to their conversation, the old man, standing opposite them, narrowed his eyes at Jonathan
and asked curiously, “The Whitley family? Do you know something?”

After hearing that, Jonathan fell silent for a dozen seconds before he spoke again. “What I know is
merely some speculation, but at our place, there is a family that suddenly appeared two thousand
years ago. Moreover, I’m acquainted with the descendant of the family. According to him, his family
originated from here.”

As soon as Jonathan finished his sentence, the old man dropped his cane and grabbed Jonathan’s

“Where are they?” the old man asked with a trembling voice.

Seboxia discreetly emitted a trace of green aura from his fingers, turning it into a thin thread that wound
around the old man’s arms.

If the old man made any sudden movements, Seboxia could sever his arms in an instant, effectively
neutralizing most of the old man’s combat power.

Jonathan slightly shook his head at Seboxia.

Then, he shifted his attention to the old man and slowly lifted his arms. “Sir, please control your
emotions. We haven’t established a trusting relationship. If you continue to act so agitatedly, we may
have to defend ourselves, even if it means you’ll kill us.”

Only then did the old man notice the thin threads wrapped around his arms.

He looked at Seboxia, standing behind him, and warily took two steps back.

Although Seboxia hadn’t made any move since his appearance, the old man could sense Seboxia
could pose a threat to his life if a fight were to break out.

“I-I was too eager,” the old man explained sheepishly. “However, if a member of the White family has
truly returned, that will be the key to destroying Yannopolis because some restricted arcane arrays in
Yannopolis can only be unlocked by the White family’s bloodline.”

Jonathan and Stellario exchanged glances, both sensing a hint of caution in one another’s eyes.

The old man’s attitude toward them had been constantly changing since he showed up there.

Furthermore, even after he told them about the prophecy related to the small world, Jonathan and
Stellario could tell the old man was still holding back a significant amount of information.

Jonathan took out Heaven Sword and wielded it in his hand. “Sir, you’ve been asking to see my
Heaven Sword. I wonder if you know about this sword’s origin?”

Having acquired the sword in a dangerous place, Jonathan named it Heaven Sword since there wasn’t
any inscription on the blade.

However, from the old man’s reaction earlier, it was evident that he recognized the sword.

In the past, Jonathan had been drawn into a mysterious illusionary realm by Heaven Sword more than
once. Hence, he was curious to learn the sword’s origin.

With Seboxia there, Jonathan wasn’t scared of the old man stealing the sword, so he decided to take
out Heaven Sword and handed it over.

The old man received Heaven Sword with both hands and repeatedly stroked the blade with trembling
fingers while uttering excitedly, “There’s no mistake… This is the White family’s Devil Slaying Sword. It
was an item possessed by the past generations of the head of the White family! I’m sure of it! Outsiders

have entered the small world, and the White family has returned. The prophecy has truly been fulfilled.
The time for Yannopolis to meet its downfall has finally come!”

Devil Slaying Sword? Taking in the old man’s demeanor, Jonathan reached out to retrieve Heaven

A strange feeling surged within Jonathan as the divine weapon he had obtained was suddenly
recognized by another person.

The old man stared longingly at the storage ring on Jonathan’s hand. “You mentioned earlier that
members of the Whitley family had entered the small world. May I know how many of them have


“One?” The old man looked at Jonathan in utter disbelief. “How can there only be one of them?”

“The Whitley family underwent a great change ten years ago, and there’s only one surviving member
now.” Jonathan shifted his gaze onto Stellario somewhat awkwardly as he spoke.

If The Whitley family was genuinely the White family from the small world, the eight respectable
families annihilating the Whitley family ten years ago had practically thwarted the White family’s two-
thousand-year-long scheme.

“Why are you looking at me?” Stellario scratched his head guiltily. “Ten years ago, I was only thirteen
years old. I didn’t kill them.”

A hint of suspicion flashed across the old man’s gaze as he listened to their conversation, but he
remained silent.

The trio chatted about some trivial matters. Subsequently, the old man turned around and left. Abraham
and the others returned and apologized to Jonathan and Stellario before guiding the two to a small
house at the edge of the village to rest.

After bidding goodbye to Abraham and the others, Jonathan took out several formation banners from
his pocket and stuck them around the room. Then, he quickly set up a simple soundproofing arcane

Only after doing all that could Jonathan rest assured and lay on the bed to relax.

Stellario sat beside the table, looking at the fruits and beverages on it. After contemplating briefly, he
turned to look at Jonathan. “Do you have any mineral water? Give me one bottle.”

Jonathan met Stellario’s gaze and casually tossed the latter a bottle of mineral water.

“How odd. You, the successor of the Mallory family, an expert in utilizing poison, yet you’re afraid they
might poison you?” As he spoke, Jonathan sat up and regarded Stellario with an amused expression.
“You fear them poisoning you, but aren’t you afraid I might do the same?”

Stellario sat down beside Jonathan, laughing merrily. “Let me tell you. I’m worried they might poison me
because I’m wary of the existence of unique toxins in this small world. As for you… Even if you were a
cultivator specializing in using poisons, I wouldn’t be scared. The parasites inside my body can
consume even arsenic as health supplements. Well, it’s not so easy for you to poison me.”

Looking at Stellario’s smug expression, Jonathan rolled his eyes speechlessly. “That’s enough. Let’s
talk business!”

Jonathan took several packets of beef jerky from his storage ring and chucked them at Stellario. “Since
you’re not eating the things they’re providing us, I suppose you must’ve noticed there’s something off
about this village. How much of that old man’s words do you think we can trust?”

Chewing on the beef jerky, Stellario shook his head slightly. “It’s hard to say. That old man revealed too
much information, especially regarding the White family’s departure. I’m sure things are not as simple
as it seems.”

Jonathan nodded after hearing Stellario’s words, sharing the latter’s sentiment. “Actually, the thing I find
most unsettling is the expression in that old man’s eyes when he looked at Heaven Sword. That old
man portrays himself as a hero who resists the oppression of Yannopolis, but I sensed greed in his
eyes. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination.”

“It definitely isn’t your imagination.” Seboxia’s figure gradually materialized beside Jonathan. “Although
I couldn’t read his mind, I was able to sense the fluctuation in his vitality. When discussing your Heaven
Sword, that old man’s aura underwent strange changes.”

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