Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1226

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The meteor hammer, which was the size of a basketball and had an iron chain trailing behind it, turned
into an afterimage and smashed toward Jonathan’s face.

Jonathan shifted his body slightly, allowing the meteor hammer to fly past him.

“We’re using weapons now, huh?” Jonathan sneered. With a flip of his wrist, Heaven Sword appeared
in his hand.

The meteor hammer missed its mark and, under the manipulation of the male cultivator, returned
swinging back towards Jonathan.

“I’ll destroy you!” Jonathan shouted angrily as he forcefully swung Heaven Sword down on the meteor

Heaven Sword was razor-sharp. Although Jonathan did not know what material the blade was made of,
it had never once failed him ever since it came into his possession.

With a single strike, the meteor hammer was easily split into two.

Jonathan grabbed the chain of the meteor hammer and yanked hard, pulling the male cultivator
towards him.

“You’re dead!”

Jonathan thrust his sword into the chest of the male cultivator.

However, at that moment, the spiritual energy across the entire village square froze.

Jonathan’s gaze shifted from the male cultivator suspended in mid-air to the sage standing behind him.

“You don’t want to fight anymore?”


The sage extended his hand, gripped the male cultivator’s neck, and slowly pulled him backward.

Heaven Sword slowly slid out of the male cultivator’s chest. If the sage had delayed even a second
more, Jonathan’s sword would have completely severed the male cultivator’s heart.

At that moment, Seboxia appeared behind Jonathan.

Seboxia had sensed that the sage was not someone that Jonathan could handle.

Although no one could break through Divine Realm and master Heavenly Pryncyp in the small world, it
was still possible for a cultivator who had been stuck in Divine Realm for long enough to fully
comprehend the technique.

For example, the force field emitted by the sage at that moment.

In the outside world, cultivators emitted their own spiritual energy force field when they were in their
own realm.

A cultivator entering another realm just needed to expand his force field and he would be able to move
freely in that realm. However, when the sage had cast his force field earlier, he had managed to also
freeze Jonathan’s body for a moment.

The most terrifying part of all was that Jonathan always kept his force field deployed during battles.

In other words, Jonathan was always within his own force field, but it was not enough to resist being
controlled by the sage.

If the sage had intended to kill Jonathan, he would have already become a lifeless corpse.

“Spiritual transfiguration!”

A devious glint flashed in the sage’s eyes, followed by a satisfied smile directed at Jonathan.

“Young man, this sword… Where did you get it from?”

Jonathan took a step back, watching the old man cautiously without saying a word.

He could not decide whether the person in front of him could be trusted.

If it had been just a simple test, then the male cultivator had not held back at all during their fight earlier.

If he had been even slightly slower in his reactions, he would have suffered severe injuries or even

However, it did not make sense if they had wanted to kill him. After all, as Stellario had said, the two of
them were meant to die in a snake den.

Since they had spared his life, they must have a reason for it.

“Don’t be scared.”

The old man smiled at Jonathan and said, “I’m just curious about the blade in your hand. Can you show
it to me?”

“No,” Jonathan replied firmly.

“I need to know your true intentions. Why did your subordinates bring us here?”

The old man looked at Jonathan. Then, he waved the others away.

“Leave us. I want to speak to our two young friends here in private.”


Following the sage’s orders, Abraham and the others swiftly stood up and retreated from the square.

Even the two guards flanking the old man withdrew themselves.

Only the three of them were left in the square alongside the sage who seemed to be aging before their
very eyes.

“Speak up if you have something to say!” Jonathan exclaimed impatiently.

Stellario stared coldly at the sage and said, “If it wasn’t for you using that force field just now, I would
have gotten that beast under control and killed that female cultivator!”

Stellario was consumed with rage after being relentlessly pursued by a woman.

The old man looked at each of them in turn. His gaze finally settled on Jonathan.

“Perhaps too much time has passed, and many things have been lost in the river of time. What I know
now are only the fragments left by our ancestors. Our village, located outside the one hundred and
eighty villages, is the one hundred and ninth village established by our ancestors to escape the
oppression of Yannopolis. Since its beginning until now, this place has undergone countless changes.
We once gathered our strengths and declared war on Yannopolis, but those brave men who dared to
resist all died on Yannopolis soil and never returned home. In truth, it was not always like this. At first,
all the one hundred and eighty villages thrived under the leadership of Yannopolis, jointly resisting the
invasion of the demon beasts. However, about two thousand years ago, a major rebellion occurred in
Yannopolis, resulting in a transfer of power. The White family, which originally ruled over Yannopolis,
completely disappeared during that rebellion. It is rumored that they went outside the realm to seek
assistance for revenge. Since then, a prophecy has circulated throughout the entire small world. It is
believed that the day the outsiders descend upon us will be the day the walls of Yannopolis crumble.

However, this happened a long time ago, and this prophecy has long been forgotten. Only very few
people remember it.”

Stellario nudged Jonathan sharply in his ribs.

“Why does this story sound so familiar?” he asked.

Jonathan sighed.

“Do you think the disappearance of the White family overlaps with the emergence of the Whitley

Stellario blinked in surprise. Then, he excitedly wagged his finger at Jonathan.

“I knew it! I’ve always wondered how the Whitley family suddenly appeared in history. They must be the
descendants of the White family who disappeared!”

Jonathan nodded in agreement.

Joshua had revealed some of the secrets of the Whitley family to him before.

Looking at the two events from the two realms, it was almost certain that the Whitley family is the White
family of Yannopolis.

They must have changed their last name to hide their identities.

What kind of monster could the eight families have wiped out?

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