Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1225

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"What the heck!"

The girl grabbed Stellario by the waist and threw him down like a rag doll.

Violet rays shot out, and Stellario saw stars in front of him.

Before he realized what happened, he was thrown again.

That was Jonathan’s portal formation in Divine Chessboard.

"Can you fight?" Jonathan yelled at Stellario loudly.

In less than three seconds, he had saved Stellario twice.

It was already hard enough for Jonathan to handle his opponent.

If he had to watch Stellario’s back as well, it would be very challenging indeed.

With a move of his fingers, Jonathan disappeared right before the male cultivator’s punch landed on

He then reappeared next to the man and gave him a kick.

Bang! There was a groan, and the male cultivator raised his arm to shield himself from Jonathan’s

A sharp scratching sound could be heard.

The male cultivator stepped on Divine Chessboard and landed back in the square of the village.

At that moment, the female cultivator also leaped and landed on the ground.

Both of them had realized that Divine Chessboard was Jonathan’s force field.

As such, they dared not stepped on it again.

Jonathan and Stellario stood together with frosty looks on their faces.

"Since you don’t welcome outsiders, we’ll leave.There’s no need to fight," said Jonathan coldly.

Although the two men had the protection of Seboxia, the village had more than twenty thousand

Even if half of them were children, there were at least ten thousand of them in God Realm.He would
not be able to deploy Heavenly Pryncyp, so there was no need to worry about the amount of life force
that he had saved in Seboxia.

Even if all those people stood in a line and allowed him to kill them, he doubted he would have the time
to do so.

Now that the other party had shown hostility, it would be better for them to leave as soon as possible
while their spiritual energies were still sufficient.

However, just as Jonathan retreated and wanted to make a move, the villagers surrounded them and
blocked them off.

"Old man, what are all of you up to?" uttered Stellario coldly as he toyed with the dagger in his hand.

"Both my buddy and I nearly died in the snake pit, and your men saved us.Yet now, your men attacked
us without saying a word.What’s going on?"

"Now that you know our location, how can I allow you to leave?" said the elderly man calmly as he
glanced at Jonathan and Stellario.

"Don’t worry.I just want to see what you’ve got.If you can defeat them, I won’t make things difficult for
you.But if you lose, then you are of no use to our plan.In that case, there’s no need to let you live."

Jonathan turned to look at Abraham upon hearing those words.

"Your people are very reasonable.Ha!"

Abraham scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Mr.Goldstein, I have no idea this will happen.All the best to both of you.I’m sure the sage has his
reasons for doing so."

When Jonathan heard what Abraham said, he gestured, and Divine Chessboard shrank rapidly before
landing in his hand.

"Fine.Let’s have a fair fight then.I also want to find out the differences between the cultivators in the
small world and our world!" Stellario walked up to Jonathan.

"Leave that woman to me.Just now, I was too careless.I must put her in her place in order to reinstall
my pride."

Warming up his body, Jonathan mocked, "There’s no pride in beating a woman."

"Why do you care?" questioned Stellario as tiny black dots began to appear on his face.


Following his fierce roar, countless bugs flew from Stellario’s nose and mouth and charged at the

As for Stellario himself, he leaped into the air and transformed into a humanshaped creature made
purely out of bugs.

"Can you be any more disgusting?"

Jonathan moved aside when he saw the way Stellario attacked.

Stellario then raised his huge fist that was made out of bugs and smashed at the female cultivator.

Bang! The female cultivator raised her arm to block off the attack.

Just then, a fair arm broke through the black arm, and the fist landed squarely on the female
cultivator’s face.

The bugs on Stellario’s face moved away to reveal one bloodshot eyes of his.

"B*tch! I’m going to kill you today!"

The next moment, the female cultivator was charging at Stellario’s stomach like a cannonball.Her
punch went through Stellario’s midriff, but all she managed to kill were bugs.

Stellario was hiding his body underneath all the bugs.

There was no way anyone could figure out his actual position.

If that went on and the female cultivator had no other strategies, she would only be drained of her
spiritual energy and lose.

The male cultivator, who had been standing by the side, could no longer take it and decided to join the

He charged at Stellario’s back with a simple yet powerful blow.

Boom! There was a loud explosion.

Both Jonathan and the male cultivator were sent flying.

The instant Jonathan landed on the ground, he charged forward with his body covered with scales that
were transformed using spiritual energy.

"I’m your opponent!" roared Jonathan angrily as his hands turned into Dragon Claws.

He then dug his claws at that male cultivator.

"Take this!"

The male cultivator took a step forward, and endless spiritual energy from his fists surged toward

He was going all out! The male cultivator was trying to finish him off in the quickest amount of time!
Turning his hands into claws, Jonathan raised his hands and launched at his opponent’s arms.

He stepped on the ground, leaped into the air, and kicked the male cultivator in the chest.

Boom! The male cultivator flew into one of the houses nearby.

That scared the wits out of the villagers, and they looked on in shock.

Only the best fighters in the village got the privilege to serve the sage.

In particular, the male cultivator who was considered to be the strongest.

None of the cultivators in the village could fight him for ten rounds without the use of any weapons.

The male cultivator was capable of annihilating ten enemies in one go.

Yet, right now, he was completely suppressed by Jonathan.

That was too shocking for everyone.

Jonathan stood at the square and looked at the ruins.

All of a sudden, he could hear the ear-piercing sound of chains.

A gigantic meteor hammer came flying out of the ruins and went straight at Jonathan.

"Quick! Get out of the way!" someone exclaimed.

Given his immense strength, the male cultivator was already unparalleled.

If he utilized any weapon, it would be even harder to subdue him.

The last time Jonathan saw a meteor hammer, it was during a fight with a demon beast.

Now that the male cultivator had gone berserk, it was hard to reason with him.If Jonathan did not find a
place to hide soon, his life would be in danger!

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