Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1224

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Stellario stood by Abraham’s side, attentively listening as Abraham introduced him.

Meanwhile, he smiled at the people around him earnestly.

"And behold, here is proof that they are outsiders!"

Abraham proudly proclaimed, showcasing a bag of hot Cheetos.

The intrigued onlookers couldn’t help but discuss among themselves when they saw the bag of hot

"What’s that?"

"I don’t know.I’ve never seen anything like it before.But judging from the smell, it must be really

"Are they really outsiders?"

The villagers engaged in animated discussions while Jonathan landed on the ground.

Glancing at Jonathan, Abraham reached out his arm and said, "This is Jonathan Goldstein.He’s the
one who gave us the hot Cheetos.From now on, he will become our friend.Remember what he looks

"Isn’t this such an informal way of introducing us?"

Jonathan mumbled to Abraham.

In these circumstances, shouldn’t we meet the village chief or someone in a higher position first? It
seems like Abraham is planning to bring Stellario and me on a parade.

Abraham tucked away the bag of hot Cheetos and playfully draped his arm around Jonathan’s

"I’m ensuring that they recognize you so they won’t mistakenly harm you during the war."


Jonathan stared blankly at Abraham.

"War against who?"

"Yannopolis!" replied Abraham matter-of-factly.

"Do you think that it’s so easy to enter our village?"

As Abraham spoke, he turned to look at the villagers.

"Do you know how this village was established? Everyone here has suffered under the oppression of
Yannopolis.They could not endure it any longer, so they were chosen by us to come here."

As Jonathan listened to Abraham’s words, he observed the joyous people around him.It was difficult to
imagine the hardships they had endured before.

Since entering this village, Jonathan felt as though he had stepped into a paradise.

Life seemed content, peaceful, and harmonious.

Every adult cultivator had at least reached God Realm.

Although Abraham hadn’t mentioned it earlier, Jonathan could roughly guess that the village was
another force other than the one hundred and eight villages.

Initially, he had assumed they were merely establishing a new utopia here.

However, it became clear that they intended to wage war against Yannopolis from Abraham’s words.

Indeed, wherever there was oppression, there would be resistance.

It was akin to the external world, where the ultimate goal of the Asura’s Office was to overthrow the rule
of the eight respectable families.

Here, the people’s ultimate objective seemed to overthrow Yannopolis’s oppressive rule.

Abraham looked proudly at the people around him.

"Mr.Goldstein, do you know that when our first ancestors arrived here, there were only a few dozen
people? But now, after hundreds of years, we have welcomed many comrades with the same goal.Our
population now exceeds twenty thousand!"

Twenty thousand… Jonathan started contemplating silently.

Although that seemed like a lot of people, they were far from being able to accomplish much.

The smallest village in the hundred and eight villages had at least ten thousand people.

Some even had tens of thousands.

If he were to include all the cultivators scattered throughout the entire small world, there could be over
three million of them.

To manage such a large population, Yannopolis definitely had quite a few God Realm cultivators.

Jonathan had discussed this issue with Greyson before.

There were cases of cultivators who had trained secretly and led violent uprisings in the villages.

However, they didn’t even reach Inner City.

The thousands of envoys in Outer City rapidly suppressed the uprisings.

According to Greyson, the thousands of Outer City envoys were only dispatched to the villages where
there were uprisings.

To prevent the riots from spreading, envoys were dispatched by Outer City to suppress the villages
even though no uprising had occurred there yet.

Nearly a hundred Divine Realm cultivators were sent to each village.

They were tasked to kill any cultivators who disobeyed orders.

Looking at the statistics, it would be difficult for Abraham’s village of twenty thousand people to even
breach Outer City.


said Jonathan as he looked at Abraham with a frown.

"I don’t mean to pry, but I have a question.

How many of these villages have you established in total?"

Abraham looked at Jonathan suspiciously.

"Why are you asking?"

Seeing Abraham’s reaction, Jonathan realized that Abraham had misunderstood his intention.

He quickly explained, "Don’t misunderstand.

I don’t mean to gather intel about you.

But based on what I know about Yannopolis’ strength, it would be difficult for you to succeed with only
twenty thousand people."

Before Abraham could respond, a cheerful voice came from behind them.

"That’s why we need the help of outsiders like you!"

Jonathan turned around and saw an elderly man standing several meters away with a cane.

There was someone holding onto him.

Jonathan could not tell how old the old man was.

His face was sagging, as if the skin could detach from his bones at any moment, giving him a very
aged appearance.

When the old man appeared, everyone, including Abraham, stepped forward with his left leg and


Respectful greetings echoed across the place.

Everyone in the village square, except Jonathan and Stellario, fell to their knees.

Stellario dashed to Jonathan’s side.

"Looks like we’ve met the head."


Jonathan replied softly, "Do you think that this is the Mallory family? You should call him the chief."

"The chief…"

Stellario pouted.

"It’s not like we’re in a jungle tribe."

The two of them approached the old man and nodded slightly in salutation.

"I am Jonathan Goldstein.

Greetings to you, Sir."

As Jonathan spoke, he clasped his hands and bowed at the old man.

However, when Jonathan bent down, two invisible forces of spiritual energy appeared from the sides of
the old man and gripped their ankles.

"What the f*ck?"

exclaimed Stellario in shock.

Jonathan grabbed his collar and tossed him aside.

Holding the spinning chessboard, Jonathan fixed his gaze on the old man emotionlessly.

"Sir, it’s our first time meeting.

We have no grudges against each other.

What is the meaning of this?"

"Kill them,"

instructed the old man.

The man and woman beside him, both young cultivators at God Realm, rushed toward Jonathan and
Stellario without any hesitation.

"We shouldn’t have trusted these people!"

roared Stellario, dodging the woman’s attack and grabbing her wrist.


Stellario clamped his right hand around the woman tightly, attempting to throw her aside.

However, he realized that he was much weaker than her.

Feeling like his leg had been pierced by an iron spike, he lost his sense of balance and was lifted high
up in the air.

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