Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1223

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True Beauty

"It’s a formation!" said Seboxiasm calmly in Jonathan’s consciousness field.

Jonathan looked at the towering waterfall above the pond.

"Behind this waterfall?"

"No, it’s inside the water."

Immediately after Seboxia finished speaking, the giant wolf beneath Jonathan pounced into the water.

"Don’t act recklessly!" yelped Stellario, as if someone had just provoked him.

If Jonathan hadn’t grabbed hold of him, Stellario would have jumped down the wolf and escaped.

For the Mallory family, parasites were their foundation.

Their attacks, defenses, and even retreats could be greatly assisted by parasites, making their
techniques versatile and difficult to counter.

However, there was one thing the Mallory family feared—water.

Cultivators could hold their breath underwater for half an hour, even if they had only reached Superior

But the same couldn’t be said for parasites.

When it came to parasites that were nurtured as weapons, the majority of parasites could only breathe
on land apart from a few rare species capable of surviving in water.

Now that Stellario had been dragged into the water, most of his abilities would have been rendered

Naturally, he would panic.

Jonathan firmly held onto Stellario, who was trying to escape.

"Calm down.They pose no threat to us."


Stellario gritted his teeth, glaring at Jonathan.

"Even you are a danger to me."

As they spoke, a brilliant white light erupted from beneath the green wolf.

Intense dizziness engulfed them.

Even Jonathan was momentarily dazed.

It was a portal formation! Before he could resist, Jonathan found himself standing in a vast
underground cavern.

A gleaming spear danced under the flickering firelight, creating a mesmerizing and chilling scene.

Blaargh… Stellario knelt at the side and retched uncontrollably, overwhelmed by the intense discomfort
caused by the portal formation.

"We have returned,"

Abraham announced loudly to the guards wielding long spears.

The guards sheathed their weapons.

One of them looked at Abraham with a smile.

"I know it’s you, but rules must be followed."


Abraham and the others stood still, submitting to the thorough scrutiny of the guards who walked past
them with a special spirit stone.

"This is a spirit stone that can detect any fluctuations in spiritual energy.No matter how skilled someone
might be in changing his appearance using spirit stone, he would still be discovered," said Abraham to
Jonathan with a smile.

"Got it.It’s like the security checks at train stations."

Jonathan and Stellario stood up straight while the others inspected them.

The guards meticulously examined Abraham and the rest.

However, when they reached Jonathan and Stellario, they swiftly passed by them without questioning
their travel history.

They directly granted the two of them immediate passage.

The strange way of inspection left Jonathan and Stellario perplexed.

"Abraham, shouldn’t they interrogate us more? Why are they displaying greater interest in you?"
Jonathan asked in confusion.

Abraham chuckled.

"Everyone here is trustworthy, so as long as they confirm that no one is impersonating us, they wouldn’t
pay much attention to the rest of the people we bring in.That’s how we got together!"

As Abraham spoke, the group turned a corner in the cave.

The soft glow of the sun entered their sight.

A quiet little village appeared beneath them.

"We have arrived.This is our village," Merilyn said to Jonathan and Stellario.

She then took out a patchwork linen robe, made from countless pieces of scraps sewn together, from
her storage ring.

After wearing the robe and wrapping it around herself tightly, Merilyn took out a hook and hung it on a
smooth iron cable near the cave entrance.

Pushing her feet against the ground gently, she hung on the cable and glided toward the distant village.

"High-altitude descent.I didn’t expect you guys to be so creative,"

Stellario remarked with a smile.

"Abraham, why did Merilyn wrap herself up like that? Are there any strange customs when entering
your village?"

"Well…" Abraham sighed.

"It’s all because of appearance.Merilyn feels very insecure about her looks.It’s the same for everyone in
the village.

They would rather be seen as monsters than reveal their true appearances."

Upon hearing Abraham’s words, Stellario patted his shoulder.

"I believe that a person’s beauty has nothing to do with their appearance.What matters is the goodness
in their hearts.By the way, isn’t your little sister in-law, who’s prettier than Merilyn, here in this village?"

Abraham nodded.

"Yeah, I can introduce you to her later."

"You’re a true friend."

Stellario took out a gourd from his storage ring and skillfully hopped onto the iron cable.

With a strange hoot, he slid down the mountain.

Jonathan watched the warriors slide down one by one.

Curious, he tapped Abraham’s shoulder.

"I’m curious, Abraham.Does your sister-in-law have a figure like Merilyn’s?"

"Who do you think you’re insulting?" replied Abraham, slightly unhappy.

"My sister-in-law is the epitome of beauty in this village.How can she possibly have the same figure as
Merilyn? I’ll let this slide because we’re friends.I won’t be so amicable the next time you insult my family
like that."

He added, "Once we’re down there, I’ll introduce you and Stellario to my sister-in-law.Just don’t let your
jaw drop too much."

With that, Abraham hooked himself onto the iron cable and descended swiftly.

Jonathan couldn’t help but wipe off his sweat as he watched Abraham disappear down the

Merilyn, standing at a height of around one hundred and seventy five centimeters, had a curvaceous
and alluring figure.

She weighed around forty five kilograms.

Furthermore, she had a fair complexion and a slender physique honed through constant training.

With her beauty and figure, Merilyn would be an instant hit in the external world.

She would catch the attention of anyone passing by even if she was just standing by the side of the

However, she was seen as ugly over here.

Jonathan was initially confused, wondering how it was possible for the village to have so many
beautiful women.

Finally, he understood that the definition of beauty was very subjective, varying from one place to

Merilyn had a slender figure.

In that case, Abraham’s beautiful sister-in-law… Good luck, Sterllario! Grinning mischievously at the
thought of Stellario’s reaction, Jonathan jumped onto the iron cable and sprinted down the mountain.

The cave they were in seemed like an underground chamber, but it was actually perched high on a cliff
that was more than two hundred meters above the ground.

Following the iron cable, Jonathan finally reached the other end after half a minute.

They arrived at the bustling central square of the village.

News of Abraham’s return had attracted a crowd of curious onlookers.

When Jonathan scanned his surroundings briefly, he confirmed his guess.

Here, amidst the villagers of all ages and genders, they all looked… very muscular.

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