Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1222

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Men Are Lustful

A storage ring was a cultivator’s mobile supply vault.

In general, cultivators would store their most important weapons, elixirs, battle armor, or other
extremely valuable items in their storage rings.

Although these items varied greatly, they were all essentials that determined whether a cultivator could
survive in critical situations.

Moreover, storage rings were typically not very large.

At most, they would have a capacity of one or two cubic meters.

A ten-cubic-meter storage ring was considered rare, and only elders of respectable families or
important figures would possess such a large one.

However, the storage ring that Jonathan wore on his hand was an enormous one, with a capacity of
three hundred cubic meters.

He had acquired it from the dead Vladimir Vasquez of Phoebus Sect in Summerbank Abyss.

The Phoebus Sect was once one of the top fifteen hidden sects of Chanaea, but it declined later and
ended up in its current state.

Otherwise, a storage ring like that would be considered a valuable treasure that was highly coveted by
any force, far beyond Jonathan’s easy reach.

This ring happened to be one of the earliest storage rings Jonathan acquired, so for him, it seemed as
if his storage ring was always quite empty.

Moreover, he had plundered over two hundred storage rings from Antoine, so he felt that such rings like
these were very common.

Since then, he had never cared about the storage space of his collection of rings.

That was why Jonathan’s ring even contained bombs and disassembled antiaircraft guns.

He had never felt that it was inappropriate to keep them there! However, others weren’t like him.

For example, Stellario only had a storage ring of about ten cubic meters.

As a descendant of the Mallory family, he already had many bottles and jars to carry with him.

Where would he find space for snacks? In fact, he only carried with him a few packets of seasoning for
his favorite beef stew.

However, he couldn’t possibly distribute those packets of greasy seasoning to the indigenous people in
front of him, could he? Watching Jonathan releasing the indigenous people one by one and using hot
Cheetos as a bargaining chip to exchange for their magical plants, Stellario felt unhappy about it.

"Hey, don’t we need to discuss some important matters?" Stellario asked.

"What important matters?"

Jonathan grinned, holding a thick ginseng in his hand.

As Stellario continued watching Jonathan exchange hot Cheetos for all kinds of things, his face

"We can confirm that we are outsiders, but what about their identities? How can you be so sure they
are not Outer City envoys?"

Stellario’s words left the group slightly stunned.

Suddenly, the exquisite-looking girl blew her whistle with all her strength.

The surrounding snakes retreated like a tide, and the girl somersaulted onto a green wolf.

"Let’s go.I’ll take you to our village!"

"Once we reach our village, you’ll know everything!"

The burly man with the shoulder injury also spoke to Jonathan and the others.

One by one, they leaped and landed on the back of the green wolves, but no one sat with the girl.

"Come on!"

The man patted the green wolf beneath him and shouted loudly at Jonathan, wanting him to ride

The green wolf was over ten meters long, with a back more comfortable and stable than a horse’s.

It wasn’t crowded even with multiple people sitting on it.

Jonathan wasn’t fussy about who to sit with, so he leaped up and sat in front of the man.

"I didn’t expect you guys to be quite the gentlemen.If it were me, I would have chosen to ride with the
beautiful girl on the same green wolf and enjoy the scenery together.That’s truly romantic."

As the green wolves dashed forward, Jonathan looked at the silhouette of the girl leading the way and
chuckled as he spoke.

Abraham, who was still eating hot Cheetos, scratched his head in confusion.

"I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, but I think I understand when you said you didn’t want to
ride with her on the same wolf."

Abraham’s massive body leaned closer to Jonathan’s ear as he whispered, "Merilyn Newman is a nice
girl, but her looks are unfortunately rather…"

Abraham sighed.

Jonathan looked ahead at the figure riding the green wolf that gracefully rose and fell with each leap
the wolf took.

The girl had a beautiful face, fair skin, and an amazing figure.

Even her voice was as clear as it could be.

"She looks pretty good to me," Jonathan said, feeling somewhat puzzled.

However, after those words left his mouth, he saw Abraham staring at him with a look of pity.

"Jonathan, you’re a good person, so let me tell you this.Merilyn is like family to us, but honestly
speaking, her appearance would probably rank near the bottom in the whole village!"

"No way, are you serious?"

Stellario, who had jumped onto their wolf and landed behind Abraham, exclaimed.

"Abraham, do all the girls in your village look this beautiful?"

Stellario reached into his storage ring and took out a packet of beef stew seasoning.

"Abraham, it’s our first meeting, and I don’t have anything fancy to give you.But this is good stuff.Boil
some water, add the seasoning, and then boil the beast meat slices in it.It’s delicious and tastes even
better than hot Cheetos!"

Hearing Stellario’s description, Abraham grinned and stowed the beef stew seasoning in his storage

"I’m not foolish, Stellario.I know what you mean.However, matters of love require mutual consent.I can
only be the matchmaker for you.The rest is up to you."

Hearing that, Stellario rubbed his hands together eagerly.

"Naturally.Abraham, leave it to me.You just need to help me with the matchmaking, and I’ll take care of
the rest.Once it’s successful, I will definitely reward you generously."

Abraham furrowed his brow and pondered for a moment.

"Stellario, my wife has a younger sister who is incredibly beautiful.When we get back, I’ll ask her about
it.But I can’t guarantee the outcome.After all, although you two are nice people and have decent
strength, you do appear a bit frail."

Listening to Abraham’s words, Stellario grinned.

"You people are as strong as bulls.Compared to you, of course, we might seem frail.In that case,
Abraham, please say a few good words on my behalf.I will definitely repay you generously."

He took out a bottle of beer from his storage ring and handed it to Abraham.

"Abraham, enjoy the beef stew with this beer.It’s a perfect match!"

Jonathan looked at the two lustful men in front of him, feeling helpless as he sighed.

Indeed, no matter how much technology advanced or society developed, the natural inclination of men
toward lust remained unchanged and obvious.

Nevertheless, for some reason, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel that something was off when he heard
Abraham’s words.

After passing through the mountains and forests for over half an hour, the group finally arrived at a

Merilyn’s green wolf came to a halt in front of a pond.

Then, Merilyn and the others took out a piece of emerald from their storage bags respectively.

Abraham took out two emeralds from his pocket and handed them to Jonathan and Stellario.

"Keep these.They are the entrance tokens!"

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