Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1221

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A Bag Of Hot Cheetos

Stellario stared wide-eyed at Jonathan in bewilderment, who was kneeling on the ground in a peculiar

"Well, I’ll be danged… You’ve got some nerve, you son of a…"

In the outside world, the eight respectable families had nothing but praise for Jonathan.

He was hailed as an exceptional individual with unparalleled determination and a ruthless warrior.

Among the core members of the eight respectable families, Jonathan was depicted as an emotionless,
unwavering hero who would rather die than surrender.

He was synonymous with warfare and cold-bloodedness! However, after getting to know Jonathan,
Stellario finally understood how Jonathan had reached his current position.

It was through shameless persistence! In the outside world, Jonathan governed over more than a
million people as Asura.

Who could have imagined that he could kneel so effortlessly and smoothly? What are those knees
made from? Stellario looked at the woman in front of him, his face filled with frustration.

"I’m indeed an outsider, so what are you gonna do about it?"

"It’s simple!"

The woman chuckled softly, then turned to look at Jonathan, who was half-kneeling in front of her.

"Kill this person from Upriver Village and take the outsider away!"

Swoosh! As the woman’s voice echoed, a sharp arrow whistled through the air, aimed directly at
Jonathan’s face.

The golden shadow of a bronze handbell appeared, and the arrow brushed past Jonathan while
sparking a flame as it deflected to the side.


Jonathan shouted.

With Heaven Sword gripped firmly in his hand, Jonathan swiftly swung it at the woman’s slender waist,
capitalizing on the moment the spirit shield of the bronze handbell dissipated.

On the other side, Seboxia’s movements were even swifter.

As a Divine Realm cultivator, he had been surprisingly useless in battles against demon beasts.

Now that he encountered these human cultivators within the small world, he could finally unleash his
full potential without any reservations.

Life force radiated from him, transforming into pale green chains that swiftly bound all eight burly men
around him.

With a forceful tug from him, those men were flung to the ground like sacks.

As soon as the two sides clashed, the overwhelming combination of Seboxia’s superior realm and
formidable power swiftly determined the outcome.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman gracefully landed on an ancient tree far away.

"You’re not from Upriver Village.

They couldn’t possibly have a God Realm cultivator,"

the woman anxiously said to Jonathan as she watched her comrades being captured.

Jonathan approached a burly man with his Heaven Sword held steadily against the man’s neck.

"If you get rid of these snakes and let us go, I’ll spare them."

On the side, Stellario couldn’t help but walk over with a displeased expression after witnessing the swift
resolution of the battle by Jonathan and Seboxia.

"All that kneeling and acknowledging me earlier was part of your plan to catch me off guard, wasn’t it?"


Jonathan cleared his throat awkwardly and averted his gaze away from Stellario to refocus on the
woman in front of him.

"Did you hear what I said? Get rid of these snakes and let us go."

"That’s impossible!"

The woman stood on the tree and spoke calmly, then she reached into a pouch around her waist and
took out something resembling a whistle.

Next, she tossed it into her mouth.

A piercing whistle reverberated through the valley, immediately grabbing the attention of the
surrounding snakes.

With heads raised high, they swiftly charged toward Jonathan and the others upon hearing the sound.

"One more step, and I’ll kill them!"

Jonathan’s sword pierced the shoulder of the burly man on the ground, who let out a muffled grunt.

Despite the fact that his bone was being broken by Heaven Sword, he refused to yield.

Just at that moment, the whistle sound from the woman on the ancient tree abruptly stopped.

Behind the woman, Seboxia’s spiritual energy form materialized slowly.

Then, he grabbed the woman by her hair and forcefully threw her in front of Jonathan.

"Who are you people?"

Jonathan furrowed his brow and asked the woman.

Earlier, when he impersonated a villager from Upriver Village, he did so under the protection of the
spirit shield from the bronze handbell.

That thing could block all spiritual energy and spiritual sense, making it impossible for these people to
see through his cultivation level.

However, they made the decision to kill him, the supposed "local" around here.

Although those Outer City envoys were no more than executioners who showed no mercy, the fact that
they acted without even the slightest inquiry seemed suspicious.

Furthermore, how were these wild snakes so obedient and under their control? "If you want to kill us,
then kill us.Don’t waste your breath!"

The girl’s meridians were sealed by Seboxia, rendering her as helpless as an ordinary mortal without
any means to resist.

Even so, she and the other eight advanced phase God Realm cultivators didn’t utter a single plea for
mercy; they were truly tough nuts to crack.

"You’re not an envoy of Outer City?"

Jonathan hesitatingly asked again after taking a glance at the opponents gritting their teeth.

The girl sneered, "An envoy of Outer City? What’s this nonsense about an envoy? They’re just a bunch
of psychologically twisted murderers…"

At that moment, the girl looked at Jonathan as if she had suddenly realized something.

"Y-You’re not from Outer City either?"

"No kidding!"

Jonathan withdrew his sword and stowed it away.

Now he had finally understood what was going on.

Both he and the people before him had mistaken each other for an envoy of Outer City, and this
misunderstanding had escalated.

"We’re both not from here, or "outsiders" as you call them. I stole these clothes when we were in
Upriver Village."

As Jonathan spoke, he took out a bag of hot Cheetos from his storage ring and used his spiritual
energy to forcefully feed a piece to each person on the ground.

At first, they resisted, but the taste of the hot Cheetos was too tempting to resist for them.

After they bit into the hot Cheetos, their eyes widened as they looked at Jonathan’s hand.

These indigenous people, who had been confined within the small world for an unknown number of
years, couldn’t resist the allure of various food additives from the outside world.

"They definitely aren’t from around here! This snack is so delicious! We’ve never tasted anything like
this before!"

The burly man who had been injured by Jonathan stared at him eagerly.

His greedy look gave Jonathan goosebumps.

"Well, how about I give you the rest of these?"

Jonathan extended his hand and handed the remaining half bag of hot Cheetos to the man, who
quickly took it and warily stored it away in his storage bag.

Judging by his expression, it seemed as if he had obtained a precious treasure.

"You’ve given me such a delicious treat.From now on, you’re my best friend! I’m Abraham Rosario!"

As the man spoke, he took a step forward, slightly bowing his body and striking his chest with his right

On the side, Stellario was completely dumbfounded by now.

"Abraham, your left shoulder is still bleeding, and he’s the one who caused it.Are you telling me that a
bag of hot Cheetos can make up for that? That’s ridiculous, isn’t it?"

Jonathan turned his head and looked at Stellario.

"What? You can’t accept it? Why don’t you take out some hot Cheetos and give them to my buddy
Abraham too?"

"What the…"

Stellario’s mouth hung open as he stared at Jonathan.

"Dang it! Which cultivator would’ve nothing better to do than to keep hot Cheetos in their storage ring?"

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