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Chapter 1220

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I Can Prove It Boom!

A deafening explosion shattered the air, accompanied by a dazzling burst of flame above Jonathan’s

The three-dimensional space he had created using his earth spell acted like a cannon aimed at the sky,
unleashing a torrent of pressure that annihilated the descending snakes in an explosive display.

As the flames surged upward, they encountered an unseen barrier, causing them to erupt in all

In an instant, flames engulfed the surroundings beyond the three-dimensional walls.

Acting as a protective shield, the walls shielded Jonathan and Stellario from the fiery chaos.

Once the explosion subsided, Stellario brushed off the lingering flames and regained his footing.

"Crap! Why didn’t you use that technique earlier?"

"Why would you reveal your trump card in the first minute of playing Dota?"

Jonathan retorted, his face pale as he collapsed onto the ground.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Stellario hurriedly drew upon his spiritual energy to support Jonathan, administering a spirit pill to help
replenish his vitality and spiritual energy.

"This will aid in your recovery. It won’t kill you!"

Jonathan swallowed the pill skeptically but soon felt a sense of relief as he sensed the gentle infusion
of spiritual energy into his body.

Nevertheless, as a precaution, he turned to Seboxia and stated, "Keep a close watch on my condition.
If anything goes awry, take him down."

"F*ck you!"

Stellario was left speechless, his gaze fixed upon the fallen form of Jonathan.

The spirit pill’s ingredients not only replenished Jonathan’s spiritual energy but also nourished his

However, Jonathan refrained from asking about the composition of the pill, fearing an unpleasant
response from Stellario that might make him throw up.

The spiritual fire and towering walls were the manifestations of Jonathan’s spell.

As the effects of his spell waned, the flames outside dwindled, and the walls began to crumble under
the weight of the snakes.

Once the dust settled, Jonathan and Stellario stood atop the mountain, surveying the scorched snake
corpses strewn across the ground.

"What a waste…"

Stellario lamented, grasping a handful of snake remains and disintegrating them with his spiritual

Jonathan hesitated before finally speaking up as he observed Stellario’s reaction.

"You’re not planning to rear these inside you, right?"

"Absolutely not!"

Stellario scoffed, looking at Jonathan as though he had gone mad.

"What I meant is that your fire was too intense.We won’t be able to eat these snakes anymore."

"D*mn you!"

Jonathan was momentarily at a loss for words.

"You Mallories have really peculiar…" he muttered, raising his Heaven Sword.

"Something’s off!"

Stellario tossed the dead snake to the side while the bugs on his arm dispersed rapidly, dripping onto
the ground.

Sinister shadows of snakes began to emerge at the fringes of the area where the spiritual fire had

Countless snake heads materialized on trees and the ground, sending a chill down Jonathan’s and
Stellario’s spines.

"Jonathan, I believe your fire has brought us into bigger trouble."

Clutching the bronze handbell tightly, Jonathan suggested, "Let’s use this bronze handbell to outrun
them.We can take turns enduring the backlash of their attacks."

However, before Jonathan could even finish his sentence, Stellario frowned.

"What are you talking about? If running were an option, we would have escaped long ago instead of
fighting for our lives here."

"I remember there’s a cliff up ahead."

Jonathan pointed in front of them.

"We passed it while we were fleeing for our lives, but we decided against jumping off because the cliff
was covered in a thick layer of mist.We couldn’t see what lay below, do you remember?"

Stellario stared at Jonathan in disbelief.

"You’re suggesting that we jump off the cliff?"

Jonathan maintained a serious expression.

"Yes! If we stay here, we’re as good as dead.But if we take the leap, we might have a chance at
survival.It’s your choice."

Jonathan held the bronze handbell above his head as he spoke.

Although Stellario seemed hesitant, he had no other viable option but to reluctantly agree with

However, just as they were about to make their escape and leap off the cliff, the snakes surrounding
them suddenly began to retreat in an organized manner.

Soon, a group of individuals riding on green wolves emerged from the surroundings.


Stellario’s eyes widened in astonishment as he turned to Jonathan.

"I suppose we don’t need to jump off the cliff anymore, do we?"


Jonathan frowned.

"I suppose we can meet our demise right here and now!"

Eight cultivators, each riding on a green wolf, surrounded them.

These cultivators possessed an advanced level of cultivation in God Realm.

While the villagers of Village 108 in the small world were Grandmasters in their own right, they were
unfamiliar with cultivation methods.

This made the eight cultivators, who were envoys from Outer City of Yannopolis, stand out prominently
among them.

"Seboxia, even if the demon beasts are immune to your life force, it still affects humans, right?"


Seboxia chuckled, disappearing momentarily before reappearing with his hand placed on the head of
one of the eight cultivators.

"No, don’t!"

A crisp voice rang out, drawing everyone’s attention.

Their gaze fell upon a tall and slender girl who approached them.

Unlike the eight cultivators, she wasn’t riding a green wolf.

Instead, she ascended the hill barefoot, clad only in animal skins that barely covered her modesty.

Jonathan couldn’t help but gawk at her pale skin and long, slender legs as she neared them.

Clearing his throat, he spoke up, "Um… What exactly do you mean?"

The young girl gave Jonathan and Stellario a quick once-over before turning her full attention to

"You’re an outsider, aren’t you?"

Stellario shook his head vigorously.

"No, I’m not."

"But you’re dressed in outsider’s clothing."

The girl let out a light-hearted laugh at Stellario’s denial.

Stellario glanced down at his attire before turning to Jonathan.

Jonathan had changed into animal skin garments during their time in Mountain Village to blend in with
the locals in Upriver Village.

Moreover, their encounter with demon beasts left him in a battered state.

Indeed, he looked like a native as he stood beside Stellario.

Considering their appearances, Jonathan stepped forward and knelt on one knee.

"Greetings, my lady.I am Greyson from Upriver Village.I can prove that this man, dressed in
unconventional attire, is indeed from the outside world."

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