Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1219

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Snake Den

"Stellario, aren’t Mallories known for their expertise in handling snakes and insects? Why are you
struggling against them now?"

Jonathan’s clothes were stained crimson with blood.

The serpents moved with incredible speed, injecting an unidentified venom into their victim’s
bloodstream through their bites.

Although their lives were not at risk due to Seboxia’s Divine Lock, their injuries proved difficult to heal.

Jonathan and Stellario were left in a state of panic as they failed to regenerate instantly, even with the
infusion of Seboxia’s life force.

After all, a poison capable of resisting the might of Pryncyp of Strength was an alarming threat.

At the moment, Stellario gripped a dagger with a grave expression.

"The methods passed down in my family are futile against these snakes.You saw how my parasites
were nothing more than a meal for them," Stellario explained, coughing up blood as he spoke.

As his blood dripped onto the ground, the snakes blurred into afterimages and launched their attack.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Amidst a flurry of resounding clashes, Jonathan was engulfed in unbearable
agony, as if his organs had detonated within him.

"We can’t go on like this! I won’t be able to endure for much longer! We need a plan, and we need it

Jonathan managed to utter through clenched teeth as he strained to hold the bronze handbell above

While the bronze handbell provided a formidable defense against physical assaults, it offered no
protection against the ensuing vibrations and recoil.

Each strike from the snakes as they rammed into the bronze handbell felt akin to a devastating blow
from a Grandmaster.

If they didn’t devise a plan soon, Jonathan feared he would dissolve into a pool of blood, much like
Sirius of the Osborne family.

"Hold on!"

Stellario exclaimed, tightly gripping the black dagger in his hand.

As black blood trickled down from the blade’s tip, he merged his spiritual energy with the blood before it
could touch the ground, forming a peculiar symbol.

Black streaks began to emerge on Stellario’s skin as he performed a series of intricate hand seals.

Gradually, the black streaks transformed into minuscule bugs, no larger than grains of sand under
Jonathan’s watchful gaze.

"Are all your methods this unsettling?" he remarked, shooting a helpless look at Stellario.

Stellario clenched his right hand in the air, and the bugs swiftly assembled, taking the shape of a

"Enough talk, open the barrier!"

"Let’s go!"

Jonathan shouted, extending his hand to store the bronze handbell back into his storage ring.

"D*mn you!"

Stellario raised his sword and severed the snake that had sunk its fangs into his neck. Simultaneously,
the "black tattoos" on his skin burst forth, transforming into bloodied thorns that pierced the air.

In Jonathan’s eyes, Stellario resembled a creature similar to Sp*derman as the sharp tendrils impaled
the attacking snakes.

Just then, Seboxia’s spiritual energy manifested beside Jonathan.

"That Mallory boy’s spell is draining his vitality and spiritual energy rapidly due to his injuries.You have
one minute to escape from here.Failure to do so will result in a dire consequence," Seboxia warned
while Jonathan fought off another wave of attacking snakes.

Under normal circumstances, having a powerful cultivator like Seboxia and possessing Pryncyp of
Strength would have given them the advantage.

It might have even allowed them to assert dominance over the small world if they so desired.

However, to their dismay, the snakes in this realm possessed a defense akin to an invisible shield.

It was similar to the insects on Mount of No Return that even Seboxia’s life force proved ineffective
against them.

In essence, her Pryncyp of Strength seemed to only work against human entities in the small world,
rendering it futile against these demonic beasts.

In the small world, all external influences were sealed off, creating a level playing field and forcibly
resetting cultivators from Divine Realm and God Realm to the same starting point.

Jonathan had boldly targeted the city center, bolstered by his possession of the spiritual bead
containing Seboxia’s life force.

Having the spiritual bead while others had lost their Pryncyp of Strength granted him significant
strength and even the potential to overthrow the existing authorities.

However, Jonathan fell into despair when he discovered that Seboxia’s life force proved ineffective
against those demonic beasts.

The ease with which the native people in the small world tamed the green wolves and other beasts for
transportation demonstrated their expertise in taming wild creatures.

They would have been doomed if they barged into Yannopolis while it was guarded by such wild

"Please help Stellario regain his vitality."

Jonathan sliced a snake in half, tearing its fist-sized head from his shoulder and tossing it aside.

"Elemental Extrication Technique, Earth Wall!"

Spiritual energy surged from his feet as walls emerged from the ground, enclosing Jonathan and
Stellario within their protective embrace.

"What are you doing?"

Stellario questioned, eyeing the towering thirty-meter high walls that now surrounded them.

Jonathan had initially intended to use his Earthly Escape technique to flee with Stellario, but that plan
was abandoned upon realizing that the ground was teeming with more snakes than the empty space.

They had unwittingly entered a snake den.

Jonathan used his Earthly Escape technique to lift the ground beneath the snakes, briefly startling them
and interrupting their pursuit.

However, their momentary panic quickly subsided, and they resumed their menacing advance toward
Jonathan and Stellario.

Trapped within the encircling walls, like captives in a cage, Jonathan and Stellario were assaulted by a
deluge of descending demon snakes.

"Are you out of your mind, Jonathan? I’m not signing up for a suicide mission!"

Stellario exclaimed, his bug allies transforming into swift black knives to fend off the falling serpents.

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s face burned with determination as he swiftly formed a series of hand seals.

"Elemental Extrication Technique, spiritual fire!"

A tiny flame ignited on Jonathan’s fingertips, emanating an eerie aura that sent a shiver through
Stellario’s spine.

Sensing a foreboding presence, Stellario turned toward Jonathan.

However, before he could comprehend the situation fully, a blinding light flashed before his eyes.

In an instant, an explosion thrust him into the air, leaving him disoriented and airborne.

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