Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1218

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Leslie Is Talented

In the underground command center in the northern part of Kransbay, the first round of rest had come
to an end. Leslie, along with the others, had fully regained consciousness.

Leslie sat on the chair and stared blankly at the stack of battle reports in front of her.

“We have prepared this replenishment fluid for you to replenish your energy,” Donald said while
presenting a cup of dark green liquid to Leslie.She glanced at Donald and noticed that he had two
beverages in his hands.

One was the dark green replenishment fluid he offered her, and the other was a glass of orange juice
for himself.

Leslie pointed to the glass of orange juice and said, “I want to drink that.”

However, Donald shook his head slightly.

“That’s mine. I can’t give it to you.”

“You can drink this!” Leslie pushed the replenishment fluid toward Donald.

However, he raised his hand and pushed the glass back to her.

“This doesn’t taste good.”

Leslie looked at him with a mix of amusement and exasperation. Despite his tender age of twelve, he
possessed an uncanny ability to exert an inexplicable sense of oppression upon her whenever they
crossed paths.

Perhaps that’s the power of a prodigy.

Raising the glass of replenishment fluid, Leslie drew in a deep breath before swiftly consuming the
entire contents in one gulp.

“Resist the urge to vomit. This glass of replenishment fluid costs nearly a hundred thousand.”

Donald’s remark compelled Leslie to suppress her nausea feeling as she forcefully swallowed the
liquid. Next, she quickly snatched the fruit juice from him and swiftly consumed it.

After downing the entire glass of juice, Leslie finally regained her composure. She pointed at Donald
and let out a sigh of relief.

“Donald, let me warn you. If you ever dare to force me to rest again, I will personally drag you to the
military court! Do you know that if the enemy makes any new strategic arrangements during these two
hours, and we don’t respond appropriately, it could lead to a significant defeat?”

Donald gestured at the surrounding first-level commanders and replied, “You should have faith in these
people. Before your arrival, they were outstanding commanders. However, it seems they have lost their
ability to think since someone as capable as you arrived. In that case, they should not be standing

Although Donald’s words were not particularly harsh, they were enough to make the first-level
commanders avoid making eye contact.

When Leslie was brought into the situation, there were some initial resistance and attempts to make
things difficult for her. Eventually, they lost their ability to think.

Confronted with the same battlefield scenario, Leslie’s strategies and layouts were markedly different
from theirs.

It often took several hours for the first-level commanders to comprehend Leslie’s intentions after her
plans began to take effect. It wasn’t that these commanders lacked the desire to learn, but the
battlefield situation was constantly evolving. Each command issued by the commanders on both sides
resembled a game of chess played at a distance.

Their moves necessitated swift action, as even a slight delay could result in complete passivity.

Before these first-level commanders could fully comprehend Leslie’s intentions, she had already made
her next move and taken the next step.

After two days of adaptation, the commanders realized they could not keep up with Leslie’s
conventional thinking. Hence, they chose to give up.

However, no one could have anticipated that the decision of the first-level commanders to give up
would result in a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of the command system.

While Leslie was swiftly organizing the documents in front of her, a young soldier quickly approached

“Commander-in-chief, Zachary and Zero are currently escorting Josephine to Kransbay. We have
dispatched personnel to receive them,” the soldier reported. However, Zachary sent us a recorded
audio file to our intelligence processing center earlier. I believe it is necessary for you to take a look at

“Open it,” Leslie said, her eyes fixed on the documents in her hands.

The soldier opened his handheld device and played the recording. It was Xavion’s voice.

“The major sects from Western Epea and Remdik have dispatched their formidable cultivators to
Doveston. This conflict has transcended the realm of mortals. Unless you can swiftly defeat the Remdik

army, Eastern Allied Army will face certain doom once those in the small world emerge.”

Xavion’s chilling voice echoed throughout the command center, and all eyes turned toward the source.

Leslie raised her head and looked at her subordinates. “Whose voice is that?”

“Xavion Osborne, an elder of the Osborne Family,” the person replied while swiftly typing on the
keyboard. Next, Xavion’s image instantly appeared on the central projection.

Terrence stood beside Leslie and furrowed his brow.

“Xavion may appear reckless and unpredictable, but he knows how to handle things with discretion. If
he has provided such intelligence, there is a high possibility that it is true.”

Leslie turned to Donald and instructed, “Wake everyone up. For those who haven’t rested, inject them
with stimulant drugs. Don’t tell me you don’t have any.”

Turning her attention to Freddie, she continued, “Do we have any spies in Western Epea and West
Region? I need to gather as much intel as possible about their movements, including military personnel
and cultivators. Assign this task to my team for thorough screening.”

After a short pause, she continued, “Send Zero and Zachary to the front lines immediately! Josephine
lacks combat abilities. Even if she dies, it won’t affect the outcome of the battle. However, their team
needs guidance and leadership.”

Next, she instructed Terrence, “Contact Zaidham Army. Deploy all the aircraft from your two legions to
Mysonna Army and Shusonna Army. Collect all the napalm bombs available and aim them at the two

As everyone rushed to carry out her orders, Leslie made one final command to Freddie. “Contact the
commander-in-chief of Yaleview Army. I need their cooperation!”

At Leslie’s words, a brief silence fell over the room.

Despite the previous tense battles, Leslie had never mentioned Yaleview

Army. While the two legions fought alongside each other, they operated separately and never

Everyone wondered what had caused Leslie’s sudden anxiousness upon hearing Xavion’s words.

In the midst of the wilderness within the small world, Jonathan and Stellario found themselves injured
and surrounded by an overwhelming number of snakes.

These snakes, though only a few meters long, possessed the power of Grandmaster Realm.

There were almost a thousand snakes surrounding them!

Even with Seboxia, a formidable ally by their side, they found themselves trapped, unable to escape
the relentless assault of these demon beasts. The only thing that kept them alive was the bronze
handbell as it was capable of withstanding physical attacks.

Without it, they would have long perished!

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