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Chapter 1217

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The Legendary Man -he Converging Forces

Karl and Zachary sensed something was off after they stepped into the room.

However, upon seeing Josephine safe and sound, they didn’t dwell on the matter further. Karl
immediately approached the woman to check on her condition.

“Don’t worry. Now that I’ve brought her back, I’ll ensure her safety,” Xavion said to the two men with a
cold expression.

Although they were unaware of the events that had transpired earlier, they were thankful that Xavion
personally escorted Josephine back.

Zachary bowed to Xavion in gratitude and said, “Thank you!”

Xavion received the bow without any change in expression. He then scoffed and said, “You’re bowing
to me on behalf of Jonathan. It’s a fair exchange! I’ve brought Josephine back safely. Tell Jonathan that
we’re even. He saved me once, and I saved his wife and child. We’re even now.”

When Wilbur saw Xavion stand up, intending to leave, he tried to persuade him to stay.

“Leaving so soon, Mr. Xavion? Why not stay a while longer and have some food?”

Xavion turned to Wilbur while containing his urge to draw his sword. After taking a few deep breaths,
he responded calmly, “I can offer you some valuable information as a token of goodwill, considering the
efforts you all have put into the battle in Doveston. The major sects from West Region, Western Epea,
and Remdik have dispatched their formidable cultivators to Doveston. This conflict has transcended the
realm of mortals. Unless you can swiftly defeat the Remdikian army, Eastern Allied Army will face
certain doom once those in the small world emerge.”

With those words, Xavion turned on his heels and left.

However, Wilbur was left utterly perplexed.

Standing on the hearth, he leaned out of the window and raised his voice in an attempt to catch
Xavion’s attention. “What is the ‘small world,’ Xavion? Please explain to us!”

Unfortunately, the elder had already disappeared from the village without a trace.

Wilbur slowly turned to face the two individuals behind him, his gaze brimmed with perplexity.

“Has Eastern Allied Army been withholding vital information from me? For instance, what’s the ‘small
world’ or the underlying reasons for this war? If it was just an invasion, it would make sense for the
cultivators from Remdik to arrive. But why are people from West Region and Western Epea coming to

Zachary scratched his head in confusion, unable to come up with an immediate answer to Wilbur’s

“A small world has emerged in Delisgar Ridge. The eight respectable families, six major sects, and
even the formidable cultivators from Remdik have all gone in to uncover the secrets inside that place.
Didn’t you know?”

“How could I possibly know?” Wilbur asked in a dazed state before turning his gaze toward Karl. “Are
you aware of this?”

Karl nodded affirmatively. “Of course, I’m aware of this! I’m responsible for gathering intelligence for
Dark Special Forces.”

“Why didn’t you share this information earlier?” Wilbur yelled in frustration.

Even though he had come across numerous accounts of the small world in his studies, he had never
witnessed one firsthand.

The fact that such an extraordinary opportunity was unfolding in Doveston, coupled with his close
alliance with Asura’s Office, made him wonder why nobody had thought of informing him earlier.

“We assumed you were aware of it,” Zachary continued sheepishly, “Yaleview Army has a dedicated
intelligence network, and Doveston has always been your coveted territory so there would be more
intelligence personnel. The news about the small world has spread far and wide. We really thought you

“D*mn it! That darn Karl made Doveston into an impenetrable fortress. I wanted to send my intelligence
agents there, but it was almost impossible. Moreover, I would have deployed my agents to major states
like Kransbay or Feston. Who in their right mind would send anyone to Delisgar Ridge, a cold and
inhabited place?

As Wilbur vented his frustration, he threw his computer into Zachary’s hands.

“Sync the coordinates of the small world to my device. I’m heading there immediately. Since you’re
here, ensure Josephine is escorted to the secure location. How could that id*ot Xavion send her to the
battlefield? Jonathan will come after me if she gets hurt. I don’t want to be held responsible.”

Zachary quickly synchronized the coordinates in Wilbur’s computer.

“Done. Please be careful when you are there. Mr. Goldstein sent us a message before entering the
small world; nearly two hundred people have already entered. The weakest among them are at the
beginner phase of God Realm, and there are around sixteen or seventeen Divine Realm cultivators. If
Xavion’s words hold true, the people from Western Epea and West Region will add to the already
growing numbers.”

Wilbur furrowed his brow, and without wasting a moment, he turned and left.

Zachary couldn’t help but smirk. “Hey! What about your Yaleview Army?”

“Mind your own d*mn business! I don’t need you worrying about my troops,” Wilbur retorted with a
curse before disappearing from the courtyard.

After confirming that Wilbur had left, Karl and Zachary exchanged a knowing smile.

“Mr. Goldstein’s ability to predict the future is truly extraordinary. He even foresaw Wilbur’s reaction,”
Zachary remarked.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s name being mentioned, Josephine quickly interjected, “Are you able to get in
touch with Jonathan?”

“Unfortunately, Mr. Goldstein has entered the small world and cut off all communication. But rest
assured, Ms. Smith. With his powers, he won’t be in any danger.”

Josephine furrowed her brow as she recalled their earlier conversation. “But you mentioned there are
God Realm cultivators involved.”

“Mr. Goldstein is also at God Realm.”

Zachary’s words left Josephine momentarily stunned. After a short while, she let out a sigh of relief and

“It seems there’s nothing Jonathan can’t accomplish! All right, I don’t understand much about
cultivation, but what I can do is give birth to his son and let him return home to take care of the child.”

Zachary rubbed his hands and replied, “That’s right. Let Mr. Goldstein take care of the dear boy. He
should pass on all his skills to his son and let us, the uncles and elders, assist him in managing Asura’s


Before Zachary could finish his sentence, he felt a chilling sensation creep up his spine.

He nervously raised his gaze to meet Josephine’s intense stare.

She clenched her fist menacingly in front of him and warned, “I will kill anyone who dares to teach my
son cultivation!”

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