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Chapter 1216

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The Legendary Man -Balance

“You’re right. You didn’t mistreat me.” Josephine rubbed her tummy gently and continued, “However,
you’ve been using the child in my belly to threaten Jonathan and get him to serve you. Doesn’t that
make you a parasite?”

Xavion wanted to refute her, but before he could say a single word, she added, “The eight respectable
families had cut off all the cultivators’ resources in Chanaea, right? Furthermore, you guys also have
control over food, energy, medications, and all sorts of supplies. When I chatted with the members of
the Osborne family, I also heard that you gained control over all the high-ranking officials when you
went after the Whitley family a decade ago. Now, the eight respectable families are reigning over the
important departments and army in Chanaea. Am I not right?”

In response, Xavion chuckled bitterly and argued, “No. Your words make sense, but the respectable
families had worked hard over several generations and—”

“Worked? How hard did you have to work?” Josephine interrupted Xavion’s speech and queried, “Didn’t
you terrorize others? Didn’t you murder your enemies? Didn’t you threaten them? Didn’t you force your
way through to get whatever you wanted?”

Xavion’s face fell when he heard those questions. There was nothing he could say to defend himself
because those were what the eight respectable families did.

In the beginning, perhaps the eight respectable families had built their fortune from scratch. When they
gained enough power, however, they eventually did whatever they could to get their hands on whatever
they wanted.

In the current situation, the eight respectable families had gained total control over Chanaea, and they
didn’t need to further develop.

All they needed to do was look for fast-growing companies and snatch those businesses away. That
way, they could live comfortably and lavishly.

In other words, the eight respectable families had completely cut off all the opportunities, regardless of
economy or cultivation, for others to grow in Chanaea.

Jonathan’s emergence was meant to restore balance and give hope to Chanaea.

“The respectable families might seem high and mighty and appear not to have any impact on the lives
of the Chanaeans. In truth, you guys are involved in every aspect of people’s lives! Although everyone
seems to be involved in various industries, people are merely trying to make ends meet. Now that
you’ve gained control over the basic necessities, everyone has to work for you guys to make a living. In
the end, their expenditures will still end up in the pockets of the eight respectable families. This is not a
normal economic structure. Therefore, the eight respectable families are like parasites and vampires!
You won’t stop exploiting the public and letting more than one billion of them work for you! Don’t you
think it’s time to take the power away from the respectable families?” Josephine questioned.

Wilbur heard Josephine’s words loud and clear, and he immediately gave her a thumbs-up. “As
expected of Jonathan’s wife! Your words definitely hit the nail on the head. They are a bunch of
heartless respectable families, and they should’ve been stopped a long time ago.”

“Bullsh*t!” Xavion sneered. “Get off your high horse, will you? You guys aren’t making constructive
suggestions. Do you think peace and order will be restored in the country once the eight respectable
families are gone? Don’t the public still need to work? Respectable families have existed for a very long
time, and the public will always oppose these families. The situation has always been perfectly
balanced. Let’s focus on the current situation. If the eight respectable families were to vanish all of a
sudden, what do you think would happen to the other one hundred families comparable to the influence
the Goldstein family had back then? Would they not form their own group of respectable families? What
do you think would happen if over a hundred respectable families were to fight against each other?”

As Xavion was talking, Josephine had already risen to her feet by holding on to the couch to support
herself. “Competitions are fine, but the market should be controlled by Yaleview’s authorities instead of
the eight respectable families. In other words, develop all you want, but you must act according to the

Although Josephine was a mortal, her aura was as intense as Xavion’s.

Wilbur, who was sitting on the hearth, suddenly stopped smiling as the other two continued to argue.
Jonathan and I have the same goal, and that’s to topple the eight respectable families. However, we
aren’t working together because we have different beliefs. Josephine has just pointed out something
crucial here, and that’s the justice system. Many things have changed in this country throughout
history, but something remained the same for the sake of the development of the civilization in
Chanaea. That’s none other than the justice system! Josephine talked about cultivation and economic
structure, but those two elements aren’t even the most crucial influence the eight respectable families
have over the country. The scariest part is that these eight respectable families even reigned control
over the justice system!

At the same time, Wilbur also noticed how hard Josephine was to deal with. She might seem like an
impulsive woman when she blatantly challenged a God Realm cultivator. However, she has actually
been choosing her words very carefully. Ever since the beginning, she has never mentioned the feud
between the Osborne family and Jonathan. Instead, she has been spitting facts. As a matter of fact, I
can sense that she has been trying to sow discord between the Osborne family and Yaleview Army.
She didn’t say it out loud, but she had been discussing the eight respectable families and disregarding
Yaleview Army. Oh, my… she’s just as cunning as Jonathan!

“Calm down, guys. The respectable families have been around for ages, and these problems aren’t
new. Moreover, the major forces in Chanaea had been at war ever since the battle of River Onxy. It
doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. At this point, no one needs a reason to declare war on another

anymore. Since fate had brought us together, let’s enjoy our meal. The dishes from Doveston aren’t as
good once they get cold,” Wilbur uttered with a smile, but the atmosphere in the room remained tense.

Right then, someone pushed the door to the farmhouse open.

Wilbur heard the commotion and turned to look outside. There, he saw his adjutant running in.

“Reporting in!” the adjutant uttered.

“Come in,” Wilbur replied flatly.

The adjutant entered the room and bowed respectfully before reporting, “Commander, Eastern Allied
Army had sent people here to fetch Ms. Smith. One is a God Realm cultivator with only one arm, and
the other is Zachary Lint, Vanquisher King of War of Guardian Army. They’re outside the village now.”

Upon hearing that, Wilbur chuckled and instructed, “Invite them in! What are you waiting for?”

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