Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1215

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The Legendary Man -The scar on Wilbur’s face twitched when he saw the crab before
him. Although Xavion didn’t say it out loud, I know he’s offering to form an alliance. Perhaps that’s what
the eight respectable families want. Like before, the eight respectable families want me to rule
Chanaea and are willing to back me up. Meanwhile, they’ll still have control over everyone else.

With that in mind, Wilbur picked up the halved crab and put it straight into his mouth. After that, he
started chewing through the crab shell.

Wilbur even munched through the hardest part of the shell.

The smile on Xavion’s face faded gradually when he saw what Wilbur did. “Wilbur, are you that hungry?
You’ll have a hard time digesting that later. You ought to eat slowly. Otherwise, you might tear your
esophagus, and that could be fatal.”

Upon hearing that, Wilbur put the remaining crab legs on the table.

“I can’t help it!” Wilbur toyed with the crab legs with his fingers and sneered, “There’s a crab in front of
me. I can’t possibly eat the legs only, can I? There’s little to no meat in there.”

Xavion snorted frostily and responded, “What do you want, then? There’s only so much to share! When
it comes to your place in the hierarchy, Yaleview Army doesn’t even deserve a share! You should be
grateful. Not only does Asura’s Office have Jonathan, but about six God Realm cultivators are also
there. What makes you think you can take control over Yaleview?”

Wilbur slowly lifted his head and smiled. When he did that, the scar on his face twitched again. “Well,
what are you guys for?”

As soon as those words fell, a murderous look appeared in Xavion’s eyes.

Gradually, both men moved their fingers toward their storage rings.

As the spiritual energy in the small room churned, Josephine felt rather trapped. I feel so pressured! It’s
as though things are going to spiral out of control at any moment!

“Hey!” In the end, Josephine had a weird feeling in her tummy, so she slammed her fork on the table.

The moment she did that, the atmosphere in the room eased up right away.

With weapons in their grips, Wilbur and Xavion turned to look at Josephine at once. Evidently, the
murderous aura of two God Realm cultivators was too much to endure. In no time, she went pale and
fell down.

“What the f*ck?” Xavion yelled and quickly waved his hand to send out a stream of spiritual energy to
support Josephine. He then gently placed her on the couch.

Wilbur also wanted to do the same, but Xavion got there first before the former could release his
spiritual energy. Seeing that Josephine was safe and sound, Wilbur heaved a sigh of relief and
retracted his hands.

Both men were Jonathan’s enemies, and they could also end up fighting with him if they were to see
each other.

However, they both had the utmost respect for Jonathan.

Apart from their strong connection with Jonathan, they also respected the latter’s achievement in
restoring peace in Chanaea and installing Eight Kings of War to maintain order in the country.

They only hated each other because there were conflicts of interest among their factions.

Thus, they wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen to Josephine even though Jonathan wasn’t there.

“What’s the matter with you?” Xavion took Josephine’s pulse and uttered in a helpless tone, “We were
just challenging each other. Why did you have to step in? Do you think we were Jonathan? Regardless
of his cultivation level, he’ll always prioritize your safety. We’re nothing like him! If you keep butting in,
you might end up dead!”

As Xavion spoke through his gritted teeth, he used his spiritual energy to help Josephine stabilize her

Upon sensing that her tummy condition had stabilized, Josephine leaned against the couch and shut
her eyes before letting out a helpless sigh. “Initially, I thought the Smith family could become a
prominent family once we gained a stronger foothold in Tayhaven. However, I found out that Jonathan
was from the mighty Goldstein family of Yaleview. When I thought the Goldstein family was already the
strongest around, I found out that there were so many families with cultivators in them. To make
matters worse, there are respectable families like yours!”

Josephine turned to look at Xavion and added, “It’s supposed to be just a meal but you guys can’t
seem to converse without being sarcastic. Every time you guys spoke, I had no choice but to listen
carefully and analyze your words. I was worried I would get dragged in! At the end of the day, all you
guys want is to demolish Jonathan’s Asura’s Office and regain control over Chanaea, no?”

Josephine was a capable woman, but she had never dealt with matters outside of Tayhaven.

With limited knowledge and experience, she couldn’t achieve much with her capability.

Ever since she gained exposure from Jonathan, Asura’s Office, the eight respectable families, and the
other major forces, she seemed to have learned a lot about what was happening. That was especially
the case because she was kept in the Osborne residence as a hostage for the past months.

At that moment, Josephine couldn’t help recalling how she had acted when Jonathan returned six
months ago. I was so childish and ridiculous back then! I’m still a hostage, and they’re using me to

threaten Jonathan. However, I’m no longer afraid of Xavion and the rest.

Xavion sat back on the warm hearth and glanced at Josephine. Upon shaking his head, he said,
“You’ve seen a thing or two, Josephine, but you still don’t know how things work around here. The eight
respectable families want peace and stability for Chanaea because that’s beneficial for the people.”

“Oh, cut it out!” Josephine leaned against the couch and sneered, “The eight respectable families are
like parasites!”


Wilbur, who was drinking a glass of whisky nearby, was amused when he heard those words. As a
result, he accidentally spat out a mouthful of whisky toward Xavion’s face.

However, Xavion quickly formed an invisible spirit shield in front of his face to shield himself.

Seeing that Wilbur was shrugging and laughing out loud, Xavion reached out his hand and flicked a
droplet of alcohol that shot toward Wilbur.

“What’s so funny? Get out!” Xavion fumed.

With that, he shot Josephine a cold look and asked, “Who told you the eight respectable families were

Meanwhile, Wilbur poured himself another glass of whisky and threw a bunch of peanuts into his
mouth. As he was chuckling, he assured, “Josephine, don’t be afraid of him. Speak freely! I’ll be here to
back you up.”

“Buzz off!” Xavion shouted at Wilbur before taking a deep breath and turning back to face Josephine.

“Josephine, you’re a hostage in the Osborne residence, but we’ve never mistreated you. Why would
you say such a thing about us?” Xavion questioned.

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