Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1214

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The Legendary Man -Karl, who was standing by, joined the conversation after hearing
Zachary’s muttering. “Don’t worry, if the Osborne family only wanted to play mind games with Mr.
Goldstein, they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of bringing people to Doveston. They could
have simply killed them and made a video. It would have been easier. Furthermore, we’re now in
collaboration with Yaleview Army. If it was something dodgy, Wilbur wouldn’t have kept quiet and
waited for us. I believe Josephine has returned, but the details of what went down are anyone’s guess.”

Karl’s logical and well-supported analysis brought some relief to Zachary’s mind.

Yet, at the same time, his fellow King of War’s answer also sparked a hint of doubt in his heart. “Zero!
I’m curious to see what’s hiding beneath that mask of yours. I’ve overheard how you addressed Mr.
Goldstein and Josephine, and it seems like you have a close bond with him. However, despite all the
years I’ve spent by his side, he has never mentioned you in my presence. How did you come to know
Mr. Goldstein?”

As Zachary spoke, his gaze remained fixed on Karl’s mask, hoping to glean some clues from his

Nonetheless, Karl was no fool, especially since the last battle when someone mentioned finding him
familiar. He had already prepared a plausible explanation. “I’ve only known Jonathan for less than half
a year. Let’s just say I fell prey to his scheme.”

“Fell prey to his scheme?” Zachary asked, looking bewildered. “Did he ambush you? But if that’s the
case, you guys wouldn’t have become friends, right? Why would you still help him manage the Dark
Special Forces?”

“Well, the so-called scheme was not a physical combat. It was a challenge we made before engaging
in a fight. The loser had to pledge obedience to the winner!” Karl clarified with a smile. “And Mr.

Goldstein nearly took my life. He spared me, however, on the condition that I assist him in overseeing
all matters related to the Dark Special Forces.”

Upon hearing that, Zachary nodded in agreement. “I believe only Mr. Goldstein would go to such
lengths. But don’t worry, joining Asura’s Office was the right decision. Now that you hold a high position
and are in charge of collecting intel, you won’t be in danger—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zachary noticed Karl had taken a step forward, leaving him behind.
“The Yaleview Army headquarters is just right ahead. Be careful!”

The Yaleview Army’s headquarters was in Sparaville, some eighty miles northwest of Kransbay.

The town was situated in a unique geography, with over a hundred and eighty days of snowfall each
year, making it a popular winter tourist destination in Doveston.

Little had people known that hidden amidst the snow-capped mountains lay a colossal underground
cavern that had remained sealed for several decades.

For the first time in decades, the underground fortress was finally being reopened.

Inside one of the cozy guest rooms of a farmhouse in Sparaville, a group of individuals sat around a
warm hearth, enjoying a meal together.

“You’re… Josephine, right? It’s better to avoid seafood for now, especially during this harsh winter. You
need to be cautious about your diet since you’re pregnant,” Wilbur said as he used his spiritual energy
to move all the seafood away from Josephine’s side.

He then placed an iron plate before Josephine. “Eat this instead. Garlic mushroom chicken is good for

Dressed comfortably in loose maternity clothes, Josephine showcased a gentle baby bump at five
months pregnant. Although she could still sit on the warm hearth without much difficulty, a soft chair
had been arranged for her at the edge, providing extra support and comfort.

Josephine was a little lost for words when she looked at the garlic mushroom chicken.

“I’ve always heard that people in Doveston are practical, but this takes it to a whole new level,” she

Xavion, dressed in white and sitting beside her, burst into laughter. “You southern ladies are so delicate
and reserved. You can’t even finish a small portion of rice and side dishes, but when it comes to a
variety of soups, you have quite the appetite.”

Wilbur, too, nodded with a smile. “That’s right. Although Jonathan and I have gone our separate ways,
we shared a bond when we trained together in the Valley of Elites three years ago. I never imagined his
taste would be so unconventional. I mean, look at you, you’re pregnant but still so skinny.”

His response and repeated tutting only served to intensify Josephine’s hostile gaze.

Feeling somewhat vexed, she could not help but wonder how she, who was hailed as one of the most
beautiful women in Tayhaven, suddenly seemed to have no redeeming qualities in the eyes of those
two individuals.

The two God Realm cultivators, despite being from opposing factions, were behaving like long-lost
friends, engaging in banter and teasing her. What’s wrong with these two men?

Noticing Josephine’s silence, Xavion exchanged a glance with Wilbur and swiftly changed the topic.
“Wilbur, let’s drop it. We’re no match for Jonathan. If Josephine meets him and tells him what we said,
we’ll be in deep trouble. Let’s focus on more pressing matters at hand.”

Wilbur handed a crab to Xavion before expressing his confusion. “I don’t understand. Given the critical
situation in Chanaea and the chaos unfolding, the Osborne family could have easily used Josephine as
leverage against Jonathan and kept Asura’s Office on edge. Instead, you chose to bring Josephine
back. It doesn’t seem to make sense!”

Upon hearing this, Xavion gently placed the freshly cracked crab back on the table. “Jonathan saved
my life when I was in Doveston. Despite being from different factions, I am bound to repay his
kindness. Betraying him would go against my principles.”

“You have my utmost respect!” Wilbur gave Xavion a thumbs-up and raised his wine glass. “Here’s a
toast to you!”

“I’m flattered.” Xavion raised his glass and gulped the wine before wiping his mouth with his hand.

“Wilbur, even though I belong to one of the respectable families, I brought Josephine back because of
my personal connection with Jonathan. However, you’re well aware of the grand mission and immense
power of Asura’s Office. It poses a threat to the existence of our eight respectable families. Once the
situation in Doveston is resolved, the respectable families will inevitably have to confront Asura’s
Office. Our goal will be to decapitate the organization without compromising our principles. Therefore,
we require the support of the Yaleview Army on the front lines. It is through dismantling Asura’s Office,
instilling fear, and dealing significant blows that we can successfully integrate them.”

Upon hearing that, Wilbur paused for a moment, contemplating the idea, before waving his hand
dismissively. “No way. This won’t work. The Yaleview Army alone has seventy thousand soldiers, and
Asura’s Office has a hundred and sixty thousand. How can we defeat such numbers? Besides, what
benefits will I gain from this?”

Xavion extended half of the cracked crab to Wilbur, presenting his argument. “The eight respectable
families seek benefits, while you aspire to amass power. It’s a win-win situation for both of us. Isn’t that


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