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Chapter 1213

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The Legendary Man -“What’s the name you mentioned?”

As soon as the signaler finished his sentence, three figures materialized out of thin air beside him.

Zachary, Terrence, and Karl appeared before the signaler, their formidable presence causing the latter
to step back in fear instinctively.

The trio also became aware of the intense atmosphere they had inadvertently created. To ease the
tension, Zachary quickly cleared his throat and spoke up. “Let’s calm down for a moment. Can you tell
us who the person at Yaleview Army’s headquarters is?”

“J-Josephine Smith,” the signaler replied diffidently.

“Commanders, I might’ve misinterpreted the information. Perhaps I should decode it again.” The
signaler was starting to panic at that point. Why would the Yaleview Army’s intelligence personnel issue
such an odd message during this critical juncture of the battle at River Onxy? Moreover, Josephine
Smith is obviously a girl’s name.

As the urgency of the information demanded immediate action, the signaler didn’t take the time to verify
the decoded message. Instead, he promptly rushed over to deliver the news.

Faced with the intimidating presence of the three commanders, the signaler became increasingly
concerned that he may have misinterpreted some crucial information regarding the war.

However, there was no way Zachary and the others would’ve allowed the signaler to leave without
providing further clarification.

While lower-ranked soldiers may not have been familiar with Josephine’s name, individuals like
Zachary and his colleagues were well-acquainted with her.

Half a year ago, Jonathan, the founder of Asura’s Office and the true power behind the organization
had made the decisive choice to “retire” due to Josephine’s influence.

Even so, he was busier during his nearly one-year retirement than when he took command of Asura’s

Hence, Josephine’s significance to Jonathan was self-evident since he was willing to make such a
decision for her sake.

After Josephine was kidnapped by the Osbornes, Jonathan seemed to lose his sanity, dedicating all his
time to confronting the respectable families.

From the initial fear of the Osborne family holding Asura’s Office hostage to the subsequent
cooperation agreement, every decision made by Jonathan was driven by the desire to ensure the safe
return of Josephine and her child.

No one expected Josephine would inexplicably show up on the battlefield, not to mention within
Yaleview Army’s headquarters.

The trio wondered what exactly was going on.

“Speak up! Is Josephine alive or dead? Who sent her there? When did you receive this information?”
Zachary’s voice echoed with anxiety as he used his spiritual energy to restrain the signaler.

As the King of War who had been by Jonathan’s side for the longest time, Zachary understood better
than anyone the significance of Josephine’s return for Jonathan.

Taking in Zachary’s demeanor, Karl placed a hand on his shoulder.

The pang of pain pulled Zachary back to his senses. Only then did he notice his spiritual energy was
suffocating the signaler, turning the latter’s face crimson.

Instantly, Zachary dissipated his spiritual energy and uttered apologetically to the signaler, “I’m truly
sorry for my aggressiveness. However, the matter regarding Josephine is of utmost importance to
Asura’s Office. Please, I implore you, share with us all the information you have.”

The signaler was still a little dazed. “I just received the intelligence, and it was labeled as a piece of
urgent information, so I rushed over immediately. I didn’t probe further for more detail—”

Before the signaler could finish his sentence, he saw that Karl and Zachary had bolted out the door.

“Terrence, stay here and hold the fort. We’ll come back as soon as possible!” Zachary’s voice echoed
in the corridor, sounding as if he had traveled a great distance away, leaving the signaler dumbstruck.

Terrence, on the other hand, grinned at the signaler. Then, he took out a high-quality cigar from his
storage ring. “This is for you. Consider this as a small token of apology from Zachary.”

During wartime, only weapons and food were transported to the frontline. Luxuries like cigars, which
were non-essential, couldn’t be supplied to the soldiers.

As a result, those cigars became a precious commodity for those soldiers living under immense

The signaler was astounded and frightened. I can’t believe the Cardinal King of War is offering me a
cigar. “Cardinal King of War, I-I can’t accept that.”

“Take it,” Terrence chirped. “Are you aware that this news you brought could potentially rejuvenate the
entire Asura’s Office?”

After the signaler left, Terrence sat in a chair and lit a cigar in delight. “Mr. Goldstein, you can finally be
free from others’ control now. I suppose it’s time for Asura’s Office to stand tall again, right?”

Meanwhile, in the wilderness northwest of Kransbay, Zachary and Karl’s figures turned into a blur as
they traveled westward at breakneck speed.

The arrival of Yaleview Army, led by Wilbur in person, to reinforce the River Onxy battlefield greatly
boosted the morale of the Eastern Allied Army. However, the largest coalition of the century between
the two biggest military forces in Chanaea also faced significant issues.

In a multi-corps joint operation, the most crucial elements were the various types of soldiers and the
coordination of battle strategy between multiple regions.

To achieve a common strategic objective, each corps must follow the directives of the commander-in-
chief to deliver precise strikes on the enemy.

In other words, there could only be one person having the final say on the entire battlefield.

Otherwise, if every corps fought battles individually and for different goals, the coalition could never
unite and unleash its full potential.

As fellow commanders, Wilbur and Leslie had a dispute over the authority to take charge as soon as
they met.

Prior to Jonathan’s departure, he had instructed Karl to never hand over the command of Asura’s Office
to Wilbur, no matter what methods or arguments the latter came up with.

Wilbur was a devil-like man, capable of confusing and poisoning the minds of others. If Asura’s Office’s
soldiers were to follow Wilbur’s lead, Jonathan was worried great troubles would arise.

Jonathan was wary of Wilbur’s tricks, so the latter naturally distrusted Jonathan as well.

During their meeting, Wilbur questioned Leslie on how she planned to deploy the Yaleview Army he
had led to the battlefield as reinforcement.

Leslie’s reply was brief. She wanted to disassemble the troops and reshuffle them completely.

Her reason was to prevent soldiers from both sides from forming cliques and minimize conflict through
that approach.

However, in fact, Leslie’s goal was simple. Her intention was purely to incite defection among those
Yaleview Army soldiers.

Precisely because of both parties’ schemings, even though Yaleview Army had entered the battlefield,
it had never really coordinated with Asura’s Office in a fight thus far.

Even the headquarters for both parties were established about a hundred miles apart.

At that moment, Zachary and Karl were hastening over to Yaleview Army’s headquarters.

“I hope Josephine is safe. Otherwise, Mr. Goldstein won’t be able to handle it,” Zachary uttered

The capture of Josephine by the Osborne family involved ruthless methods, and Zachary and Hayden
nearly lost their lives in the confrontation with the family’s formidable God Realm cultivators.

If Jonathan hadn’t agreed to collaborate with the Osborne family, Zachary, Josephine, and the rest of
their comrades would have perished at the hands of their ruthless foes long ago.

With the escalating chaos in Chanaea, it seemed highly unlikely that the Osborne family would release
Josephine under the current circumstances.

Thus, Zachary couldn’t help but wonder what the Osborne family was playing at.

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