Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1212

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The Legendary Man -Thirteen chiefs were sent over from Asura’s Office as special
medical forces.

Donald’s task was to ensure the treatment of every core member of the Eastern Allied Army.

The commanding squad and over a dozen first-level commanders were all large-scale planning talents,
so they naturally understood Donald’s intentions.

With just a few words from him, the crowd was divided into five groups according to their areas of
responsibility and began receiving Donald’s calming drug.

These people who once determined the direction of a battle were now on the ground like corpses.

Thanks to Donald’s medicine, their heartbeats and breathing slowed tremendously as they lay quietly
on their simple military beds. It was as though they had died.

Donald glared at Kane with a murderous glint in his eyes.

“My mission is to protect Leslie and ensure her safety,” he said to the man on the ground. “I need you
to promise me one thing, Kane. If you still plan on getting revenge after you wake up, I’ll tranquilize you
and make sure you can’t ever move again.”

No one would have expected Donald to have such guts.

Although he had been training under Jason ever since joining Asura’s Office, he was still far too young
and hadn’t trained very long.

That was why he had yet to reach Superior Realm.

For someone of his caliber to threaten an unrivaled Grandmaster like Kane seemed like nothing but big
talk, but the stern look on his face made it seem as though he wasn’t bluffing at all.

In truth, even without Karl, Donald had a way to make Kane lose the ability to fight back.

Jason was the Carrick family’s legacy, and his medical prowess was second to none.

Unfortunately, while Donald was gifted in the field, he was more captivated by the path of poison.

As an avid learner, Jason viewed his apprentice’s ideologies with disdain and even once had a
showdown, hoping to bring a young Donald back to the right path of medicine.

Even though Donald had lost the showdown, his fascination with poison never disappeared.

It was when Rebecca officially settled in Edenic Heights that the two poison users forged a cosmic
connection with each other.

For the past few months, Donald would continuously enhance the poison Rebecca had brought over
from Paradise Island. By now, he had come up with something that could effectively render a
Grandmaster powerless.

However, the poison had too strong of an odor, and based on his previous experiment, he learned that
it was extremely harmful to the body.

Still, if Kane insisted on hurting Leslie, Donald would have no choice but to use the poison on him—
even if it meant suffering from the poison’s side effects himself.

The fight could go on without him or Kane, but not without Leslie.

Upon hearing Donald’s words, Kane glanced at a sleeping Leslie with bloodshot eyes.

“Let me go, Zero. I won’t do it again,” he requested in a hoarse voice.

Zachary and the others stared at him in shock, worried that he was merely deceiving them and would
attack once he was free.

“Kane, you have to understand how slim your chances are. If you dare try anything funny, I’ll kill you
myself in the event that Donald fails to,” warned Karl.

Kane clenched his fists. “I’m telling the truth.”

Thus, Karl slowly lifted his right foot from Kane’s head.

The latter crawled back up as the force field dissipated.

He gazed at Leslie with an intense look in his eyes.

Just as the people around him secretly repositioned themselves to prepare for a sudden attack, Kane
rubbed his own cheeks forcefully with both hands.

Then, he exhaled.

“For over an hour, Leslie made me witness the way she commanded a war with my own eyes. She
made me understand how fifty thousand of my men had helped River Onxy gain such a huge upper
hand. They didn’t come out just to die; they were true warriors.”

Tears rolled down Kane’s cheeks incessantly as he spoke.

Accompanied by his sobs, the beads of tears dripping down onto the command room’s floor sounded
especially clear.

“Give me a shot too, Donald. I’m tired. I want to rest.”

In response, Donald waved a subordinate over and retrieved a syringe.

“Based on the rules, you’re a cultivator and spirit warrior, so you’re not allowed to be put to sleep. This
is a shot of diluted adrenaline. It’ll keep you alert for the next six hours.”

“Why, you—”

Kane gazed at the young man in bewilderment, feeling as though he had been tricked for the first time.

Yet, before he could react, he felt a tingle on his arm; Donald had already injected the fluid into his vein.

“What the…”

As soon as the adrenaline seeped into his blood, Kane let out a sharp exhale as his eyes widened.

He then turned to Zachary and the others while moving his head around. “Hey! Come and get some of
this stuff too! It feels amazing!” he yelled.

Both Zachary and Terrence shook their heads upon seeing how hyperactive Kane had become,
insisting that they weren’t tired.

The former even smiled rigidly and took a step back with gritted teeth.

While everyone else might not have been aware of Donald’s and Rebecca’s deeds back at Edenic
Heights, Zachary had seen it all.

He had witnessed how these poison masters killed over four thousand lab rats in one day—all in the
name of creating a new poison.

That was the first and last time Zachary stepped into Donald’s personal laboratory.

It could be said that if it weren’t for his amicable friendship with Rebecca in the past, he would have
struggled even more to stand before her and Donald after such an event.

It was from that day onward that Zachary became surer of his personal belief—that every scientist was
a lunatic.

Charleigh was involved in human genome sequencing, Jason was into life force analysis, and Donald
and Rebecca never stopped creating all sorts of poisons.

Apart from himself, there wasn’t a single normal human being among Edenic Heights’ core members.

Kane grew unusually excited after the shot, and he circled the building twice before rushing outside like

In his own words, he didn’t know what to do with all this energy if he didn’t use it to kill hundreds of

A few minutes after Kane had left, a figure stopped by the command room.

“Reporting in!” the signaler announced.

“What is it?” Karl asked, turning to him.

“Commander, I come with a message from Yaleview Army’s headquarters: ‘Somebody come and take
Josephine away!’“

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