Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1211

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The Legendary Man -Leslie’s words ignited a sudden flurry of activity in the silent
command room.

The first-level commanders of the Eastern Allied Army, numbering less than thirty, were esteemed
figures with unparalleled authority in their respective military districts. They wielded absolute authority
over the military, and they were second only to the Kings of War in terms of power and influence.

Each person remaining in the command room held immense authority. They even possessed the
power to take preemptive action and engage in warfare without seeking prior approval during

Under Leslie’s leadership, this group of individuals exhibited a remarkable sense of humility. The
reason for their humility was straightforward: the operational methods employed by the young girl
standing before them had left them deeply impressed and astonished.

In traditional warfare practices, it was customary for these commanders to be personally present on the
frontlines of their assigned war zones. This allowed them to have real-time control over the battle’s
progress and served as a morale booster for the soldiers. Their physical presence instilled confidence
and a sense of security among the troops.

Nevertheless, they adopted a different approach under Leslie’s guidance. Instead of being physically
present at the frontlines, she directed them to gather and seek refuge in the underground facility.

Naturally, the battle-hardened commanders viewed this act of avoiding frontline battles with disdain, but
the young woman’s reasoning for doing so was simple.

Technology had advanced far beyond what it was decades or even just a few years ago.

With the exceptional intelligence capabilities of Asura’s Office, the advancements in technology had
brought about near-instantaneous synchronization of information about the entire battlefield.

With the elimination of delays in receiving information, there was no longer a need for these
commanders to risk their lives and engage in theatrical acts solely for their own interests.

While soldiers could be replaced or recruited from other districts if they perished, the loss of a
commander would be irreplaceable.

Hence, it was crucial for these high-ranking commanders to prioritize their own safety.

Initially skeptical of Leslie’s approach, these influential first-level commanders gradually changed their
tune over the past two days. They had witnessed how the Eastern Allied Army, which was originally in
a passive defense situation, swiftly stabilized its frontlines and even displayed signs of

It was at that point that they came to acknowledge the significant gap between their own abilities and
those of Leslie.

As they diligently attended to their specific roles, Leslie, on the other hand, possessed a
comprehensive understanding of the entire battlefield. Her seemingly unorthodox and puzzling
directives gradually revealed a coherent strategy as the war unfolded.

Witnessing the tangible results and the effectiveness of her strategies, the first-level commanders
couldn’t help but become convinced and fully embrace Leslie’s leadership.

After the 3D projector was activated, the lights in the room were dimmed to enhance the clarity of the
projected images on the floor.

Wearing gloves embedded with electronic components, Leslie confidently approached the front of the
3D projector. She briefly glanced at Kane’s face, but quickly shifted her attention to other matters at

“The data update is complete, commander!”

A girl standing next to Leslie relayed information to her in a soft voice.

To which Leslie responded with a light nod, then clapped her hands together.

“All right, everyone, let’s review the situation on the River Onxy battlefield,” she announced, her voice
filled with authority.

With a swift movement of her fingers over the control panel, the ten-square-meter 3D projection on the
floor expanded rapidly.

The others that were gathered around the projector appeared as if they were suspended in the sky,
observing the entire battlefield from a bird’s-eye view.

The edges of the projection blurred, obscuring the mountains and rivers from view. Instead, specific
areas were zoomed in on, magnifying them with precision and clarity.

“South bank of River Onxy, one hundred and thirty kilometers east of Jussipi, our forces have
encountered the Medved Army’s thirty-eighth brigade. Now, let’s gather intelligence on the enemy
forces in that area.”

With Leslie’s skillful manipulation, the three-dimensional map smoothly transitioned between different
regions, displaying the relevant data in each area.

Each command issued by the young woman was promptly executed by the first-level commanders
without hesitation.

The strategy meeting lasted for an hour and a half, with Karl maintaining his foot on top of Kane the
entire time.

After the final command was given, Leslie slumped tiredly into her chair.

Just then, a young figure dressed in a suit swiftly entered the room accompanied by several individuals
in white coats.

“Backstabbing your own, huh? Looks like you’re enjoying yourself,” the boy casually remarked, calmly
observing the chaotic command room. He then cast a disdainful glance at Kane before approaching
Leslie’s side.

This boy was none other than Donald Chambers, the twelve-year-old prodigy doctor and apprentice of
Jason Carrick!

Jason was currently deeply immersed in his research on modified cultivators alongside Charleigh,
rendering him unable to participate in the ongoing battle.

Hence, the remarkably mature Donald, accompanied by twelve other top military doctors, assumed
responsibility for overseeing the medical support operations on the River Onxy battlefield.

“You haven’t slept in over forty-eight hours. From a medical standpoint, your current mental state is not
suitable for commanding the battlefield. You need to rest!” Donald solemnly advised Leslie.

He nodded to a female military doctor standing nearby, who proceeded to attach various monitoring
devices to Leslie’s arms and head.

“Donald, I’m fine. A couple of cups of coffee will do the trick,” Leslie said, flashing the young boy a
smile as she looked at him.

“Coffee won’t suffice,” remarked Donald, as he uncapped a bottle of glucose and presented it to Leslie.
“Consume this glucose. It may not be the most tastiest option, but it will swiftly restore your energy

Leslie let out a wry smile and reluctantly took the bottle of glucose.


Before she could finish her sentence, the boy turned his head and gazed at the few members of
Leslie’s command team. “Is Leslie’s presence required for your current operations?” he inquired.

“We have just finished implementing a new deployment, so at the moment, we only require monitoring
of the overall situation,” responded one of the members of the command team.

Upon hearing this, Donald smiled at Leslie and instructed the doctor, “Administer the medication!”

“Medication? What kind of medication, Donald? Are you rebelling—”

Leslie made a feeble attempt to resist, but she quickly realized that she stood no chance against
Donald and the others. After all, she was just an ordinary person, unable to match their expertise and

As the medication entered Leslie’s veins, a wave of fatigue washed over her, gradually weakening her

“I can’t sleep… It will only delay things…”

Leslie’s hand weakly reached out, grasping onto Donald’s arm for support.

However, he mercilessly swatted her hand away and frowned.

“In a state of extreme fatigue, your reaction speed significantly decreases, and your judgment of the
situation becomes prone to errors. You need to rest. Sleep,” Donald urged firmly.

As Donald’s words echoed in her ears, Leslie weakly closed her eyes, succumbing to the exhaustion
that had consumed her.

Donald then turned to the members of the command team.

“Everyone, this medication will induce deep sleep, allowing you to get proper rest. It only takes two
hours to ensure adequate recovery. Please divide yourselves into five groups and take turns sleeping,”
he instructed, providing a clear plan for rest rotation.

After a brief pause, he reassured them, “I will remain here for the next ten hours, and if any significant
changes occur, I will wake the sleeping individuals using the antidote, ensuring that you remain in
control of the situation.”

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