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Chapter 1210

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The Legendary Man -Beep!

Following the sound, Kane’s fist clenched tightly, unleashing a swift and forceful strike that connected
with the saber, sending it hurtling through the air. In one fluid motion, his feet touched the ground,
swiftly pivoting as his fist found its mark, delivering a powerful blow to Leslie’s chest.


A deep shout reverberated through the entire command room, and the space was saturated with a
profound surge of spiritual energy.

In an instant, the energy solidified, ensnaring Kane in mid-air.

“A spiritual energy force field? Who’s there?” Kane shouted anxiously into the air, unable to move a
muscle, as he locked eyes with Leslie standing ominously nearby.

“It’s me.”

A raspy voice sounded, and a cloaked figure made its way to Kane’s side.

The mysterious person was missing an arm. He was none other than Karl!


Zachary and Terrence felt a wave of relief wash over them as they saw Karl.

Despite having lost an arm in a battle a few days ago, Karl, as a cultivator of the God Realm, held a
level of power above Kane. Thus, effortlessly suppressing him was within Karl’s capabilities.

At this moment, Leslie’s life was saved.

The woman was also aware of this fact. Although she had shown no fear or avoidance during the entire
ordeal, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. She attempted to lift her foot to leave, but as soon as
she made a move, she stumbled and fell backward.

Karl made a subtle gesture, and several streams of spiritual energy instantaneously supported Leslie’s
body, helping her regain her balance.

Leslie looked at the man and nodded in gratitude.

“Thank you.”

“It’s my duty. You’ve done well,” Karl said in his gravelly voice.

His words were not prompted by Leslie being the commander sent by Jonathan, nor were they an
attempt to flatter her.

It was Leslie’s exceptional command abilities that dramatically turned the tide of the battle.

Although she had made the ruthless decision to sacrifice fifty thousand soldiers, their brave efforts
effectively halted Remdik’s advancing forces and successfully defended Redlington.

Leslie’s strategic maneuver had bought the Eastern Allied Army a precious day’s worth of additional
time, marking a critical turning point in the battle of River Onxy.

During his recovery, Karl took the time to analyze and reflect on how the battle of River Onxy would
have played out if he had been in command. Unfortunately, no matter how much he analyzed and
reflected, Karl couldn’t find a better strategy or outcome than what Leslie had achieved.

Remdik had meticulously planned this battle for years, and from the very beginning, their execution had
been flawless, advancing ruthlessly and without pause, like a well-rehearsed performance on a stage.

Missiles, werewolves, cultivators, invasions…

Every aspect of their operation had been orchestrated with efficiency and precision, allowing them to
maintain complete dominance on the battlefield.

On the other hand, in Chanaea, Karl had a strong sense of the impending war and took proactive
measures by initiating the construction of defensive fortifications and deploying firepower interception
nets for the Eastern Army a year in advance.

Four and a half months ago, Jonathan took additional measures by making a six-month pact with
Ivanov, which solidified the course of the war and steadily bolstered forces in Doveston.

However, considering the scale of the battle involving over two million troops from both sides, these
preparations still felt somewhat rushed.

Right from the start, Remdik had been pulling the strings and leading Asura’s Office by the nose.

But when the fifty thousand soldiers of the Shusonna Army infiltrated Remdik’s territory, it disrupted the
meticulously crafted machinery of their plans. Remdik’s carefully devised strategies were thrown into

During this time, the morale of the Eastern Allied Army shifted significantly.

Amidst the onslaught of criticism, Leslie managed to successfully instill a newfound realization in the
soldiers of Asura’s Office—they were not mere pawns meant to passively endure and defend

They could fight back!

Even if it meant sacrificing their own lives, they could inflict pain and fear upon the enemy!

This subtle shift had a profound impact on the overall morale of the army.

It ignited a realization among everyone that they hadn’t come together to be mere casualties caught in
the crossfire. Even in the face of death, they could embrace their warrior spirit and fight with valor.

As a perceptive commander, Karl keenly sensed the shift in the soldiers’ morale on the battlefield,
affirming Jonathan’s astute decision in selecting Leslie as the new commander.

She was a natural-born tactician on the battlefield.

Just then, a female soldier hurried over and helped Leslie settle into a chair.

Leslie held a bottle of water, her hands trembling ever so slightly.

Despite her usual composure, Leslie couldn’t help but feel nervous and frightened after narrowly
escaping death twice in such a short span of time.

Karl fixed his gaze on Kane and extended his right hand, curling his fingers into a claw-like shape. With
ruthless precision, he delivered a powerful strike to the latter’s abdomen.

Five streams of spiritual energy slithered into Kane’s elixir and energy fields like spiritual snakes,
rapidly forming a peculiar formation that remained at the center of his energy field.

As the formation took shape, Karl’s energy field also ceased its operation.

“This formation will temporarily suppress your cultivation level. It will naturally dissipate in
approximately three days,” Karl explained. “However, if you forcefully utilize spiritual energy before the
formation dissipates, it will permanently cripple your energy field, much like adding water to boiling oil.”

With his explanation complete, Karl waved his hand in a casual manner, dispelling the restraints of
spiritual energy that had held Kane captive.

Yet, much to the surprise of everyone present, as soon as Kane was freed from his restraints, he made
a sudden and swift lunge toward Leslie.


With a forceful stomp, Karl’s foot collided with Kane’s cheek, causing the solid concrete ground to
crack. Karl’s gaze was filled with an icy coldness that sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

“You’re asking for death!”

If Karl hadn’t swiftly restrained Kane once more, the seal within Kane would have detonated, resulting
in uncertain survival for Leslie and an inevitable end for Kane.

Pinned down by the immense spiritual pressure, Kane glared fiercely at Leslie, who stood just a few
steps away.

“Very well… I understand that the Dark Special Forces is an independent organization loyal only to Mr.
Goldstein. Zero, you have two options: either kill me now or keep me suppressed. But if you release
me, I swear I will fight to the death to ensure that woman’s demise!” Kane declared with unwavering
determination, his eyes burning with a mix of hatred and resolve.

Helplessly, the onlookers could only watch as Kane spiraled deeper into madness, his mind consumed
by a relentless determination for revenge. No one knew how to persuade him to dissuade him from his
destructive path.

The weight of fifty thousand comrades’ lives made it impossible for anyone to remain composed.


Zachary looked at Leslie, intending to intercede on Kane’s behalf, but his words failed him in the face of
Kane’s current state.

Karl’s eyes locked onto Leslie as his fingers danced in a swift gesture. In response, the saber, lodged
in the distant wall, obediently dislodged itself and soared through the air, landing securely in Karl’s
waiting hand.

Pressing the saber against Kane’s neck, he spoke calmly.

“When Mr. Goldstein departed, he instructed me to follow your orders. It’s up to you to determine the
fate of this man—to either end his life or show him mercy,” he said to Leslie.

As Karl’s words hung in the air, everyone in the room turned their attention to Leslie, awaiting her

After a few moments of contemplation, Leslie drained the last drops of mineral water from her bottle
and stood up with a deep sigh.

“All second-level commanders and lower-ranking personnel, please vacate this area. Jeremias, take
your team and inspect the 3D projector and other equipment. Ensure that the battlefield intelligence is
organized and establish contact with Freddie again. We need to move quickly!” Leslie commanded, her
voice filled with authority.

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