Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1209

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The Legendary Man -“Kane! Stop it!” Zachary reeled in the magic rope as he commanded
Kane to stop harshly.

Terrence had drawn out a long pole that seemed to be made of a material that resembled both gold
and wood. His stance showed that he was ready for battle at any second, but his face betrayed his
helplessness at the situation.

“Kane, don’t make this hard for us. You’re betraying your superiors right now. Thankfully, she wasn’t
hurt. If she was, you would never be able to repent for it.”

Terrence didn’t say much, but he still managed to give Kane an easy way out.

If Kane calmed down and apologized to Leslie, he could simply explain how he had acted without

Then, Terrence and Zachary would apologize on behalf of Kane, no matter how pathetic it might have

Even though Kane had committed a serious offense, the three of them were still the only ones who
could control their respective garrisons in the midst of the battle of River Onxy.

They all knew how much Leslie cared about having the upper hand. With that knowledge in mind, they
assumed that she wouldn’t risk losing Kane for a long time.

Thus, he was technically safe until the battle ended.

Terrence and Zachary had managed to come up with the solution together on the way to the bunker. In
a way, they were forcing Leslie to give up her autonomy on the matter as well.

Even if Leslie figured out their intentions, all she could do was let Kane walk free.

However, even though they had managed to guess Leslie’s reaction, they had failed to calculate how
angry Kane would be.

Fifty thousand soldiers had been tossed into Remdik and basically left for dead. They would all
probably be found dead in one of the huge mountains north of River Onxy.

Fifty thousand fresh lives being thrown away so haphazardly was enough to light Kane’s fuse.

“So what if she’s my superior? I’ll kill her today if it’s the last thing I do!” Kane roared.

His spiritual energy was in overdrive, and the pressure of it caused all the lightbulbs to burst.

Faint blue tendrils of electricity began to spread outwards with Kane in the very center.

“F*ck!” Kane bellowed before walking into the meeting room once again.

He no longer looked as furious as before. Instead, a cold, intense gaze had replaced the fiery anger
from before.

Terrence and Zachary were taken aback. They finally realized that Kane had his mind set on killing

“I have been a member of Asura’s Office for two years and seven months. In my time commanding my
garrison of the Shusonna Army, I have guarded Merania, Huxville, and Yaleview without a single
soldier slacking off. However, a single sentence from you sent all fifty thousand of them to their deaths.
You aren’t getting away with this.”

Kane approached them slowly. Before he had even reached them, Zachary and Terrence could already
feel a stinging sensation splattered with sudden numbing pinpricks spreading through their body.

“Kane! Stay back!” Zachary called out as he fished out his scraper from his storage ring. “Mr. Goldstein
was the one who chose Leslie to be commander. If you kill her, you’re directly going against him!”

Terrence was even more direct. He swung the pole in his hands, and a clear symbol appeared on the

“The second you step over this symbol, I won’t be holding back.”

Zachary and Terrence were ready to fight Kane.

Suddenly, Leslie spoke up from behind them.

“What do you want in return for those fifty thousand soldiers?” she asked slowly.

“I want your life for theirs,” he spat at her with a wicked snarl.

The next second, Kane’s apparition became a streak of light that charged toward Leslie.

“Protect her!” Terrence barked as he jabbed his pole forward with a harsh whistling noise.

Terrence, Cardinal King of War, Kane, the Thunder King, and Andy had proved to be irreplaceable
assets. Southern Army, Yalegard Legion, and Shusonna Army had managed to keep Yalegard Legion
in the middle of Yaleview like an invisible shield without a single sign of budging.

The three of them were known to be the closest in terms of friendship among all Eight Kings of War.

The reason was that they had the same attitude toward Yaleview, which was to fight.

Their similarities in warfare caused the three of them to feel close to one another. They almost felt like
brothers in a past life.

No one would have expected Terrence to go against Kane one day.


Kane did a backflip and landed cleanly on his feet with a loud thud.

Terrence shook his head gently.

“You’ve gone too far this time, Kane. Your rage has gotten the better of you. If you apologize now, I’m
sure the commander won’t blame you for it.”

Even at such a crucial moment, Terrence was still trying to save Kane.

However, the latter had already lost his mind in his rage. He simply stared coldly at Terrence.

“Is that the Isolator Staff? You really are trying to stop me. Since you guys aren’t backing down, don’t
call me cold-hearted for defending myself,” Kane said mildly.

Two glaring spheres of electric energy formed between his palms. He tossed them at Terrence and
Zachary without a second thought.

Terrence slammed down the staff he was holding, causing the two spheres to explode. The blinding
light and intense shock from the electricity caused everyone to lose control of their own senses.

Two loud bangs echoed throughout the room as Terrence and Zachary were slammed against the wall.

Zachary did his best to control the vitality that was practically boiling inside his veins as he tossed out
his rope in an attempt to hold Kane back.

There were barely twenty meters between the two of them, and it should have been easy for a
cultivator of the Grandmaster Realm to achieve that.

Sadly, Kane was just a little too fast.

A bright flash of electricity shot toward Leslie, and the flash caused Zachary to suddenly recall a
conversation he once had with Jonathan.

Both him and Jonathan had been slightly tipsy. Zachary had drunkenly requested for Jonathan to rank
the Eight Kings of War based on skill.

For obvious reasons, Karl was in first place. After all, he was the only King of War who had reached
God Realm.

Zachary had nothing to argue against that.

Originally, he had assumed that either Hades or Jeremy would have been in second place.

However, Jonathan had said Kane’s name with a chuckle.

Based on Jonathan’s explanation, because of his special abilities, Kane alone could easily overpower
the other Kings of War when it came down to it. However, it would take at least three Kings of War to
defeat Kane.

When Jonathan said that, Zachary had been doubtful. He was sure that Jonathan wasn’t being entirely

Now, however, Zachary realized that Jonathan hadn’t been mistaken in the slightest.

Kane was far superior to most people in terms of both speed and strength.

The shield Terrence placed over Leslie shattered under the force of Kane’s attack.

He raised his right hand, which turned into a streak of blinding light as he slammed it onto Leslie’s

It was a firm slap for sure, and the other two were sure that Leslie wouldn’t survive.

However, right as both of them shut their eyes hopelessly, a saber came swinging down silently amidst
the pale blue electric glow between Leslie and Kane.

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