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Chapter 1208

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The Legendary Man -The generol wos cleorly displeosed with Leslie’s explonotion.

After oll, Leslie’s first oction os commonder wos to deploy the fifty thousond members of Shusonno
Army’s odditionol troops into Yoleview. She hod commonded them to enter the northeost ond invode
Redlington in whot wos bosicolly o suicide mission.

Even though it hod been o drostic decision, she hod monoged to keep the two hundred thousond
members of Remdik’s Eostern Allied Army south of River Onxy with only fifty thousond of their own

The Eostern Allied Army hod ended up getting obout o doy’s worth of time to rush toword the
bottlefield, but they hod poid o tremendous price for it.

In just twelve hours’ time, the numbers of Shusonno Army’s bockup troops hod been stricken down to
no less thon twenty thousond under the ottock of Remdik’s Glocier Army ond Aizkovos’ Arctic Army,
who were both stotioned in Redlington.

The remoining twenty thousond members hod monoged to retreot successfully under Leslie’s originol
plon, but onybody who knew even o little bit of militory worfore wos owore thot she hod olreody given
up on them.

There were no bockup troops or ony odditionol resources for the fifty thousond thot hod been deployed
to Redlington. Leslie hodn’t plonned for ony other neorby troops to move forword either.

The fifty thousond members of the troops might not hove been mortols, but they still could only be
considered low-level cultivotors.

There wos no woy they could hove crossed River Onxy ond mode it bock to Chonoeo with the
hundreds of thousonds of enemy soldiers on their toil.

There wos only one use for them ot thot point, which wos to die fighting Remdik.

Thot wos the second stoge of Leslie’s plon—to use the remoining twenty thousond members ond
continue invoding Redlington.

Her gool wos to hold bock Remdik’s troops from coming into River Onxy for os long os possible.

Just like thot, fifty thousond people hod been sent to their deoths, ond it hod only token o couple of

Everyone protested ogoinst such o cold-heorted decision, but Leslie continued on os if she couldn’t
heor them.

Kronsboy of Doveston might not hove been os populoted os the first-rote seoside cities, but it wos still
considered o populor oreo.

Winter proved to be the seoson in which Kronsboy’s tourism peoked. Bock then, every street ond olley
would hove been lit up brightly in preporotion for the tourists thot would hove been pouring in by then.

However, Kronsboy wos now os silent os o ghost town. There were borely ony lights on in ony of the

The general was clearly displeased with Leslie’s explanation.

After all, Leslie’s first action as commander was to deploy the fifty thousand members of Shusonna
Army’s additional troops into Yaleview. She had commanded them to enter the northeast and invade
Redlington in what was basically a suicide mission.

Even though it had been a drastic decision, she had managed to keep the two hundred thousand
members of Remdik’s Eastern Allied Army south of River Onxy with only fifty thousand of their own

The Eastern Allied Army had ended up getting about a day’s worth of time to rush toward the
battlefield, but they had paid a tremendous price for it.

In just twelve hours’ time, the numbers of Shusonna Army’s backup troops had been stricken down to
no less than twenty thousand under the attack of Remdik’s Glacier Army and Aizkovos’ Arctic Army,
who were both stationed in Redlington.

The remaining twenty thousand members had managed to retreat successfully under Leslie’s original
plan, but anybody who knew even a little bit of military warfare was aware that she had already given
up on them.

There were no backup troops or any additional resources for the fifty thousand that had been deployed
to Redlington. Leslie hadn’t planned for any other nearby troops to move forward either.

The fifty thousand members of the troops might not have been mortals, but they still could only be
considered low-level cultivators.

There was no way they could have crossed River Onxy and made it back to Chanaea with the
hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers on their tail.

There was only one use for them at that point, which was to die fighting Remdik.

That was the second stage of Leslie’s plan—to use the remaining twenty thousand members and
continue invading Redlington.

Her goal was to hold back Remdik’s troops from coming into River Onxy for as long as possible.

Just like that, fifty thousand people had been sent to their deaths, and it had only taken a couple of

Everyone protested against such a cold-hearted decision, but Leslie continued on as if she couldn’t
hear them.

Kransbay of Doveston might not have been as populated as the first-rate seaside cities, but it was still
considered a popular area.

Winter proved to be the season in which Kransbay’s tourism peaked. Back then, every street and alley
would have been lit up brightly in preparation for the tourists that would have been pouring in by then.

However, Kransbay was now as silent as a ghost town. There were barely any lights on in any of the

The city was now under complete control of the Eastern Allied Army.

Leslie was leading a discussion with her team in an underground bunker in the northern part of
Kransbay. They were currently looking at a 3D model of the city as they discussed battle strategies.

All of a sudden, streaks of blue lightning began to show up against the heavy metal door of the strategy

“Protect the commander!” someone shouted in alarm.

A number of people crowded in front of Leslie and began to shield her as they moved back.


The metal door fell to the ground with a resounding crash.

A bare-chested cultivator with electricity crackling across his skin was standing in the middle of the

Kane had arrived.

“Kane! Stop right now!” Terrence and Zachary yelled out.

The battle of River Onxy proved to cover a lot of ground. It managed to occupy the border from the
northeast to the northwest of Horbah.

Compared to Remdik, who had plenty of cultivators at their disposal, Asura’s Office proved to be rather
limited in that aspect— especially in terms of Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Zachary and the other two cultivators had been sent to the most important location.

After the news of fifty thousand members from Shusonna Army being thrown into Redlington had
spread among those leading the Eastern Allied Army, Kane had already been itching to get revenge on

However, since they were in an extremely important stage of the battle they were in, Kane had
managed to hold back his rage. He commanded for a whole night before finally handing the troops over
to the second commander-in-charge and returning to Kransbay.

Both Terrence and Zachary had been able to predict Kane’s reaction when they heard about Shusonna

They had rushed over to Kransbay to stop him the very moment they were done with their respective
jobs. However, they were just a little bit too late.

By the time they reached Kransbay, Kane had already broken the door down.

Terrence and Zachary were rightly terrified. If anything happened to Leslie, the consequences would be

Since she was the commander-in-chief, causing harm to her fell under the same category as treason to
one’s country.

“Kane! What do you think you’re doing?” a besuited man who was standing in front of Leslie shouted
loudly. His saber glinted in his hand.

There were many other Superior Realm cultivators right behind him.

While they were all directors from different troops who were aiding Leslie in her plan, they also
happened to be her guards in case anything happened.

Sadly, Superior Realm cultivators were no match for Kane.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kane snarled as tendrils of electricity sparked across his skin. “How could
you abandon fifty thousand people just like that? You’re a real piece of work for a commander-in-chief.
I’m going to make sure you pay for those fifty thousand people you sacrificed.”

Kane’s words had barely left his mouth when he sped toward Leslie. He was so fast that all they could
see was a blurry afterimage.

“Stop him!” the besuited young man from before called out. Before he could swing his saber, he was
already knocked aside.

The other people behind him were struck and flew aside as well.

Leslie simply stood still. As a mortal, she had no way of seeing where Kane was. All she saw was
simply a glowing figure who was rushing toward her at light speed.

Her hair swayed with the wind caused by his speed as he arrived in front of her. He spread open a
hand crackling with electricity in front of Leslie but was thrown back toward the doorway at the very
next second.

Kane crashed into the corridor while Zachary and Terrence landed in front of Leslie.

“It looks like we made it just in time,” Zachary said through gritted teeth as he held onto a magical rope.

Terrence opened his left hand, and a shield the size of his palm appeared. He tossed it gently above
Leslie’s head, and a shimmering shield that looked like frosted glass surrounded her.

“Are you okay, Commander?”

A bead of sweat traced Terrence’s nose and dripped off his face. Clearly, they had expended all of their
energy to get here.

They technically shouldn’t have abandoned their posts to go all the way to Kransbay.

However, they were well aware that no one could stop Kane now that both Tiger and Hades were
unconscious. There was simply no one else who could match him when he was that angry.

The Eight Kings of War was a symbol of strength in each of their respective garrisons.

When the fifty thousand supporting troops had been sent to Redlington in their suicide mission, it
affected all of the garrisons.

If Kane still failed to control his anger and fueled the fire, then Shusonna Army might really be in

If that happened, then Kane had to die.

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