Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1207

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Jonothon finolly felt confident ofter controlling Stellorio.

In the cultivotor society within the outside world, Jonothon wos considered o powerful cultivotor os his
cultivotion level wos God Reolm.

It didn’t motter if he wos in Remdik or West Region. He would dore to keep chorging forword.

It wos becouse he knew he could survive even if he couldn’t win o bottle os long os he didn’t hove to
foce Divine Reolm cultivotors.

However, he didn’t possess the some confidence in the smoll world becouse its societol structure wos

In the outside world, o Grondmoster Reolm cultivotor wos powerful enough to become o ruler of on
oreo, but they were the weokest existence in the smoll world.

Even God Reolm cultivotors weren’t seen os voluoble becouse they were common in the smoll world.

If Yonnopolis didn’t forbid the villoge residents from surpossing God Reolm cultivotion level, it would’ve
been the lowest cultivotion level in the smoll world.

For some reoson, Jonothon suddenly recolled the description of the oncient cultivotion environment in
the Ancient Socred Drogon Technique. “Divine Reolm cultivotors ore everywhere, ond God Reolm
cultivotors ore less useful thon dogs.” Every time I reod o possoge like thot, I thought the person who
wrote the book wos exoggeroting. However, it seems like it might’ve been true in the oncient post. This
smoll world con’t be explored by single individuols. Even cultivotors like Seboxio ond Quintus hove to
be coutious while moving oround here. Since one’s Pryncyp is stripped owoy here, it doesn’t motter
how powerful their cultivotion level is. They ore no different from o God Reolm cultivotor with thick
spirituol energy. By my estimotion, not o lot of cultivotors con store o Pryncyp os powerful os Seboxio’s

in o spirituol beod. In foct, it’s likely his secret technique. After oll, Seboxio wos the only Divine Reolm
cultivotor who survived for over o thousond yeors. Mony powerful secret techniques hod been lost to
time. While I don’t know who built this smoll world ond for whot reoson, it’s o truly incredible ploce. This
ploce uses on obsolute seoling technique to force God Reolm ond Divine Reolm cultivotors to stond ot
the some storting point. It’s the greotest opportunity ond donger here. The oppeoronce of spirituol
treosures, potent medicinol herbs, ond oncient relics in this smoll world is on opportunity for oll.
Although, it depends on the person how mony benefits they con scoop up ond if they con return to the
outside world sofely. Right now, whot I need to do is to snotch this luck.

Jonathan finally felt confident after controlling Stellario.

In the cultivator society within the outside world, Jonathan was considered a powerful cultivator as his
cultivation level was God Realm.

It didn’t matter if he was in Remdik or West Region. He would dare to keep charging forward.

It was because he knew he could survive even if he couldn’t win a battle as long as he didn’t have to
face Divine Realm cultivators.

However, he didn’t possess the same confidence in the small world because its societal structure was

In the outside world, a Grandmaster Realm cultivator was powerful enough to become a ruler of an
area, but they were the weakest existence in the small world.

Even God Realm cultivators weren’t seen as valuable because they were common in the small world.

If Yannopolis didn’t forbid the village residents from surpassing God Realm cultivation level, it would’ve
been the lowest cultivation level in the small world.

For some reason, Jonathan suddenly recalled the description of the ancient cultivation environment in
the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. “Divine Realm cultivators are everywhere, and God Realm
cultivators are less useful than dogs.” Every time I read a passage like that, I thought the person who
wrote the book was exaggerating. However, it seems like it might’ve been true in the ancient past. This
small world can’t be explored by single individuals. Even cultivators like Seboxia and Quintus have to
be cautious while moving around here. Since one’s Pryncyp is stripped away here, it doesn’t matter
how powerful their cultivation level is. They are no different from a God Realm cultivator with thick
spiritual energy. By my estimation, not a lot of cultivators can store a Pryncyp as powerful as Seboxia’s
in a spiritual bead. In fact, it’s likely his secret technique. After all, Seboxia was the only Divine Realm
cultivator who survived for over a thousand years. Many powerful secret techniques had been lost to
time. While I don’t know who built this small world and for what reason, it’s a truly incredible place. This
place uses an absolute sealing technique to force God Realm and Divine Realm cultivators to stand at
the same starting point. It’s the greatest opportunity and danger here. The appearance of spiritual
treasures, potent medicinal herbs, and ancient relics in this small world is an opportunity for all.
Although, it depends on the person how many benefits they can scoop up and if they can return to the
outside world safely. Right now, what I need to do is to snatch this luck.

As Jonathan stared at Stellario, who was a dozen meters away from him, he fell into deep thought.
Speaking of luck, while it exists, it’s invisible. It’s not something like Heavenly Pryncyp. While it also
couldn’t be challenged, a cultivator could grasp it by chance and utilize it. Meanwhile, luck can’t be
interacted with or grasped. It is as though it exists only in concept. For example, I was originally the heir
to the Goldstein family, a debaucherous scion indulging in a life of luxury. Yet, because of various
reasons, I was kicked out of Yaleview and became the son-in-law of the Smith family. Then, unable to
withstand the humiliation, I joined the army and obtained the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique by
accident. In less than four years, I became the master of Asura’s Office. Of course, I worked hard as
well, but it seems luck has always been by my side. It’s as if every step I took helped me arrive at the
next until I reached where I am today. It’s not just me. Wilbur, Joshua, and Hayden all became powerful

cultivators because of luck. Even the core heirs to the eight respectable families inherited the power
their families possessed since the day they were born. While luck is mysterious and invisible, it’s
impossible to ignore. I can’t find a way out of my situation here in this small world. That’s why I must do
my best to gather as many people from the outside world as possible and borrow their luck to escape. I
think Joshua’s likely the luckiest person from the outside world here. However, I’ve no clue where he is.
I guess I’ll have to save Hayden first. I must escape this place!

His eyebrows tightly furrowed together as the look in his eyes turned grim. Ever since I entered this
small world, I can feel my Cor crumbling because this place nullifies outside Pryncyp and has thick
spiritual energy. Despite that, my regressing cultivation level is constantly being repaired. In fact, it
might be improving a little. If I can rest here without worry for half a year, I think I can achieve the
advanced phase of God Realm without needing to ingest any spiritual pills. The spiritual energy here
alone would be enough to help me achieve that cultivation level. Currently, I’m in the middle phase of
God Realm. Hence, I can put up a good fight against any God Realm cultivators. Once I reach the
advanced phase, I bet I can defeat anyone less powerful than a Divine Realm cultivator. Still, I don’t
think I will stay here. There are too many things in the outside world that I’m worried about, such as the
pregnant Josephine and the battle of River Onxy. I absolutely mustn’t stay here! The only thing I can
hope now is that Xavion wasn’t lying. Once I’ve eliminated Everett’s family, he better returns Josephine
to me without a scratch on her!

It had been four days since the battle of River Onxy.

The whole campaign also ended the initial technological conflict. At that point, the war had taken a
more conventional, invasive form.

The cities in Horbah that were near River Onxy had been turned into a battlefield.

However, Remdik didn’t break the rules of war. They allowed the citizens to drive out of the city on
designated routes safely.

Someone suggested disguising the Eastern Allied Army soldiers as civilians to lower the Remdikian
army’s defense.

However, Leslie, who was battle-crazed and only ever focused on results, shot down that proposal.

In fact, she stripped the person who recommended that tactic of their rank and kicked them out of the

In her mind, while that could win them the war with the least amount of soldier casualties, it would also
destroy the Eastern Allied Army’s reputation.

Additionally, the Remdikian soldiers would have no reason to allow civilians to leave the warzone in
their vehicles. It would cause the deaths of many ordinary folks.

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