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Chapter 1205

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Even in the Mallory family, only a few core members could learn it.

A cultivator who practiced the art of raising parasites with one’s body had to start when they were
young. They needed to consume large amounts of nutritional food to attain vigorous vitality.

Then, they would pick a type of parasite. While the parasite was in its breeding stage, it would be
inserted into the cultivator’s body. The parasite would then reproduce and grow by consuming the
cultivator’s vitality.

As the process continued for over a decade, the cultivator would need to do two things.

First, they needed to create a spirit shield inside their body to enclose the parasites.

Otherwise, if the parasites leaked out, they would devour the cultivator’s flesh.

Typically, the parasites that the Mallory family members picked were very poisonous. Otherwise, no
one would’ve risked raising parasites in their body and made it the ace up their sleeve.

Even if they had the cure, they might die before they could even ingest it once the parasites escaped
their control.

Many people died just like that in the Mallory family. However, that didn’t stop their descendants from
cultivating that dark art.

In the eyes of the Mallory family, only someone who had the gall to undertake that risk was a true
warrior worthy of respect.

If they succeeded in controlling the parasite, they would need to do a second thing, which was to
suppress the parasite.

The parasite queen buried in the cultivator’s body would continue to reproduce as long as it still had

Hence, the cultivator needed to transfer the eggs to every part of their body by using their vitality.

Concurrently, they had to ingest an enormous amount of medicinal herbs to suppress the growth of
those eggs.

A cultivator would require months, if not years, of their lives to accustom themselves to two processes
simultaneously. They had to restrict the eggs’ activity with spiritual energy while providing them with

Their efforts would be for naught if they failed to prevent the eggs from dying or growing beyond their

Their cultivation would only be considered a success when they could perform that without thinking, like

At that point, the parasite eggs had become a part of the cultivator’s body.

As such, they could easily utilize spiritual energy and vitality to make the eggs mature speedily for their
own use, whether in combat or in other situations.

That was Stellario’s ace up his sleeve.

However, his two decades of cultivation efforts had suddenly slipped from his control.

When he examined his body with his spiritual sense, he discovered at least a third of the eggs in his
body had been sealed by Seboxia’s restriction earlier.

Even if he used his own spiritual energy to try to break the seal apart, it couldn’t be shattered.

“What did you do to me?” Like a frightened leopard, Stellario arched his body slightly, ready to fight like
a trapped animal.

Seboxia pressed his palms together and bowed at Seboxia. “No need to panic, Mr. Mallory. I merely
used the Pryncyp of Life to wipe away the imprint on the eggs by force.”

Seboxia’s voice was very soft, like a refreshing spring breeze.

At that moment, however, it sounded like the whispers of a demon from Stellario’s perspective. Does
he hear what he’s saying? He just used his Pryncyp to wipe away a third of my trump card, yet he
makes it sound like it’s nothing serious! I know you’re a Divine Realm cultivator, but you don’t need to
mess with me like this!

While Stellario was typically a loudmouth, he didn’t dare to do anything rash at that moment.

As the direct descendent and destined head of the Mallory family, he met a couple of Divine Realm
cultivators before. While Divine Realm cultivators may either seem kind or malevolent, all of them are
extremely similar inside. They’re absolutely merciless and unpredictable!

Weak cultivators would reason, while powerful cultivators up to the Grandmaster Realm would show off
their status.

Those who surpassed Superior Realm would try to maintain their status. Even if they fought, they
would still do things properly, whether they won or lost in the end.

However, when it came to God Realm cultivators like Stellario and Jonathan, they would try to jump out
of the chessboard and be the chess master, gaining benefits from behind the scenes.

After all, once someone achieved God Realm cultivation level, they wouldn’t be able to escape
powerful factions’ influence. It didn’t matter if they were a rogue cultivator or part of respectable

families. It just wasn’t possible.

Hence, all God Realm cultivators would try their best to the scheme. In fact, they’d wish everyone else
would die in their hands.

Then, once someone became a Divine Realm cultivator, they would become capable of doing anything
to achieve their goal.

Divine Realm cultivators were powerful, especially because they could wield Pryncyps easily. However,
it also meant they would easily be dragged into different messes.

Hence, they would refrain from attacking unless necessary. When they had to, they would do it
precisely and ruthlessly.

They would employ the simplest method to eliminate their opponent. Everything else was beyond their

Stellario heard of a description of Divine Realm cultivators that he very much agreed with before, which
was, “What does it matter if I kill you?”

That was the most accurate depiction of Divine Realm cultivators. They would do anything they wanted
without caring about anything.

While Seboxia might be smilingly amiably at that moment, he might kill Stellario in the next second
without warning.

An eerie silence descended upon the underground cave.

A dozen seconds later, Stellario spoke cautiously. “So, you’re saying you can erase my cultivation level
whenever you want?”

“Yes, sort of.” Seboxia pointed at Stellario.

Suddenly, threads of red liquid floated out of the pores on Stellario’s arm.

Under Seboxia’s control, those red threads combined into a drop of blood and levitated above his palm.

He didn’t do anything while the blood rapidly dried up.

A second later, a few extremely small bugs appeared and flapped their wings.

At that moment, Stellario held his breath and tightened his fists silently.

I thought Seboxia had only sealed the parasite eggs in my body, but it seems he can manipulate them
too! If that’s the case… When his train of thought ended there, he imagined a gruesome scene.

In that scene, nearly a third of the eggs inside him escaped his control and crawled out of his flesh.
That thought alone was enough to give him goosebumps.

Yet, Seboxia hadn’t stopped.

A green light flashed before him. Suddenly, the bugs flying in his hands swelled in size rapidly.

In a blink of an eye, they grew into palm-sized hornet.

“What the f*ck!” Jonathan stared at the large, buzzing hornets in front of him. For a moment, he didn’t
know what to say. “What the heck’s hidden in your body, man?”

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