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Chapter 1204

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As Stellario spoke, he saw Jonathan sinking into the ground.

His eyes widened while staring at his feet. “You know how to execute Earthly Escape?”

“A little,” replied Jonathan as his descent into the earth continued. “I don’t think those bugs know how
to do this.”

Stellario glowered at Jonathan, who sank into the ground with an innocent expression. “If you know
how to do that, why did you come back and mess with me?”

In response, Jonathan shrugged. “There’s still a few hundred meters before they arrive. Instead of
wasting your time on complaints, you should start running.”

Stellario shifted his attention to the rapidly approaching cloud of bugs. The anxiety in his eyes slowly
calmed down.

“I’m open to the idea of collaborating, but you need to return my knife first,” demanded Stellario as he
stretched his hand toward Jonathan.

While that blade wasn’t a magical item, it was something that had been passed down in the Mallory
family for a thousand years.

It was the symbol of the head of the Mallory family.

Stellario wouldn’t be able to explain himself if he returned to the Mallory family without the dagger
Jonathan stole from him.

If someone learned of his blunder, it would be detrimental to him, especially because he was the future
head of the Mallory family.

From his perspective, his request wasn’t outrageous. Thus, he believed Jonathan would return the
dagger to him.

However, he underestimated Jonathan’s tactic.

“You don’t have the right to negotiate with me. Since you aren’t willing to work with me, you’ll die here.”
Jonathan then submerged into the ground without hesitation.

“Huh? Don’t push it, Jonathan! I’m a God Realm cultivator! I’m more important than a useless dagger!
Hey! Come out! If you don’t save me, I really am going to die!” Stellario stomped on the ground, trying
to summon Jonathan.

However, he received no response from the solid ground.

As he glanced at the cloud of bugs dozens of meters away, he gritted his teeth. “Fine! I promise to be
your subordinate until we leave this small world!”

Then, he planted his butt down on where he stood. “That’s all I have to say! It’s up to you to decide
whether you’ll save me or not!”

He slowly closed his eyes as he watched the cloud of bugs rushing toward him.

The buzzing of the black bugs grew louder rapidly, so much so that it gave Stellario a goosebump.

Just as the bugs were about to attack Stellario, the ground underneath him suddenly collapsed.

“What the—” Stellario promptly widened his eyes at the shrinking light above his head.

While he had dropped deeper into the hole, the bugs above him weren’t halting their chase after him.

Countless insects flooded into the hole and toward Stellario.

“Seal the hole, Jonathan! Quickly!” exclaimed Stellario as he fell.

A moment later, the vertical path above him was sealed shut, like someone twisting a cylindrical cone

The swarm of insects that poured into the ground was killed as the last glimmer of light above them
was extinguished. Meanwhile, Stellario dropped onto a cushiony spiritual energy.

“Things would’ve gotten so much easier if you agreed earlier.” As Jonathan spoke, he blasted a
powerful light on Stellario’s face in the dark.

Stellario raised his hand, shielding his eyes from the light. After he had gotten used to it, he let his hand

While sitting at the side, he stared at the meters-wide round hole. “I’ve accepted your condition.
Shouldn’t you summon that guy out and remove the restriction placed on me? After all, I can’t do
anything useful like this.”

A moment later, a wave of spiritual energy pulsed next to Jonathan.

Seboxia’s figure slowly showed up. “To think the Mallory family raise bugs with their bodies. How

Stellario’s expression froze a little when he heard that, though he remained quiet.

For a cultivator to appear in a spiritual energy form, their cultivation level must be at least at Divine

Hence, Stellario didn’t try to deny it because he knew there was nothing he could hide about his body
from someone like Seboxia, who sealed his meridian.

“Everyone has a different way of doing things. Regardless of what cultivation method a cultivator
employs, they do it to surpass the Great Pryncyp. There’s nothing odd about it.” Stellario relaxed since
he could do nothing while under Jonathan’s and Seboxia’s control.

Seboxia was stunned when he heard that.

A few seconds later, Seboxia pressed his palms together and bowed at Stellario. “Thank you for
enlightening me, Mr. Mallory.”

Both Jonathan and Stellario were confused by Seboxia’s reaction.

“Enlighten you? What did I teach you?” asked Stellario.

“Yeah. What did you learn from him?” Jonathan wondered.

Grinning, Seboxia silently raised his hand and removed the restriction on Stellario’s body.

When Stellario felt spiritual energy rushing back into his body, he stood.

Jonathan took a step back, pressing half of his body into the dirt wall, ready to escape at any moment.

Additionally, the smooth walls of the underground space had turned into countless spikes.

Those spikes were, of course, aimed at Stellario, who was going to step forward.

Stellario remained rooted to the spot, scanning the spikes that were on the verge of pricking his skin.
Then, he glanced at Jonathan mockingly. “To think Asura’s such a wimp. It’s quite amusing, really.
Relax, I only want my dagger back.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan ambled out of the dirt wall and hurled the dagger toward Stellario’s feet.

“Wimp?” sneered Jonathan. “Over the past three years, I’ve received no less than a hundred attempts
on my life. Also, you’re an expert in parasites. I’d be a fool not to raise my guard around you.”

Stellario picked up the dagger and rubbed it. “Since you wish to cooperate with me, trust is the most

“I can’t trust you,” interrupted Jonathan. “Besides, I don’t think you promised to cooperate with me
earlier. I recall you said you’ll become my subordinate until we leave this small world.”

Upon hearing that, Stellario sneered, “You can’t relax around me so long I can still use spiritual energy.
Yet, without my spiritual energy, I’m useless to you. I wonder, how are you planning to use me?”

Jonathan turned to Seboxia. “You’re right. I can’t use you, but he can! The parasite you’re raising in
your body is your ace and your greatest weakness, Stellario. Give it a try and see if you can still utilize
those parasites.”

Stellario’s expression froze when he heard that.

Then, he investigated his body with his spiritual sense. Moments later, sweat covered his head. “How
did you do this?”

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