Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1203

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There was once a wicked thought experiment where one and their friend encountered a bear in the

However, one only had a stick in their hand.

What would they need to do to survive?

The correct answer was that they should use the wooden stick to break their friend’s leg so they could
escape safely.

That was what Stellario thought after he was pursued by the bugs.

It was why he decided to inject parasites into Jonathan’s green wolf.

As a powerful cultivator, Jonathan possessed plenty of techniques. Even if he were trapped by the
black bugs, he wouldn’t die immediately.

The longer Stellario could stall Jonathan, the more time he would have to escape.

He was someone who would betray his friend to survive.

Surprisingly, the green wolf underneath Jonathan was just for decoration.

Without the wolf, Jonathan was able to move faster.

Stellario used a single hand to gesture a technique before brushing his hand past his storage bag. A
moment later, a layer of black, sandlike object appeared on his hand.

Familiarly, he used his thumb’s fingernail to make a small incision on his forefinger. Then, he waved his
hand, mixing the blood he squeezed out with the black substance before throwing it behind him.

In the air, the black sandlike substance swarmed toward the blood and absorbed it. Due to the
nourishment of spiritual energy, the substance transformed into mosquitoes and flew toward Jonathan.

Why does he think this will work? Jonathan rammed through the cloud of mosquitoes while the golden
spirit shield of the bronze handbell smashed them to death.

However, the moment those mosquitoes died, a foul stench thrust into Jonathan’s nose.

The smell was so awful that it made Jonathan retch and almost lose his balance.

Seboxia’s life force trembled slightly in his body before clarity returned to Jonathan’s mind.

Stellario’s technique is way too disgusting! As Jonathan followed Stellario closely behind, he
manifested his spiritual sense inside his elixir field.

“No need to hold back on using your life force, Seboxia. I have a feeling a war will be breaking out in
this small world soon. When that time comes, I’ll fulfill your wish and kill. You have my word.” When he
said that, Seboxia’s spiritual energy form manifested once more.

“Remember your promise,” stated Seboxia before leaping dozens of meters away.

“I think our fates are intertwined, Mr. Mallory. How about we sit down and talk about Pryncyps and
cultivation?” Since Seboxia was already in spiritual energy form, his body wasn’t a physical one.

Hence, he didn’t make any sound when moving around.

When Seboxia suddenly appeared next to Stellario, the latter was shocked, as though he saw a ghost.
Without delay, Stellario jumped to the side.

“Please wait a moment, Mr. Mallory!” Seboxia stretched his right hand out. The spiritual bead on his
wrist glimmered with golden light before flying toward Stellario. It expanded in midair and enveloped the

top of Stellario’s head.

“Go!” Stellario pointed at Seboxia with his right hand. A faint, green afterimage was shot out of his
sleeve, directly biting Seboxia’s neck.

However, that only caused a ripple on Seboxia’s spiritual body.

Meanwhile, his meticulously trained snake passed through Seboxia’s body easily.

“You’re not human?” It was then Stellario realized Seboxia didn’t have a physical body. However, at that
moment, it was too late.

“Bind!” Seboxia pointed his finger at Stellario. The spiritual bead rapidly shrunk in size and bound
Stellario’s arms.

Before Stellario could do anything at all, threads of life force pierced into his skin and reached his
meridians, sealing all of them.

Even his elixir field was sealed off by life force, which prevented him from using any more power.

Fearfully, Stellario stared at Seboxia. At that moment, he had thoroughly lost his cultivation level.

“You owe me.” Seboxia summoned his spiritual bead back and kicked Stellario toward Jonathan.

With a grin, Jonathan picked up Stellario as though the latter was a little chick. “Don’t worry. I’ll be sure
to replenish your life force.”

Seboxia’s body vanished, and his spiritual sense returned to the giant coffin in Jonathan’s elixir field
once again.

Meanwhile, Jonathan stared at Stellario coldly. “I’d like to see you try escaping me again. Even though
we should be cooperating in this small world, you don’t want to work together and instead sow discord.

The eight respectable families are truly terrible.”

Stellario grabbed a palm-sized dagger from his waist and swung it toward Jonathan’s neck without

A ball of spiritual energy appeared and clutched his wrist like a giant, invisible hand.

After glancing at the short dagger that was only a few centimeters away from his neck, Jonathan glared
at Stellario. “Even though you’re weakened, you’re still trying to kill me. Can’t you give it a rest?”

He snatched the dagger and glimpsed at it. Hmm, a black blade. I wonder what material it’s made from.
Even though it’s only as big as my palm, it weighs around twenty kilograms. It’s quite heavy. I can see a
string of symbols near its hilt, but I don’t know what it means. “This dagger’s pretty good. It’s perfect for
cutting fruits.”

As Jonathan smirked, he kept the dagger inside his storage ring.

“Huh? A fight’s a fight! You’re crossing a line by stealing my weapon!” exclaimed Stellario.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan slapped Stellario’s head. “Why are you shouting? If you do it again, I’ll
seal your mouth shut! I’ll do it, you know!”

“I don’t believe you! I dare you to release me and have a proper battle with me! Do you think I won’t—”
Before Stellario could finish his sentence, his mouth and nose were sealed shut by an invisible ribbon.

It was created from Jonathan’s spiritual energy.

“Since you’re a God Realm cultivator, you can hold your breath for a short while. Don’t make any
sound. You won’t die.” As Jonathan spoke, he used spiritual energy to turn Stellario around.

“Do you see the cloud of bugs over there?” He pointed at the peak of the mountain in front of them.

A black cloud of bugs was pouring down the mountain like a flood.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore. Let’s discuss the collaboration between us. It’s very
simple, really. We’ll form a temporary alliance in this small world until we leave. If you agree, I’ll release
you right now. It’s fine if you don’t. After all, your family specializes in bugs. I’ll leave it up to you to deal
with a sea of them. I have faith in you!” While speaking, Jonathan patted Stellario’s shoulder twice

The spiritual energy binding Stellario instantly disappeared.

After stretching his limbs a little, Stellario scowled at Jonathan. “You motherf*cker! It’s not like we can
escape by this point! We’ll die together!”

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