Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1202

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Although the simple map did not explain the history of the black insects, the fact that they made Mount
of No Return famous meant something was unusual about them.

In the meantime, the frightened green wolf Jonathan rode dashed into the distance.

Meanwhile, the figure behind him sped up.

“D*mn it! Wait till I find a way to deal with you guys. I’m going to kill all of you!”

Following the string of curses, a figure dashed past Jonathan.


Jonathan was astonished to find out who the person was.

Upon closer inspection, he realized the newcomer was the one who was attracting the insects.

Never did Jonathan expect it to be Stellario of the Mallory family.

Then again, it made sense. After all, the Mallory family of Yorksland were the experts in manipulating
insects and parasites.

It was absolutely plausible that Jonathan met someone from the family here.

What shocked Jonathan was not Stellario’s presence but the latter’s speed.

Even though Jonathan never fought Stellario in the outside world, the former was given the title of the
top cultivator in the Divine Realm for a reason.

The small world had restrained Jonathan’s abilities greatly, making him slower than the green wolf.

Yet Stellario, who was running on his own two legs, managed to not only catch up with Jonathan but
also leave him behind.

What technique is this dude using? This is ridiculous!

Already running ahead of Jonathan, Stellario turned around and scoffed, “Hah! So you’re the slowpoke!
Weren’t you being ruthless before you came in? Look at you now. Can’t do that anymore, huh? You’re
going to die!”

Stellario decelerated and kept a distance of ten meters off to the side of Jonathan, laughing.

The man’s fake laughter puzzled Jonathan.

“I say, Stellario, isn’t your family the expert in rearing parasites? There’s no insect in the whole of
Yorksland, and even in this world, that you guys can’t take control of. What’s up with you today? Aren’t
you embarrassed about getting chased by these insects?”

Immediately after that, Stellario leaped and shouted, “Let me show you something!”

As he maintained his position mid-air, he stretched out his right arm, revealing a black spear that he
thrust toward Jonathan.

“F*ck you!”

Jonathan stepped on the green wolf and launched himself into the air.

With a spurt of blood, the black spear slashed across the green wolf’s back.

For a wolf that was more than ten meters long, a wound that was barely a foot long was nothing.

Just as Jonathan returned to the wolf’s back again, Seboxia’s voice rang out faintly. “The wolf can’t
hold on any longer. Run!”

Seboxia was residing in Jonathan’s body.

Even though Seboxia might have unknown intentions toward Jonathan, the two were interdependent.
The former would never lie when it came to life-and-death situations.

Besides that, after spending a prolonged time with Seboxia, Jonathan grew to trust the former greatly.

That was why Jonathan leaped again without hesitation when he heard Seboxia’s warning. The former
then landed on the mountain and charged forward.

In the meantime, the green wolf behind him turned into an afterimage as it darted past him.

Seboxia lied to me?

There was a hint of doubt in Jonathan’s eyes as he stared at the unharmed wolf.

In the next instant, however, the wolf that leaped into the air let out a howl and slammed hard into an
old tree up ahead.

Jonathan felt a chill run down his spine as he ran past the green wolf.

The wound on the spirit animal’s back was completely black, and black insects that looked like
mosquitos were flying out of its nose.

It’s the spear! Stellario poisoned the wolf.

The spear was the only thing that tied Stellario to the situation.

The Mallory family had an incredible amount of tricks up their sleeves that no one could ever see them
all coming.

I’ve got to be more careful of Stellario.

While Jonathan ran with all his might, Seboxia, who had been hiding in the coffin, could not help but
say, “You can’t outrun the black insects. There are only two options now. You can either unleash a
technique to enter the ground or let me provide you with my life source so you can use your abilities
without suffering from any loss.”

The suggestions Seboxia provided were honest. Under normal circumstances, Jonathan would choose
to dive into the earth to take shelter from the insects without a doubt.

However, Jonathan was lost, and the whole of Yannopolis—or even the entire small world—seemed to
be against outsiders.

Their only way to find a way out was to find Joshua or enter the heart of Yannopolis.

All of that required corresponding abilities.

Although Asura’s Office was an enemy of the eight respectable families and the people of Remdik such
as Ivanov in the outside world, they were all driven by the same interests in the small world.

Outsiders needed to work together.

“Seboxia, lend me some life force, and I need you to help me capture Stellario if possible.”


Seboxia was cunning enough to know what Jonathan was thinking without needing the latter to spell
everything out.

In an instant, Jonathan felt a chill in his abdomen.

Using his inner vision, he saw the lid of the coffin in his elixir field was slightly open.

Streams of life force as thin as hair spilled from the coffin and into his elixir field before being distributed
to the rest of his body.

As soon as he received the life force, his speed spiked.

Every time his foot landed on the ground, blood mists would explode under his feet.

That was the consequence of pushing the body to its limits. If it were an ordinary person, they would be
dead after a few steps, and their soles would turn to mush.

Thanks to Seboxia’s life force, Jonathan did not have to worry about those consequences.

Every time he lifted his leg, the life force would heal the wounds.

Leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind, Jonathan charged forward.

“Keep running, Stellario! I’m going to beat you to death!”

While Stellario was running, he heard maniacal laughter coming from behind him.

Puzzled, Stellario turned around to find Jonathan, who was initially far behind him, less than thirty
meters away.

“What the f*ck! Did you take some kind of pill or something? How are you able to run so fast? That’s
too crazy!”

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