Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1201

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The Legendary Man -Thanks to the Outer City’s envoy, Jonathan had confirmed the
escapee as Hayden.

Hence, Jonathan instinctively believed Joshua was the person who was captured and rid of his

That man’s ancestors came from this small world. Regardless of who they were, Jonathan strongly
believed Joshua was their key to leaving this place.

Since that was the case, there was no avoiding it. Jonathan had to save Joshua.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s question, Frank turned toward the village.

“They’ve left… The envoys of Yannopolis travel using demon beasts. You guys won’t be able to catch
up. Besides, Yannopolis has already discovered five outsiders and captured four of them. They’ve
already issued the relevant decrees and announced the reward. All of Outer City’s envoys are making
their way into every village. The wilderness is your last chance. Just kill me and leave. The rest of the
prefects are heading this way already.”

Puzzlement flashed across Jonathan’s eyes as he stared at Frank, who was in agony.

“Why does it sound like you don’t wish for us outsiders to die?”

Frank looked up at Jonathan and stretched his lips to form a faint but miserable smile.

“I really want to know how you people passed through the wilderness to get here…”

“We didn’t come from the wilderness. From what we can see, this is the real wilderness,” said Jonathan

“Someone’s here,” Seboxia informed plainly.

Looking at Frank, Jonathan asked, “Where’s Outer City?”

“My storage ring has a map, but it’s best that you don’t go to the Outer City. It’s total hell. No one gets
out of there other than the envoys—”

Before Frank could finish, Jonathan had already turned around and leaped onto a nearby green wolf.

The demon beasts tamed by the humans were like magical items. As long as one found a way to
control them, they were easy to manipulate.

The cultivators from the outside world had their abilities suppressed in this small world. Hence,
traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles by foot would be exhausting.

For example, the distance from Mountain Village to Upriver Village was a mere three hundred miles,
yet it took Jonathan almost five times the amount of time he would take in the outside world to get from
one point to the other.

“Thank you,” said Jonathan to Frank before using the emerald to urge the wolf to sprint forward.

“You promised! You promised to let me—”

Something glinted in the air, and in the next second, Frank’s head was nailed to the ground.

Moments later, four wolves arrived at the entrance of Upriver Village.

The group was absolutely shocked when they saw the traces of battle.

An elder hopped off his wolf and approached Frank.

“How is he?” the prefect in the lead asked coldly, only to get a shake of the head from the elderly man,
who had straightened himself.

Staring at the three bodies on the ground, the burly man in the lead picked up an emerald and crushed
it in his hand.

“There must be someone who witnessed this. Find out who they are. I want to know what exactly
happened here.”

“Got it!”

With that, the three prefects behind the leader left to carry out the order.

Meanwhile, the muscular man turned around and stared at the mountains outside the village.

“Outsiders… Could the legend be true?”

Jonathan, who was passing through the mountains, was lost.

Frank had undoubtedly announced his possession of a map before dying, but to Jonathan’s surprise, it
was an abstract painting of the one in Upriver Village.

Sitting on the wolf, Jonathan rotated the map impatiently in hopes of finding some kind of landmark.

Sadly, he got nothing out of the map.

After getting out of Upriver Village, he had been heading southeast and then northeast.

The only thing marked on the map and on the path was a mountain called Mount of No Return.

Once Mount of No Return was in view, Jonathan could travel about four hundred miles north to arrive at
an intermediate-level village named Terndoor Village.

The map was beyond simple.

At that moment, Jonathan only had one question in mind. “Which one of these mountains is Mount of
No Return? The people in this small world are just scammers. How am I supposed to know what the
mountain looks like?” Jonathan muttered gloomily.

Seboxia revealed himself and chuckled at the map in Jonathan’s hand.

“Isn’t it written there?”

Jonathan was slightly taken aback to see where Seboxia was pointing.

“Thonk you,” soid Jonothon to Fronk before using the emerold to urge the wolf to sprint forword.

“You promised! You promised to let me—”

Something glinted in the oir, ond in the next second, Fronk’s heod wos noiled to the ground.

Moments loter, four wolves orrived ot the entronce of Upriver Villoge.

The group wos obsolutely shocked when they sow the troces of bottle.

An elder hopped off his wolf ond opprooched Fronk.

“How is he?” the prefect in the leod osked coldly, only to get o shoke of the heod from the elderly mon,
who hod stroightened himself.

Storing ot the three bodies on the ground, the burly mon in the leod picked up on emerold ond crushed
it in his hond.

“There must be someone who witnessed this. Find out who they ore. I wont to know whot exoctly
hoppened here.”

“Got it!”

With thot, the three prefects behind the leoder left to corry out the order.

Meonwhile, the musculor mon turned oround ond stored ot the mountoins outside the villoge.

“Outsiders… Could the legend be true?”

Jonothon, who wos possing through the mountoins, wos lost.

Fronk hod undoubtedly onnounced his possession of o mop before dying, but to Jonothon’s surprise, it
wos on obstroct pointing of the one in Upriver Villoge.

Sitting on the wolf, Jonothon rototed the mop impotiently in hopes of finding some kind of londmork.

Sodly, he got nothing out of the mop.

After getting out of Upriver Villoge, he hod been heoding southeost ond then northeost.

The only thing morked on the mop ond on the poth wos o mountoin colled Mount of No Return.

Once Mount of No Return wos in view, Jonothon could trovel obout four hundred miles north to orrive ot
on intermediote-level villoge nomed Terndoor Villoge.

The mop wos beyond simple.

At thot moment, Jonothon only hod one question in mind. “Which one of these mountoins is Mount of
No Return? The people in this smoll world ore just scommers. How om I supposed to know whot the
mountoin looks like?” Jonothon muttered gloomily.

Seboxio reveoled himself ond chuckled ot the mop in Jonothon’s hond.

“Isn’t it written there?”

Jonothon wos slightly token obock to see where Seboxio wos pointing.

“Mount of No Return—a mountain with black insects living in its mountain stream. When startled, they
fly to the sky and block out the sun. Anyone who accidentally enters it will never get out, hence the
name. Entry is forbidden.”

When Jonathan finished reading it, he turned to Seboxia with a look of helplessness.

“Dude, do you expect me to search every stream here for those black insects?”

“You’ve got the bronze handbell, anyway. You won’t die. Besides, it’s better than being lost,” said
Seboxia, though he looked excited to watch the spectacle unfold.

Jonathan sneered, “You’re made of spiritual energy and have no physical body to become a meal for
whatever beasts are in there. I think you’re more suited to explore the mountains.”

The two bickered while Jonathan urged the wolf to head forward.

Several minutes later, the green wolf stopped on a ridge before carefully retreating.

“What’s going on?”

Sensing the wolf’s unusual behavior, Jonathan waved his emerald badge in confusion.

That was a badge to manipulate spirit animals. No matter what Jonathan did to make the wolf move, it
would not take a single step forward. It only kept retreating.

In fact, the spirit animal made deep growls while it kept its head low. Judging by its behavior, it would
have fled if Jonathan did not keep urging it forward with the badge.

Sensing the green wolf’s fear, Jonathan looked up and stared into the distance.

A flock of unknown bird species was rising from the mountains ahead and into the sky.

Following that, a figure climbed up the ridge and rushed toward Jonathan.

At the same time, streaks of black mist swayed in the wind but did not rise with it. Rather, they followed
the mountain peaks and drifted down the hillside.

“What the f*ck?”

Jonathan slowly lifted the map and read the notes on Mount of No Return.

That’s not just some black mist. That’s a swarm of insects!

“Seboxia, we found Mount of No Return!” hissed Jonathan softly.

In the next second, he placed the bronze handbell on his head and poured his spirit energy into the
spirit animal badge.


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