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Chapter 1200

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The Legendary Man -As prefects, the three of them held the most authority in the village.

Taking Frank as an example, he had killed a villager in front of tens of other men, but no one dared to
show him any disapproval.

Consequently, the presence of three prefects terrified the villagers even further, causing them to
disperse without any resistance.

The three of them had only one goal now—to capture Jonathan and claim credit for it.

That was also why Frank didn’t call for help upon detecting Jonathan’s presence.

The first reason was that they had managed to capture Vicador and Hayden easily.

Due to the huge difference in concentration of spiritual energy within and without the small world, a
cultivator from the small world would be significantly stronger than one of the same cultivation level
from outside.

As a result, Frank felt that he could eliminate Jonathan by himself.

The second reason was the reward offered by Outer City of Yannopolis.

Every year, the envoys of Outer City would recruit cultivators from various villages, but the vacancies
available were extremely limited.

The selection process was so competitive that a prefect from a medium-sized village like Upriver
Village didn’t stand a good chance of being picked at all.

As a result, if news of Jonathan’s arrival got out and the other prefects arrived to capture him together,
Frank’s chances of being chosen as an envoy of Yannopolis would drastically decrease.

That was also why the two prefects who subsequently arrived made the same decision as Frank.

Since Jonathan was a formidable opponent, they figured that their combined efforts would be enough
to bring him in, and there was no need to get others involved.

They were well aware of what it meant for the credit to be split three ways instead of among ten other
prefects. Yet little did they know that their greed would become the very reason for their undoing.

Meanwhile, a small blade of grass began gradually sprouting out of the ground.

It might be doing so slowly, but its progress was still visible to the naked eye.

Along the corner of the deep crater formed by the exploding green wolf, the grass grew to the height of
half an adult human within a short while.

During that period, the empty space around Upriver Village’s entrance was suddenly filled with lush

“What’s going on?”

When the two recently-arrived prefects looked at Frank, all they saw was a clueless expression on his
face. Evidently, he had yet to sense the impending danger.

The next moment, the ground began to churn as Jonathan’s figure gradually rose up from the crater
before settling down on the surface.

“My fellow cultivators, it seems that fate has brought us together!” Jonathan remarked with a slight
smile as he scanned the three prefects.

Staring blankly at Jonathan, Frank shouted, “Isn’t that—”

Before he could finish, the grass at his feet suddenly wrapped around his legs and seemingly turned
into sharp knives.

As blood spewed into the air, Frank stomped on the ground to leap into the air.

“On top of you!” the prefect opposite him shouted while pointing above his head.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to react.

“Down with you!”

Upon hearing a cold snort, Frank felt as though his shoulder had been shattered to pieces. Before he
realized what was going on, he turned into an afterimage as he slammed onto the ground.

Despite spewing out huge amounts of blood from his mouth and nose, he didn’t dare remain in the
same spot.

With his right shoulder broken, Frank intended to flee by using his left hand.

However, two blades of grass drifted past him and caused him to collapse helplessly onto the ground.

As for his left arm, it was already cut into three pieces.

Meanwhile, a figure dropped down from the air and pierced a long sword into Frank. With the sword tip
bursting out from right above his abdomen, Frank was essentially nailed to the ground.

Staring at himself from afar, Jonathan let out a chuckle.

“Seboxia, that transfiguration of yours is pretty cool!”

Standing at the edge of the crater, Seboxia gave Jonathan a calm look before a shift of his body
transformed him back to his original form of a bald monk in a white robe.

“There’s two more of them. Let’s see if you’re faster than I am.”

No sooner had Seboxia spoken than his body reappeared more than ten meters ahead.

In response, Jonathan formed a seal with both his hands and emerged right beside Seboxia, covering
more than twenty meters with a gentle tap of his feet.

“Call for backup!”

Watching Seboxia and Jonathan charge at them, one of the prefects realized that they had messed
with the wrong people.

Unfortunately, the epiphany came too late.

With a gentle tap of Seboxia’s foot, a green flash of light filtered into the ground below. Massive vines
began to burst out of the ground and flew toward the prefects as if they had taken on a life of their own.

The next moment, the ground begon to churn os Jonothon’s figure groduolly rose up from the croter
before settling down on the surfoce.

“My fellow cultivotors, it seems thot fote hos brought us together!” Jonothon remorked with o slight
smile os he sconned the three prefects.

Storing blonkly ot Jonothon, Fronk shouted, “Isn’t thot—”

Before he could finish, the gross ot his feet suddenly wropped oround his legs ond seemingly turned
into shorp knives.

As blood spewed into the oir, Fronk stomped on the ground to leop into the oir.

“On top of you!” the prefect opposite him shouted while pointing obove his heod.

Unfortunotely, it wos too lote for him to reoct.

“Down with you!”

Upon heoring o cold snort, Fronk felt os though his shoulder hod been shottered to pieces. Before he
reolized whot wos going on, he turned into on ofterimoge os he slommed onto the ground.

Despite spewing out huge omounts of blood from his mouth ond nose, he didn’t dore remoin in the
some spot.

With his right shoulder broken, Fronk intended to flee by using his left hond.

However, two blodes of gross drifted post him ond coused him to collopse helplessly onto the ground.

As for his left orm, it wos olreody cut into three pieces.

Meonwhile, o figure dropped down from the oir ond pierced o long sword into Fronk. With the sword tip
bursting out from right obove his obdomen, Fronk wos essentiolly noiled to the ground.

Storing ot himself from ofor, Jonothon let out o chuckle.

“Seboxio, thot tronsfigurotion of yours is pretty cool!”

Stonding ot the edge of the croter, Seboxio gove Jonothon o colm look before o shift of his body
tronsformed him bock to his originol form of o bold monk in o white robe.

“There’s two more of them. Let’s see if you’re foster thon I om.”

No sooner hod Seboxio spoken thon his body reoppeored more thon ten meters oheod.

In response, Jonothon formed o seol with both his honds ond emerged right beside Seboxio, covering
more thon twenty meters with o gentle top of his feet.

“Coll for bockup!”

Wotching Seboxio ond Jonothon chorge ot them, one of the prefects reolized thot they hod messed
with the wrong people.

Unfortunotely, the epiphony come too lote.

With o gentle top of Seboxio’s foot, o green flosh of light filtered into the ground below. Mossive vines
begon to burst out of the ground ond flew toword the prefects os if they hod token on o life of their own.

As for Jonathan, his method lacked any fanfare. He simply drew Heaven Sword and thrust it in the
direction of his enemies.

Instead of containing any particular technique, the attack was filled with loopholes. Yet when one of the
prefects thrust his spear right between Jonathan’s eyes, Jonathan dodged slightly to the side with a
grin on his lips.

“Earth Shrinking Technique!”

Above the ground, rays of purple light shot into the air.

The distance of more than ten meters between them was shrunk to half a meter amidst the dazzling

As the spear whistled passed Jonathan’s ear, he plunged Heaven Sword through the armor of the
enemy cultivator.

At the same time, an agonized howl rang out beside them.

When Jonathan turned to look, he was greeted by Seboxia walking toward him with his hands pressed

Following behind him was a creeping vine that had pierced through the other prefect, whose body was
shriveling at a rapid pace.

“I’ve lost. You can have him.”

Jonathan threw the cultivator—who was still alive—at Seboxia’s feet.

Without any hesitation, Seboxia grabbed the man by his face and absorbed his life force.

“The life force of those living in the small world is significantly more potent than those outside,” Seboxia
remarked after throwing the shriveled corpse aside.

Then, he turned to stare at the distant Frank, seemingly still unsatisfied.

Meanwhile, Jonathan pointed at the ground and curled his finger gently, summoning from the ground a
chessboard that was the size of his palm.

“I still have some use for him. You can kill him later.”

Jonathan leaped to Frank’s side and kneeled down beside him.

“I have a question for you. Answer me, and I’ll give you a quick death.”

Frank’s right shoulder was shattered while his left arm had been cut off. With his elixir field pierced
through by a long sword, he had undoubtedly become a cripple.

In such a state, he would choose to kill himself even if Jonathan decided to let him go, as he had
committed many wicked deeds during his years as a prefect.

Torment would be the only thing waiting for him in life now that he had lost his cultivation.

“Go on. I’ll tell you everything that I know.”

Frank was sprawled on the ground, his eyes showing a sense of calm acceptance instead of the fear of

“I heard that you have captured an outsider. Where is he?”

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