Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1196

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Although the Yannopolis envoy had not mentioned Hayden’s name, from his description, Jonathan was
almost certain that the one who escaped was Hayden.

Although they were all outsiders and Hayden wouldn’t be the only one to have a sniper rifle, the
identical missile that the escapee possessed was proof that it was Hayden.

After all, the missiles that Jonathan had were not readily available for purchase anywhere.

Instead, it was retrieved from the weapons arsenal of the Eastern Army’s long-range strike units. It was
a newly developed armament, and its specific model had not yet been publicly disclosed.

Before entering the small world, Jonathan had only given the missiles to Hayden and Joshua.

If the escapee had bombs and a sniper rifle as well, then it surely had to be Hayden.

Both Joshua and Hayden had entered the chaos portal first. If Hayden was the one who escaped the
envoys, then the one who was captured was highly likely Joshua.

Seboxia looked at Jonathan with a frown.

He was in the middle of preaching Seboxiasm to the villagers, so he was clearly unhappy about
Jonathan’s interruption.

“Save them? Save who?” Seboxia queried in confoundment.

“Joshua and Hayden,” Jonathan said as he used his spiritual energy to pull Greyson over.

“Lead the way now. We’re heading to Upriver Village as quickly as possible.”

Just as those words were out of Jonathan’s mouth, someone gripped his shoulders.

Turning around, he realized Seboxia was standing behind him with his hands clasped together before
his chest.

Jonathan realized that the spiritual energy restraint on his shoulders was from Seboxia, so he
questioned, “What are you trying to do, Seboxia?”

Seboxia shook his head.

“I’ve seen Joshua and Hayden on River Onxy’s battlefield before. One doesn’t have a stable cultivation
base, and the other is a scheming man who even I’m wary of. However, their capabilities are merely
mediocre here in the small world. In fact, in the face of Yannopolis, they are as powerful as wriggling
worms. I don’t understand why you’d risk your life to save people like them. I want an explanation from
you,” Seboxia said to Jonathan, his confusion visible in his eyes.

Jonathan stared at Seboxia, baffled for a second, before recalling something.

“Oh right, you lost consciousness after the Lightning Tribulation.”

After recollecting his thoughts, Jonathan continued, “Let me summarize it for you. This small world is
the Whitley family’s ancestral land. Over two thousand years ago, the Whitley family’s forefathers left
this place. Hence, it’s very likely Joshua has a way to leave here. Perhaps we won’t need to fight
Yannopolis after all.”

“Let’s go.”

Without saying anything else, Seboxia channeled his spiritual energy to grab Greyson and dash toward
the northeast.

However, Jonathan glanced at Clinton and reminded him, “Remember what Seboxia said. You have to
work hard on the cultivation. No slacking off.”

Once the two men were gone, the Mountain Village villagers bowed and thanked them again.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Hayden was lying in wait in an ancient tree deep in the mountains.

In his hand was a palm-sized triangular formation plate that spun non-stop.

That was a miniature masking array. With it in his hand, he would be able to minimize his spiritual
energy’s fluctuation.

Above him, the shrill bird-like cry of a beast sounded out, scaring the rest of the animals in the woods.

Hayden held his breath and concentrated on his senses to adjust the intensity of his spiritual energy.

This was his third day in the small world and the third day of him running for his life.

Before entering the small world, Joshua had promised him that he would not mistreat Hayden and the
Zink family once he retrieved the Whitley family’s inheritance.

Hayden thought that he would be able to have a leisure trip in the small world with Joshua, enjoying the
scenery while they looked for the inheritance. After that, they would then make a grand return.

While the Whitley family returned to its former glory, Hayden would be able to make the Zink family a
true member of The Untouchables.

Even if the Zink family was going to rely on the Whitley family to survive in the future, they would still be
on the top. He would have his name written down in the history of Chanaean cultivation.

The mere thought of that excited him.

Alas, it was all Hayden’s fantasies. Reality was much more cruel.

The moment he entered the small world, he had landed by the edge of a river.

Before he could figure out where he was, a giant demon beast that looked like an alligator started
attacking him frenziedly.

In his panic, Hayden fled into the woods, but just as he lost the alligator-looking demon beast, he was
targeted by a huge snake dozens of meters long.

After a day of running, Hayden finally bumped into the first person he met in the small world.

It was none other than Vicador, the general of the Remdikian Southern Army.

The two were enemies during the River Onxy battle, but when they met in the unfamiliar small world,
they felt as if they had met kindred spirits.

The two of them began helping each other out and traveling together. On the morning of the third day,
they finally came across a town with human activity.
That place was Upriver Village.
Like Jonathan and Seboxia, the people in Upriver Village assumed that Vicador and Hayden were
envoys from Yannopolis, so they were extremely respectful and polite toward them.
Unfortunately, they were not as lucky as Jonathan and Seboxia. They soon encountered a team of
patrolling envoys.
When the fourteen God Realm cultivators made their moves, they easily gained the upper hand.
In no time, the two were surrounded by the envoys. Vicador resisted to the best of his ability, and he
ended up having his cultivation destroyed by the envoys.
On the other hand, Hayden was slyer. When he realized that he could not defeat them, he quickly
humbled his demeanor and offered them treasures in exchange for mercy.
Of course, what he offered was the missile.
Once he grievously injured a few envoys, he swiftly escaped Upriver Village.

Now, he was trying to avoid the envoys.
Above him, a dark silhouette flew across the sky in an arc.
Hayden looked at the sky through the foliage of the trees and saw a figure with a spear on the top of
the flying beast.
As the two of them were close, Hayden could even sense the other person’s spiritual sense washing
past him.
Hayden did not dare to move an inch.
All he could do was have faith in the masking array in his hand.
Only when the spiritual sense was gone did Hayden slowly let out a sigh of relief.
I guess they didn’t notice anything strange.
Right as that thought formed in his mind, he heard the sounds of demon beasts running toward him
from three different directions.

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