Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1195

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Jonathan watched the kneeling villagers around him with a frown.

If the chaos portal was located where he guessed it was—at Yannopolis—then the only way he could
leave this place was to enter the city.

Furthermore, with Mountain Village’s current state and the impression he got about Yannopolis’ chief
from the envoy, it seemed like the only way outsiders like them could enter Yannopolis was to fight their
way there.

If a battle were to break out, the chances of them losing were high, for they had less than two hundred

What Seboxia was doing was formulating his backup plan.

If the oppressed villagers of the hundred and eight villages in the small world could become God Realm
cultivators, then they would have over a million God Realm cultivators. Not even valkyries would pose a
problem for them, let alone Yannopolis.

They had entered the village together, but Seboxia had turned into the villagers’ spiritual leader in the
blink of an eye. It seemed ridiculous to Jonathan.

Seeing the way Seboxia was preaching Seboxiasm, Jonathan scoffed and walked over to Yannopolis’

“Say, mister. Still trying to escape?” Jonathan muttered before snatching a small bag from the other
cultivator. “Oh my. You even have a storage bag here. What a rare thing to come across.”

As he held the storage bag with one hand, he forcibly dispersed the spiritual sense on it before
reaching in to scour through the bag.

In the next second, Jonathan widened his eyes.

As it turned out, the average-looking storage bag had another three storage rings in it.

A storage magical item like storage rings could not be kept within another storage magical item due to
the limits of arcane arrays.

Previously, when Jonathan was still at Remdik’s Eastern War Zone, he had obtained an emerald badge
belt that a Team Alpha member had hidden on their waist after killing Antoine.

Every emerald on that belt was a gigantic storage space that contained ten storage rings each.

In his cultivation journey thus far, Jonathan had only encountered a special storage magical item like
that once.

After that, Jonathan had dismantled the emerald badges and distributed them to various warzones to
be used as strategic magical items.

Although magical items like those bore neither offensive nor defensive capabilities, they were excellent
utility items.

A good example of its use would be in the River Onxy’s battle.

If they had done their logistics transportation the traditional way, their transportation route would have
been exposed to Remdik’s satellites, and they would have been at a high risk of getting struck by
Remdik’s missiles due to the long distance between Harfush and Doveston.

However, with the storage magical items Jonathan had gained, Asura’s Office’s members only needed
to put the required resources in them and take a flight to their destination.

Even if they encountered bad weather or were heading toward places where no vehicles could reach,
cultivators could continue bringing the resources in that storage magical item toward their destination.

It was an extremely efficient way to transport their resources.

A while back, Jonathan had been stumped about how he could promote these items on a large scale.

To his surprise, he was now bumping into another magical item of a similar caliber.

“Hey, where did you get this from?”

By then, the envoy’s face was ashen, for his spiritual sense was damaged.

“It’s easy to get. Every envoy in the Outer City has one. If you want one, I can get it for you as long as
you let me go. I’ll get anything for you as long as you let me leave!”

As Jonathan listened to the envoy’s pleas, he hung the storage bag by his waist.

“Didn’t you find outsiders a while back? Where are they?”

“At Upriver Village!” the envoy blurted out, not daring to keep anything from Jonathan. “There were two.
I stripped one of them. The other escaped, and the rest of the envoys are going after the escapee.”

Jonathan’s interest was piqued by that.

“How many envoys work in one team? I’m surprised two outsiders managed to escape you.”

When Jonathan asked those questions, he thought that the envoys had encountered Divine Realm
cultivators from the outside world.

However, the response that left the envoy’s mouth made Jonathan jump to his feet in surprise.

“We usually work in teams of over a dozen members every time. Our number should have been
enough for two God Realm outsiders, but when we surrounded them, the one who escaped took out a
strange magical item,” the envoy said as he gestured in the air. “That item was as tall as a person. It’s
sharp on one end and looks like an arrow’s fletching on the other end. What’s strangest is how that
magical item is capable of detonating midair despite having no spiritual energy fluctuation. It even
explodes with a gigantic ball of light. A few of our envoys were injured by that magical item. We were
caught off guard, and that’s how they ran off.”

Jonathan stared at the envoy with a gaping mouth.

With the envoy’s description, he had realized one thing. That was no magical item.

If it was sharp on one end and equipped with fletching-like wings on the other end, it was definitely not
a magical item.

Jonathan let his spiritual sense sink into his storage ring before waving and summoning a missile as tall
as a person.

“Was this what you saw?”

The second the envoy saw the missile in Jonathan’s hand, he turned pale.

“Why do you have this magical item too? It’s exactly the same!”

In the next second, Jonathan shot out his hand to grab that envoy’s hair.

“Are you sure it’s the exact same thing? Are there no differences at all?”

The envoy had already been frightened out of his wits by then, and he could not help but nod fervently
at Jonathan’s question.

“Yes! I swear they’re identical!”

A glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes. “What does that person look like? Do they have their hair just
past their ears? Are they a cultivator with a magical item that makes really loud noises and can kill from

“Yes, yes, yes! Every time he makes a move, he’ll train that magical item on us—”

“Seboxia, it’s Hayden!”

Before the envoy could finish his sentence, Jonathan was already shouting at Seboxia.

Seboxia immediately came to Jonathan’s side. By then, Jonathan was already slowly lowering the
envoy to the ground.

“The two you captured are our friends. Tell me where the other envoys are, and I’ll let you go,”
Jonathan said as he took out the huge Golden Herb.

The flow of pure spiritual energy on it made the envoy stiffen.

“Before… Before I came to Mountain Village, they were at Upriver Village. However, as a few of them
are injured, they might already be on their way back to Outer City.”

Hearing that, Jonathan turned to Greyson.

“Do you know where Upriver Village is located?”

“I do. It’s three hundred miles northeast,” Greyson answered, standing up.

The envoy then cast a pleading look at Jonathan.

“I’ve told you everything, so can you please let me go—”


It was the sound accompanied by Jonathan’s action of stabbing his Heaven Sword into the envoy’s

“Seboxia, we need to save them!”

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