Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1194

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As Clinton knelt on the ground, Jonathan’s gaze narrowed, but he remained silent.

Based on the reactions of the Mountain Village villagers and the envoy’s description of Yannopolis,
Jonathan had a general understanding of the structure of this small world.

Yannopolis stood at the center, with one hundred and eight villages forming the periphery. In the
middle, the two Outer Cities were divided into the north and south regions.

The city layout, especially the arrangement of the thirty-six intermediate villages and seventy-two
lower-level villages, was incredibly effective. It was even comparable to modern corporate
management models.

Whether it was the exchange of cultivators between the north and south regions or the layout of the
intermediate villages, everything seemed to be a way for Yannopolis to redirect the animosity.

The exchange of cultivators between the north and south regions caused pressure on the villages
below them, and the “collective punishment” system caused the intermediate villages to bear the
consequences of the mistakes made by lower-level villages. This, in turn, caused the intermediate
villages to put a constant source of pressure on the seventy-two lower-level villages, ensuring they
wouldn’t dare to act out of line.

The lower-level villages resented the intermediate villages, the intermediate villages feared the envoys
from the Outer Cities, and all the envoys from the Outer Cities were nothing more than lackeys raised
to follow instructions from the Inner City.

This seemingly simple system was actually a tightly woven web of control.

As the outermost village, Mountain Village had no hope of breaking free from this oppressive system,
even if they rebelled.

They had no hope—absolutely none!

Noticing Jonathan’s silence, Seboxia clasped his hands together and respectfully addressed Clinton.

“Mr. Yorksland, I am curious,” he began. “I observed earlier that within a fifty-meter radius from here,
there are over thirty Grandmaster Realm experts in absolute phase among you. With such a
foundation, it should be a breeze for you guys to break through to God Realm.”

While speaking, Seboxia extended his right hand and made a flipping motion.

“What I’m curious about is why all of you don’t choose to collectively break through to God Realm. Is
Yannopolis so terrifying that even with the collaboration of the dozens of villages around here, there is
no hope of resistance?”

Upon hearing Seboxia’s question, Clinton, his eyes brimming with tears, quickly stood up. “Sir, it’s not
that we lack the courage to resist! It’s just that we have no way to break through to God Realm!” “How
is that possible?” Jonathan exclaimed in surprise, looking at Clinton. “Your cultivation has already
reached a critical threshold. As long as you have a cultivation method, you should be able to—” At this
point, Jonathan froze, and then he suddenly realized what was happening. He nodded his head in
understanding. “I understand now. Yannopolis’ control is so strict that they would have definitely cut off
your access to cultivation methods. You don’t have any cultivation methods above Grandmaster
Realm, do you?” Clinton clenched his fists and reluctantly nodded as he turned to Jonathan. “Several
hundred years ago, every village around here had God Realm cultivators. However, after the wave of
beast attacks three hundred years ago, the God Realm cultivators in the one hundred and eight
villages were all either killed or severely injured. Those who survived were taken away by Yannopolis
under the pretense of getting rewarded, and there have been no God Realm cultivators since then.”
Jonathan felt a heavy weight on his chest upon hearing this. “If I’m guessing correctly, those from
Yannopolis will continue to remove and get rid of your newly emerged God Realm cultivators along with
their cultivation methods, won’t they?” “That’s right!” Clinton’s expression turned grim as he looked at

Jonathan. “In less than fifty years, all the villages have lost the inheritance of God Realm cultivation.
Even if some villages managed to keep something hidden, they realized it too late and couldn’t make a
difference. We have no way to turn the tide!” Seboxia walked forward and waved his hand, sending out
a stream of spiritual energy. He gently lifted Clinton off the ground. “You’ve all suffered greatly. All
beings are born equal and shouldn’t be enslaved,” Seboxia said. Jonathan couldn’t help but feel
puzzled as he took in Seboxia’s compassionate expression. If any other follower of Seboxia had
spoken such words of compassion, he would have dismissed them as brainwashed. However, this was
coming from Seboxia, so it seemed somewhat ridiculous. Who was Seboxia exactly? He was a great
cultivator possessing the Pryncyp of Life, but he had never healed or saved anyone other than
Jonathan. Instead, he had used Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter to absorb the life force of those on
the brink of death for his own use. Seboxia was a ruthless creature capable of killing. He had deceived
even the Heavenly Way with his schemes. Yet here he was, speaking of equality for all sentient beings
in such a sanctimonious manner. Anyone would find it absurd. What is Seboxia up to? The look
Jonathan shot Seboxia became increasingly dark. Nevertheless, he couldn’t figure out a clue however
much he racked his brains. Just then, Seboxia unexpectedly beckoned to Jonathan. In an instant,
Jonathan felt a fluctuation of spiritual energy within his elixir field. With his inner vision, he saw that a
corner of the large coffin within his elixir field had lifted by itself. Within the darkness of the coffin, a
shadow flickered. Before Jonathan could react, the object had already flown out of his elixir field and
landed in Seboxia’s hand.

It was the conversion of illusion into reality!

Jonathan watched Seboxia warily.

Although he had found a way to prevent Seboxia from pulling him into the divine space, and Seboxia
had also lost the protection of the Pryncyp of Life in this small world, Jonathan still couldn’t break free
from Seboxia’s grasp.

The biggest reason for that was the spell of illusion conversion.

Seboxia could place the coffin, which was over ten meters long, into Jonathan’s abdomen. If Jonathan
dared to resist, Seboxia could easily sever him in half by converting the immaterial coffin into reality.

Until now, Jonathan had never come across any records or information about this technique.

Thus, Seboxia still maintained a firm grip on his fate.

Seboxia gripped the black bamboo scroll in his hand.

“Mr. Yorksland, I understand your request. Here’s the first volume of the Book of Seboxiasm. Inside,
you will find cultivation methods that will allow you to break through your current realm. With your
foundation, becoming God Realm cultivators is easily within reach. The accompanying mental
cultivation is equally important and must not be neglected during your cultivation practices. Remember
that,” he said.

As Seboxia spoke, he stuffed the bamboo scroll into Clinton’s hands.


Clinton held the bamboo scroll with both hands and fell to his knees.

“Sir, thank you so much for gifting us this cultivation method. On behalf of the villagers of Mountain
Village, I express our deepest gratitude!”

At that moment, not only Clinton but also the surrounding villagers knelt one after another.

“Sir, thank you for gifting us this method. We express our deepest gratitude!”

The entire Mountain Village was filled with villagers kneeling and loudly proclaiming their thanks. For
these villagers, this wasn’t just a God Realm cultivation method—it was a clear path to survival!

Finally, Jonathan understood Seboxia’s purpose. He is using cultivation methods to win over these

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