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Chapter 1189

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As the three of them strolled along the rocky path, the villagers lined up on both sides, their faces filled
with reverence and respect.

Jonathan made an observation about the villagers’ apparent fascination with their clothes and couldn’t
help but comment on it. “It seems like the people in your village place a lot of importance on our
clothing choices. I wonder how capable the people in Yannopolis must be to instill such fear in you.”

Greyson’s expression changed abruptly when he heard Jonathan’s remark.

He immediately created a spiritual energy shield to ensure their conversation remained private.
Approaching Jonathan, he spoke in hushed tones. “Jon, you can share your thoughts with me, but
please be careful not to let anyone else hear. The residents of Yannopolis are highly capable, and if
you offend them, it could put your life in danger. Please refrain from saying such things again. Even
those of us who overheard your words may be at risk, let alone you.” He emphasized the need for
caution and discretion in his reminder.

After that, he quickly retracted the spirit shield and ran ahead as though something else had caught his

Despite Greyson’s warning, Jonathan, being a young man from the twenty-first century, was afraid of
nothing. He remained unfazed.

“We’re all cultivators here. Why should we be afraid? Even if we can’t defeat them, we have so many
Grandmasters among us. You can kill them by exploding yourselves…”

Suddenly, Jonathan trailed off as something struck him.

He came to a sudden stop and extended his spiritual sense, expanding its reach to encompass a
radius of several dozen meters around Mountain Village.

Grandmaster Realm. They are all in the Grandmaster Realm!

Jonathan’s gaze swept across the village, his eyes widening with surprise.

As he observed the people in Mountain Village, he noticed something peculiar.

While it was not uncommon for the elderly to possess a high cultivation level in this spiritually abundant
small world, what struck him as unusual was the complete absence of any God Realm cultivators.

Despite the numerous Grandmaster Realm cultivators present, the highest level seemed to be capped
at that stage.

“Seboxia, will Pryncyp affect one’s advance to the God Realm?”

“Absolutely not,” Seboxia replied firmly. “There is something deeper at play within this village. With
such a significant number of cultivators in the Grandmaster Realm, it is highly unlikely that none of
them would have advanced to the God Realm if given the opportunity. There must be undisclosed
factors at work here.”

As he spoke, he noticed Greyson returning with some people.

“Jon, Seb, this way!” Greyson called out, gesturing at them both.

“This is our village chief, Clinton Yorksland,” Greyson introduced. “He heard about how you saved
Stellan and wanted to personally express his gratitude.”

Clinton, who stood at a height of around one hundred and seventy-five centimeters, appeared slightly
dwarfed amidst the group of Greyson and the others, creating a somewhat peculiar sight.

With a glint in his eyes, Clinton observed Jonathan and Seboxia before taking a step forward and
bowing respectfully. His left leg extended as he gracefully lowered his upper body, almost touching his

left knee. “Stellan is my grandson, and you two saved his life. You are the saviors of my family. If there
is anything you desire as a reward, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am willing to fulfill your
request, even if it means sacrificing my own life. I only ask that you spare the lives of the other

Despite not knowing the meaning behind Clinton’s bow, Jonathan quickly stepped away.

“Sir, I understand that you are testing me, but I must clarify that I am not from Yannopolis. I come from
a world beyond these mountains, and my only desire is to find a way back home. Please, I insist, get
up,” Jonathan responded respectfully.

He then glanced at Seboxia, indicating the latter to speak.

However, Seboxia merely turned away.

“I have nothing to say to those in the Grandmaster Realms,” he said calmly.

Although Seboxia didn’t display any signs of disrespect, Clinton and the villagers felt a subtle sense of
being looked down upon.

However, the people of Mountain Village didn’t show any overt displeasure and remained composed.

They acted like it was normal and merely showed more respect to Jonathan and Seboxia.

In the consciousness field, Seboxia glanced at Jonathan calmly.

“In many cases, disdain can achieve the desired result more effectively than kindness. This situation is
a prime example.”

In reality, Seboxia stretched his hand out and pointed at midair.

The dense spiritual energy in the surroundings coalesced into a visible white rope, which descended
into Jonathan’s hand.

Seeing that, the villagers surrounding Jonathan synchronously stretched their left leg forward and
bowed deeply, displaying their utmost respect.

Even Greyson and the rest who conversed with Jonathan amicably along the journey also lowered their
heads in fear.

“Stop joking around.” Jonathan gazed at Seboxia in exasperation.

Seboxia approached Clinton and declared, “Look up and answer me.”

“I dare not,” Clinton responded humbly, bowing even deeper. “Sir, please feel free to ask any questions.
The villagers of Mountain Village are committed to fulfilling your demands.”

Seboxia was exasperated to see how obedient Clinton was.

“I have a question for you. Where are the God Realm cultivators in your village? Why aren’t they here
to welcome us?”

Seboxia asked the question with the intent to intimidate the villagers of Mountain Village, but to his
surprise, Clinton’s response was filled with genuine fear.

Trembling profusely, he placed his hands on his forehead and spoke with urgency. “Sir, I swear there
are no God Realm cultivators in Mountain Village. If anyone manages to surpass the Grandmaster
Realm, I would willingly sacrifice myself to atone for my mistake!”

Hearing that, the villagers of Mountain Village placed their hands on their forehead and exclaimed in
unison, “We swear!”

Jonathan gaped in disbelief as he observed the villagers who were gripped with fear.

He could sense how scared they were, as though advancing to the God Realm was a serious crime.

Judging from Clinton’s reply, he realized that these villagers dared not advance to the God Realm
despite being able to do so.

How terrifying must Yannopolis be for it to exert such a suppressive influence on the villagers,
preventing them from advancing to higher realms?

Jonathan was about to ask that question when a sharp bird whistle was heard from afar.

He raised his gaze and witnessed a colossal avian creature soaring toward him, its massive wings
propelling it swiftly through the air.

“It’s a God Realm creature,” Jonathan said coldly, fixing his gaze on the deadly beast that was hovering
above his head.

Right after Jonathan said that, a figure leaped down from the bird and landed on the ground across
from him.

Jonathan’s eyes fixed on the man before him, who donned an unusual ensemble consisting of cloth
shoes, a suit, and a necktie wrapped around his waist.

After landing, the man glanced at the villagers of Mountain Village before fixing his gaze on Jonathan.

“Ha! You must be outsiders, huh?”

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