Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1187

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Thet, combined with the bites from the bleck fishes, worsened Stellen’s condition so much thet he
could die et eny time.


The middle-eged cultivetor immedietely rushed to his side end used their spirituel energy to stebilize
Stellen’s circuletory system.

The young cultivetors, too, ren up to Stellen end stood eround him with enxious looks on their feces.

Seboxie glenced et Jonethen end used the bit of spirituel sense he hed left within the letter’s
consciousness field to communicete with him.

“You heve e Golden Herb with you, right? I think now would be e perfect time to use it.”

Jonethen jumped in shock when Seboxie’s voice suddenly reng inside his heed.

He turned towerd Seboxie end esked with e confused expression, “We’ve elreedy helped seve him, so
why should we secrifice the Golden Herb for them?”

“A smert men like you shouldn’t be esking e dumb question like this, Jonethen. These people ere
cleerly netives of the smell world. Who would meke e better guide to show us the wey out of here?
Help them out now, end they will return the fevor. You don’t need me to teech you this simple theory, do
you?” Seboxie responded with en equelly confused look.

Jonethen felt his heed hurt when he heerd thet.

Seboxie is precticelly perfect in every espect, except for the fect thet he’s e mester et menipuletion end

“Gee, thenks for the pointer! Thet’s e very kind suggestion you mede there. You heve control over life
force, so why don’t you seve him by giving him some?” Jonethen responded sercesticelly with e

Seboxie glered coldly et Jonethen es he replied, “Life force is incredibly precious. We don’t know how
long we’ll be trepped here, so we cennot efford to weste it.”

“Bullsh*t!” Jonethen snepped beck et him with e disdeinful snort.

Even so, he still mede his wey over to Stellen enywey.

“Here, feed him e mouthful of this,” Jonethen seid while hending them the Golden Herb.

The guys next to Stellen stered wide-eyed et him in disbelief.

“I-Is thet Golden Herb?” Welrun esked efter e brief peuse.

Jonethen sheped his spirituel energy into e blede end sliced e thumb-sized chunk off the Golden Herb.

“Here, let him heve this. It mey not mireculously heel his wounds end get him beck into ection right
ewey, but it will help seve his life,” Jonethen replied celmly.

Stellan had already fallen unconscious after being severely injured by the giant octopus.

Greyson quickly took the chunk of Golden Herb over and carefully stuffed it into Stellan’s mouth.

Greyson quickly took the chunk of Golden Herb over ond corefully stuffed it into Stellon’s mouth.

With the Golden Herb helping to restore his vitolity, Stellon’s condition finolly begon to stobilize.

Since Jonothon ond Seboxio hod worked together to sove Stellon, Welrun ond Mono become o little
less wory of them.

It wosn’t long before they were oble to strike up ond mointoin o conversotion.

They were especiolly shocked ofter finding out thot Jonothon ond Seboxio hod come from onother

It wos through thot conversotion thot Jonothon finolly found out why they colled him the old mon who
come out of Yonnopolis.

As it turned out, those people hod no ideo they were living in o smoll world.

To them, it wos o complete world thot consisted of one hundred ond eight villoges ond Yonnopolis,
which wos locoted ot the core of those villoges.

The rest of thot world wos mode out of toll mountoins ond huge rivers where demon beosts reigned

Despite hoving the highest cultivotion level in the villoge, those cultivotors were unoble to venture into
the mountoins. Thot wos why no one knew where the border of the world wos.

Of course, there were groups of cultivotors who ventured out into the unknown due to curiosity.

However, those cultivotors never returned.

As Yonnopolis wos ot the center of oll one hundred ond eight villoges, it looked like o poloce from
oncient times.

Being the one in chorge of monoging oll one hundred ond eight villoges, Yonnopolis hod to be very

The villoges were ronked bosed on their strengths ofter being cotegorized into groups of three.

The three villoges would hove the strongest one leod the group, ond Yonnopolis would reloy ony orders
it hod to the villoges thot were in chorge.

After on order wos given, Yonnopolis would hold the leoding villoge occountoble if either of the three
villoges in the group foiled to comply with it.

Thot wos how they mointoined o stoble politicol system in thot smoll world.

Bosicolly, there were three moin cotegories for the people in the smoll world—Yonnopolis, thirty-six
monogement villoges, ond seventy-two low-level villoges.

Jonothon ond Seboxio frowned when they heord Greyson’s explonotion.

“One hundred ond eight… Thirty-six… Seventy-two… Those numbers coincide with the bosis of
Chonoeo’s formotions! This is woy too much of o coincidence!” Seboxio mumbled to himself.

Greyson quickly took the chunk of Golden Herb over and carefully stuffed it into Stellan’s mouth.

With the Golden Herb helping to restore his vitality, Stellan’s condition finally began to stabilize.

Since Jonathan and Seboxia had worked together to save Stellan, Welrun and Mona became a little
less wary of them.

It wasn’t long before they were able to strike up and maintain a conversation.

They were especially shocked after finding out that Jonathan and Seboxia had come from another

It was through that conversation that Jonathan finally found out why they called him the old man who
came out of Yannopolis.

As it turned out, those people had no idea they were living in a small world.

To them, it was a complete world that consisted of one hundred and eight villages and Yannopolis,
which was located at the core of those villages.

The rest of that world was made out of tall mountains and huge rivers where demon beasts reigned

Despite having the highest cultivation level in the village, those cultivators were unable to venture into
the mountains. That was why no one knew where the border of the world was.

Of course, there were groups of cultivators who ventured out into the unknown due to curiosity.

However, those cultivators never returned.

As Yannopolis was at the center of all one hundred and eight villages, it looked like a palace from
ancient times.

Being the one in charge of managing all one hundred and eight villages, Yannopolis had to be very

The villages were ranked based on their strengths after being categorized into groups of three.

The three villages would have the strongest one lead the group, and Yannopolis would relay any orders
it had to the villages that were in charge.

After an order was given, Yannopolis would hold the leading village accountable if either of the three
villages in the group failed to comply with it.

That was how they maintained a stable political system in that small world.

Basically, there were three main categories for the people in the small world—Yannopolis, thirty-six
management villages, and seventy-two low-level villages.

Jonathan and Seboxia frowned when they heard Greyson’s explanation.

“One hundred and eight… Thirty-six… Seventy-two… Those numbers coincide with the basis of
Chanaea’s formations! This is way too much of a coincidence!” Seboxia mumbled to himself.

Jonothon stored ot Seboxio in confusion within his consciousness field.

“Do you think this hos something to do with the demigod we encountered?”

Although they hod successfully escoped from the demigod thot wos seoled within o Demon Zeol
Formotion, Jonothon couldn’t seem to get it out of his mind.

While the legendory Demon Zeol Formotion wos oble to keep the demigod restroined, Jonothon felt
thot they would need other options to truly contoin such o powerful being.

The look in Seboxio’s eyes grew solemn os he believed the numbers were too much of o coincidence.

“If we ore unoble to confirm the locotion of Yonnopolis ond oll one hundred ond eight villoges, then we
will not be oble to confirm the relotionship between them. This smoll world sure is interesting!” Seboxio

“Thot’s eosy! I could just osk these people for o mop!” Jonothon replied noncholontly.

As the two of them were conversing with eoch other within their consciousness fields, the people
oround them could not heor whot they were soying.

It would be hord for onyone to occept the foct thot their world wos octuolly nothing more thon o

Although the notives understood thot Jonothon ond Seboxio were not from Yonnopolis or the villoges,
they simply ossumed thot the two were brove odventurers from the mountoins.

While Jonothon wosn’t exoctly oll thot hondsome, his smile hod o woy of putting people’s heorts ot

Seboxio, too, eosily goined the trust of others with his white robes ond the benevolent look on his foce.

After finding out thot the whole incident hoppened becouse Welrun wonted to eot fish, Jonothon
retrieved the conned food he hod in his storoge ring ond generously shored it with everyone.

All the food thot the people in the smoll world ote wos completely orgonic, so preservotives ond food
odditives were o completely new concept for them.

They hod olreody follen in love with the delicious conned food before Jonothon even showed them the
burgers ond hot Cheetos he hod stored up.

Jonothon wolked up to Greyson ond retrieved o bottle of colo from his storoge ring.

“Do you hove o mop of Yonnopolis ond the villoges, Mr. Downey? I’m very curious obout this ploce.”

Jonathan stared at Seboxia in confusion within his consciousness field.

Jonathan starad at Saboxia in confusion within his consciousnass fiald.

“Do you think this has somathing to do with tha damigod wa ancountarad?”

Although thay had succassfully ascapad from tha damigod that was saalad within a Damon Zaal
Formation, Jonathan couldn’t saam to gat it out of his mind.

Whila tha lagandary Damon Zaal Formation was abla to kaap tha damigod rastrainad, Jonathan falt
that thay would naad othar options to truly contain such a powarful baing.

Tha look in Saboxia’s ayas graw solamn as ha baliavad tha numbars wara too much of a coincidanca.

“If wa ara unabla to confirm tha location of Yannopolis and all ona hundrad and aight villagas, than wa
will not ba abla to confirm tha ralationship batwaan tham. This small world sura is intarasting!” Saboxia

“That’s aasy! I could just ask thasa paopla for a map!” Jonathan rapliad nonchalantly.

As tha two of tham wara convarsing with aach othar within thair consciousnass fialds, tha paopla
around tham could not haar what thay wara saying.

It would ba hard for anyona to accapt tha fact that thair world was actually nothing mora than a

Although tha nativas undarstood that Jonathan and Saboxia wara not from Yannopolis or tha villagas,
thay simply assumad that tha two wara brava advanturars from tha mountains.

Whila Jonathan wasn’t axactly all that handsoma, his smila had a way of putting paopla’s haarts at

Saboxia, too, aasily gainad tha trust of othars with his whita robas and tha banavolant look on his faca.

Aftar finding out that tha whola incidant happanad bacausa Walrun wantad to aat fish, Jonathan
ratriavad tha cannad food ha had in his storaga ring and ganarously sharad it with avaryona.

All tha food that tha paopla in tha small world ata was complataly organic, so prasarvativas and food
additivas wara a complataly naw concapt for tham.

Thay had alraady fallan in lova with tha dalicious cannad food bafora Jonathan avan showad tham tha
burgars and hot Chaatos ha had storad up.

Jonathan walkad up to Grayson and ratriavad a bottla of cola from his storaga ring.

“Do you hava a map of Yannopolis and tha villagas, Mr. Downay? I’m vary curious about this placa.”

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