Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1192

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A smile was playing on Jonathan’s lips as though he was chatting with an old friend, and he looked
relaxed and casual.

The more he acted that way, the more the villagers regarded him as a monster.

The cultivator who Jonathan had pinned to the ground earlier was consumed by fear.

From the moment he was born, he was an elite presence in that world.

His position might be a lowly guard in Yannopolis, but upon leaving the city limits, the hundred-and-
eight villages treated him like a God.

All those years, he continuously wandered from one village to the next.

Regardless of where he was, he had absolute dignity. He could kill any villagers who treated him with
even the slightest disrespect, let alone disobeyed him.

He never thought he would end up in such a pitiful state.

Fear engulfed him at Jonathan’s cheery expression.

His body quaked, and he lost control over his bladder and bowel movements as he looked up at
Jonathan with reverence.

“I’m sorry, sir… I’ll tell you anything you want to know. I’m only asking you to please spare my life—”


Before he could finish his plea, Jonathan had stomped on his knee with a smile.

“I already said that you’re to answer me only when I asked a question. Have I started asking?”

Jonathan stared down at the man icily.

Extorting a confession was a skill and knowledge in itself. Regardless if the technique used was gentle
or harsh, the final goal was to break the interrogatee’s mind.

Only at that moment would Jonathan believe the cultivator’s words.

The cultivator’s eyes were filled with despair, yet he didn’t dare to make a sound.

Seeing that, Jonathan demanded, “Your name!”

The cultivator answered with trembling lips, “I’m not worthy of a last name, so I only have a first name.
It’s Huga.”

“What’s your job at Yannopolis?” Jonathan asked again.

“I’m a guard in charge of collecting goods from the villages. I have the lowest rank in the military.”

A soldier of the lowest rank has this level of cultivation?

Jonathan pondered briefly before questioning, “How many soldiers are there in Yannopolis? Who’s the
person in charge?”

Seboxia and the surrounding villagers of Mountain Village all perked up their ears to listen.

“I don’t know.”

Nobody expected that answer from the frightened soldier.

The dagger in Jonathan’s hand plunged into the slab between the cultivator’s legs.

“Are you playing games with me? You’re a soldier of Yannopolis, so how is it possible that you don’t
know how many soldiers are in Yannopolis? I’ll cut off your manhood if you continue lying to me.”

The soldier immediately shook his head fervently.

“Have mercy, sir! I really don’t know! Yannopolis is split into Outer City and Inner City. The Outer City is
divided into the northern and southern regions. I come from a village in the northern region along the
border, Leeven Village. Ten years ago, I was taken from there and sent to the southern region of Outer
City to be the lowest of guards. I’ve never taken a step into the Inner City even till now. I really don’t
have an answer to your question!”

Jonathan was stunned by the cultivator’s words and turned to look at Greyson, who knelt not far away.
He then waved his hand gently.

“Greyson, is this person telling the truth?”

Greyson heard Jonathan call his name and immediately shot to his feet and bowed.

“We’re unsure about that, Mr. Goldstein. We’re just a village at the border. No villagers had ever
entered the city before, but there was one thing he said that was true. From time to time, Yannopolis
will dispatch an envoy to each village to recruit a few lucky Grandmasters in the absolute phase. I
heard the Grandmasters are taken to Yannopolis for intensive training. However, no one knows if that’s
true since these Grandmasters never show up again once they leave.”

Greyson had just finished his explanation when the envoy from Yannopolis hurriedly added, “We’re the
ones that were taken away! All one-hundred-and-eight villages are divided into northern and southern
regions by the river. The Yannopolis envoy will recruit cultivators from both regions, then exchange
them via a portal formation in the Outer City. Once achieving a breakthrough to God Realm, they’ll be
assigned as guards to supervise villages in the other region.”

A gist of Yannopolis’ organizational structure formed in Jonathan’s mind at their description.

Inner City and Outer City. Yannopolis is shaped like a target. The cultivators from the northern region
will supervise the southern region and vice versa. After having gone through severe oppression by the
cultivators of the other region, the villagers will surely take revenge against the latter once they become
cultivators themselves. This kind of oppression will foster vengeance in every new envoy. It’s an
endless loop. The authority in Yannopolis doesn’t even need to make a decree. The envoys from the
northern and southern regions can form an oppressive environment among the hundred and eight
villages, preventing the villagers from having thoughts of rebellion. Meanwhile, cutting off all
connections between the Outer City and Inner City can conceal the Inner City’s true abilities. That
unknown is the root of all one hundred and eight villages’ fear.

Jonathan glanced at Seboxia with a grave expression.

“The person in charge seems like a difficult fellow to deal with, regardless of that person’s identity.”

Seboxia answered indifferently, “That’s why we should leave this world as quickly as possible.”

Despite knowing it was hopeless, Jonathan still asked the envoy, “Do you know where the chaos portal

“What chaos portal? I don’t understand.”

Jonathan let out a resigned sigh upon hearing the envoy’s nervous answer.

I thought I had captured a significant figure. Even though I failed to find the location of the chaos portal,
at least I gained a rough understanding of this entire small world’s structure. Yet, it looks like he’s
nothing more than a puppet of Yannopolis, a dispensable character.

Jonathan grabbed the hilt of Heaven Sword and slowly pulled the sword out of the ground.

“I have a feeling that the portal to the outside world lies in the Inner City of Yannopolis, Seboxia.”

Seboxia replied airily, “Let’s hope that’s not the case. It’ll be troublesome otherwise.”

“There’s nothing troublesome about it.”

Jonathan beckoned his finger to summon the dagger on the ground.

“If the portal truly lies within the Inner City, we can just band together with the other cultivators that
came here with us. With dozens of Divine Realm cultivators and a hundred over God Realm cultivators,
the odds look pretty good no matter the location.”

Seboxia shot Jonathan a glance and pointed at the surrounding Mountain Village villagers.

“In this place where any person can become a God Realm cultivator as long as they learned the
cultivation method, what can you do with less than two hundred God Realm cultivators?”

Jonathan laughed.

“Those that aren’t much help can aid us by being cannon fodder. That’s all the help we need!”

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