Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1191

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During the clash earlier, at the same time the weapon broke, Jonathan clearly felt the malevolent aura
within his opponent’s blade.

Surprisingly, that thing had a powerful inhibiting effect on weapons.

However, now that he was using Heaven Sword, he didn’t believe the other party’s blade could still hold
him back.

The opposing cultivator also fathomed Jonathan wasn’t easy to deal with. He wielded his knife and
stared at Jonathan and Seboxia warily, then discreetly fished out an emerald badge and crushed it in
his hand.

“It’s a communication emerald!” Welrun, the youngest among the group, exclaimed.

However, right after he finished saying that, Clinton, standing beside Welrun, covered the latter’s

Seboxia stepped forward, rubbing his hands together, and a sliver of life force emanated from the
spiritual beads in his palms, dissolving into the air and enveloping the space ahead of them.

Seemingly having sensed something, the envoy from Yannopolis stared at Seboxia fearfully, his eyes
brimming with terror. “Y-You are…”

“Don’t get distracted during a fight!” Jonathan bellowed.

Wielding Heaven Sword, he rapidly traversed a distance of thirty meters and appeared next to the

The cultivator was startled. He instinctively reached out to parry the incoming attack with his knife.

However, there was simply no way the envoy’s weapon could defend against the sharpness of Heaven

The blood-stained long sword was broken in two, and Heaven Sword pierced the envoy’s right chest
without making a sound.


The envoy from Yannopolis collapsed to the ground, his face contorted with agony. Jonathan crouched
beside his opponent while gripping his sword.

Looking at the blood gushing out continuously from the envoy’s mouth and nostrils, Jonathan pressed
down harder on Heaven Sword.

Blood flowed down the envoy’s suit without stopping as he gritted his teeth and grasped the blade of
Heaven Sword, attempting to push it out.

“You’re still resisting?” Jonathan stood up and lifted his foot to step on the hilt of Heaven Sword.

“Ugh!” the envoy grunted.

Heaven Sword plunged deeper into the ground, pinning the envoy on the floor.

“If you move again, I’ll make sure you suffer a fate worse than death.” Jonathan stared at the envoy
coldly before shifting his attention to Seboxia. “Seboxia, what did you catch?”

At that moment, Seboxia was holding a small, green light orb. Inside the ball of light, waves of ripples
undulated continuously.

Jonathan moved closer. His expression changed slightly when he saw the ripples. “Seboxia, don’t tell
me this is Pryncyp?”

“No. Pryncyp cannot be materialized and compressed into a piece of emerald, but this thing seems to
have some form of connection with Rule,” Seboxia replied indifferently.

At that point, Seboxia paused and looked up at the sky.

It was daytime, and the sky was filled with gentle and warm sunlight, much like the weather in
Doveston in April or May, which was not too cold or dry. Everything was just right.

However, strangely, the small world had no sun, moon, or stars in the sky during daytime or nighttime.

Seboxia gazed skyward for a long time before turning to Jonathan and speaking again. “Although this
small world doesn’t possess Heavenly Pryncyp like the outside world, it has day and night and can host
the survival of living organisms. Flowers and trees can flourish here, and demon race and human
cultivators are also able to live and reproduce in this place. Hence, there must also be certain Rules
operating in this small world, and this light orb is one of the very peripheral applications of the Rules.”

Jonathan slightly furrowed his brows after listening to that. Even though Seboxia didn’t elaborate,
Jonathan understood what he meant.

Jonathan had previously discussed many peculiarities of the small world with Seboxia, and one of them
was the lack of Pryncyp.

That resulted in Seboxia being able to move around outside by transfiguring into a spiritual energy form
without having to endure the risk of getting eliminated by Pryncyp.

At the same time, the lack of Pryncyp also signified Divine Realm cultivators couldn’t exist in the small

That was the primary reason Jonathan and Seboxia dared to act so brazenly.

Without Divine Realm, no one could harness the power of Pryncyp.

As long as they weren’t surrounded by a large group of enemies, the party consisting of Jonathan and
Seboxia could pretty much do as they pleased in the small world.

However, at that moment, Seboxia had discovered that the people in the small world had actually
devised a method to utilize the Rules within the small world.

Jonathan reckoned that was definitely not a good sign. Indeed, no one should be underestimated even
if they come from a small world that is completely isolated from the outside world. Although their
technology is not as advanced as the outside world, as a member of this small world, these people
have never stopped exploring their surroundings.

Theoretically, a small world was a perfect space within a formation established by special methods
after resisting the power of Heavenly Pryncyp.

Hence, the framework of the space must be made up of some extremely important Rules, which
formed the basis for the continued existence of the small world.

The manipulation of these Rules was similar to how a hacker acquired the authority of an administrator
of a program.

Being able to put the small world’s Rules to use within that space was actually another form of Pryncyp

Seboxia focused on sensing the energy fluctuation within the life force with all seriousness. Then, he
clenched his right hand and destroyed that power.

“It looks like we need to practice caution in the future,” he uttered nonchalantly.

Jonathan nodded solemnly in response.

After all, that information was crucial to them.

If they hadn’t met the cultivator from Yannopolis, the two would have continued exploring the small
world, overly confident and full of themselves, which would’ve been truly dangerous.

Jonathan turned to look at the cultivator, who was pinned to the ground.

He walked up to the latter and squatted down while wearing a smile. “Brat, you’re going to answer my
every question. Let’s not waste each other’s time, all right?”

“You’re courting death!” the envoy from Yannopolis said while coughing up blood. “Are you aware that
harming me means you’re waging war against Yannopolis—”

Blood splattered everywhere as Jonathan punched the envoy’s face without hesitation, causing him to
pass out.

Noticing the shattered bluestone on the ground, Jonathan grabbed the envoy’s head by his hair and
roused him awake using spiritual energy.


The envoy spewed a mouthful of blood and even spat out a dozen teeth. “Why aren’t you lowly
villagers helping me kill the two of them? If you don’t take action, I’ll have the soldiers from Yannopolis

While threatening the villagers of Mountain Village, he noticed Jonathan’s slightly raised left arm. When
he paused in his speech, the envoy saw Jonathan was already wielding a razor-sharp dagger.

“W-What are you doing?” the cultivator asked in horror.

Jonathan smiled at the cultivator. “It’s nothing. You can keep talking. I just want to retrieve something.”

As he responded casually, Jonathan brought down his left arm with all his might, plunging the dagger
into the ground and cutting off the cultivator’s middle finger.

He then removed the black ring from the severed finger. “It’s all right. You can go on.”

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