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Chapter 1190

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Witnessing the man’s evident arrogance, Jonathan and Seboxia exchanged knowing smiles.

“I bet this cultivator is from Yannopolis,” Jonathan announced cheerfully.

Seboxia glanced at the strangely dressed cultivator and pressed his palms together.

“Sir, I can sense that we are fated. Can you approach me so we can talk?”

Those who knew Seboxia well would immediately turn away and run upon hearing his words.

Alas, the cultivator in front of them didn’t know anything about Seboxia.

As Jonathan and Seboxia showed no fear toward him, he pulled out a long sword tainted with blood.

“I must be incredibly fortunate today. Not only did I manage to apprehend a God Realm cultivator from
outside, but now I have come across two more God Realm cultivators. It seems that the time has come
for me to make a significant contribution—”


Before the God Realm cultivator could finish his sentence, a sudden gust of wind kicked up clouds of
dust, enveloping the entire street.

The villagers from Mountain Village quickly retreated in fear.

After the smoke settled down, Jonathan stood up, holding a heavy hammer.

“Pfft!” he spat and flashed a smirk.

With the heavy hammer hoisted onto his shoulder, he taunted, “You’re quite nimble, aren’t you?
Escaping in such a hurry.”

To the one hundred and eight villages, Yannopolis had always been an indomitable force that was
impossible to defeat.

The villagers were naturally shocked to see Jonathan taking action without hesitation.


Greyson was about to remind Jonathan, but Clinton gave his arm a quick tug.

The villages had always disliked Yannopolis.

Despite their dissatisfaction, they dared not go against the formidable force.

The spiritual energy within the small world was abundant, making it relatively easy for the villagers to
achieve the God Realm cultivation level.

Moreover, several hundred years ago, there were numerous God Realm cultivators scattered among
the one hundred and eight villages.

However, the number of God Realm cultivators among the villagers significantly decreased after a
massive wave of beast attacks, with many losing their lives in the ensuing battle.

Afterward, Yannopolis took a series of actions to exert control over the villagers of the one hundred and
eight villages, resulting in the presence of God Realm cultivators being limited to Yannopolis alone.

Similar to the concept of boiling a frog, Yannopolis gradually exerted control over the villagers, who
became increasingly unaware of their loss of freedom. By the time they realized the situation and
attempted to resist, it was already too late, and they found themselves stripped of their strength. As a
result, they found themselves simmering in anger but were too fearful to fight back for several hundred
years. Some villages secretly gave support to cultivators, aiding them in their journey to reach the God
Realm as a hidden source of power. However, when Yannopolis became aware of their actions, they

slaughtered all the God Realm cultivators and their families as a means of retribution. Some even went
as far as killing the administrators of lower-level and intermediate-level villages by subjecting them to
brutal torture at the hands of ferocious beasts. They would seal off the victims’ cultivation level and
feed them to the deadly creatures. Yannopolis even went to the extent of recording everything using
memory crystals and played the videos at the one hundred and eight villages for a period of six
months. After that, the thirty-six intermediate villages exerted continuous pressure on the lower-level
villages, aiming to avoid getting entangled in any trouble. Everyone was naturally upset, but they had
lost the chance to fight back under tight surveillance. Clinton learned from Yannopolis’s envoy that
Jonathan and Seboxia weren’t the only outsiders, and that gave him hope. He only had to wait patiently
for Jonathan and Seboxia to reveal their strengths. As Jonathan and Seboxia battled Yannopolis’s
envoy, the fate of the villagers in Mountain Village hung in the balance. If the two outsiders emerged
victorious, the villagers could place their hope in them. However, if they were to lose, the villagers could
claim that they mistakenly assumed the outsiders were from Yannopolis due to their outfits. Mountain
Village would then be absolved of any responsibility for the misunderstanding. They wouldn’t suffer any
losses. Thus, he wasn’t about to let Greyson stop that from happening. Jonathan had no idea that the
elderly man had that idea in mind. Jonathan took notice of the astonished God Realm cultivator on the
rooftop. Without hesitation, he set aside his hammer and conjured another magical item—a staff.

“You’re quite capable, huh? At least you reacted faster than any other middle-phase God Realm

The cultivator opposite Jonathan panted as his expression turned solemn.

When he encountered fellow cultivators from Upriver Village who were at the same cultivation level as
him—middle-phase God Realm cultivators—they proved to be no match for him in combat.

It seemed that their foundations were unstable, driven by their eagerness to achieve a breakthrough.

While their attacks appeared formidable, he soon realized that their true strength was lacking.

Little did the cultivator know that it wasn’t a matter of the outside cultivators having weak Kores.

The abundance of spiritual energy in the small world allowed the cultivators to have remarkably stable

In fact, the spiritual energy was so potent that it could even materialize into physical form.

Even if the cultivators were in the same Realms, without any unique techniques or abilities, the
outsiders would always find themselves at a disadvantage when facing the cultivators of the small

Jonathan, however, couldn’t be explained by logic.

After all, Jonathan had earned a reputation for defeating cultivators of the same rank and was also
given the title of the top God Realm cultivator outside.

However, he was not alone in this regard. There were others like him, such as Joshua and similar
cultivators, who possessed a certain edge over their enemies after entering the small world, despite not
having the same favorable cultivation environment as the small world.

The Yannopolis envoy held up his bloody long sword and gazed at them menacingly.


After roaring out loud, the man turned into an afterimage as he dashed toward Jonathan.

“Charge!” Jonathan roared fiercely, hurling his staff toward his adversary with a menacing whoosh.


Jonathan’s staff was broke into half.

As the bloody long sword lunged toward Jonathan, a radiant golden light burst forth.


Following the loud clang, Jonathan was sent flying backward and crashed into a store by the road.

Amidst the rubble, a gold light leaped up and landed by the side of the road.

Jonathan wiped the corner of his lips, his gaze fixated on the blood staining his fingers as a flicker of
excitement gleamed in his eyes.

Standing aside, Seboxia frowned and questioned, “Jonathan, do you need my help?”

Hearing that, Jonathan shook his head and smirked, dismissing the protective shield of the bronze

“The cultivators here are exceptionally strong and wield peculiar weapons. I wonder if all the cultivators
from Yannopolis are like this or if this is just a minority.”

Tossing away the broken staff, Jonathan summoned his Heaven Sword.

Glancing at the Yannopolis envoy, he chuckled aloud. “You won’t have another chance!”

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