Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1185

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The Legendary Man -Following Stellan’s instructions, the others quickly packed up to

However, the youngest, Welrun, reached up to strike away the spiritual energy keeping his lips sealed.

“Where did you see the movement on the lake?”

“Be quiet,” Stellan muttered, his eyes still glued to the surface of the lake. “Retreat now.”

As Greyson was away, Stellan was the one with the most experience outside of the village. He held the
most authority in the group.

Mona and the other three promptly retreated with Stellan, but Welrun remained in his spot by the
campfire, watching the others go.

“Welrun!” Stellan yelled, shooting out a pulse of spiritual energy and transforming it into a rope that
wrapped around Welrun’s body.

However, before the rope could touch Welrun’s body, Welrun sliced it with the bone blade in his hand.

“Aren’t you just trying to scare me, Stellan? I’m going to eat that fish today!”

“Behind you!” Stellan, who had been retreating, abruptly shouted right then as he ran toward him.

Instinctively, Welrun turned his head around, but before he could make out what was behind him,
something soft and sticky grabbed his face.

“Mm!” Welrun let out a muffled cry of surprise. In the next instance, he was dragged all the way to the

“Take this!” Stellan roared as he swung his bone dagger to chop off the tentacle that was gripping

Welrun fell to the ground, but inertia made him roll toward the lake.

Just then, an ear-piercing whistle echoed in the air. It was Mona informing Greyson about the situation.

Although the youths had the cultivation level of advanced-phase Grandmaster Realm, they were still
helpless against the humongous creature in the lake.

The loss of a tentacle brought pain to the creature, making it move in an even more frenzied manner.

Several tentacles shot out from the lake, rushing toward the youths on shore.


A second before Welrun fell into the lake, Stellan grabbed his collar and tossed him back to the shore.

However, as Stellan was too close to the lake, one of the thick tentacles grabbed and dragged him into
the lake.

“Stellan!” Mona and the other three screamed.

Still flying midair, Welrun crossed paths with Mona and the other three, who were darting toward the

After seeing the giant creature with his own eyes, Welrun finally realized how terribly wrong he had

Stellan was right all along.

Although Welrun finally realized how perilous the waters could be, it was far too late.

By the time Welrun hit the ground, Mona and the other three youths were already in the water, fighting
with the creature.

“Stellan! Mona!”

Once Welrun reached the ground, he quickly recomposed himself to join in the fight.

At that moment, a piece of beast bone precisely struck the spot before him, and that bone had a
storage ring on it.

“Protect the ring. The herbs in it are crucial for the village. We can’t afford to make any mistakes.”

It was Greyson.

When Welrun heard Greyson’s voice, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Greyson was quick as lightning, and in no time, he was already by the edge of the lake.

“Stay away from the shore!” he bellowed as he sliced off a tentacle that Mona was fighting against with
his bone blade.

Then, he used his spiritual energy to manifest a large hand to throw her back to safety.

In two quick moves, Greyson saved the remaining two youths.

“Where’s Stellan?” Greyson asked with a frown when he reached the youths again.

“Mr. Greyson, Stellan was dragged into the water by that monster! Please save him!” Welrun sobbed,
but Greyson did not move. He only quietly looked on as the creature sunk back into the water.

“Mr. Downey!” Mona and the others loudly urged Greyson, gripping their bone blades.

Greyson reached out to take the storage ring from Welrun.

“Never enter the waters. That is our rule. The beasts are the kings of the waters. If we head into their
territory, we’ll be sheep entering a bear’s cave. We’ll wait for a duration of thirty heartbeats. If Stellan
doesn’t escape from the creature by then, we’re leaving.”

“No!” Welrun shouted, running toward the lake again. Yet, right as he took a step forward, an invisible
hand pinned him against the ground.

“Twenty-eight more heartbeats,” Greyson said, looking at the lake intently.

Welrun continued thrashing.

“Mr. Downey, please! Please let me save Stellan! He was dragged into the water because he was
trying to save me!”

“He chose sacrifice. For that, he has my respect,” Greyson replied, still pinning Welrun down with his
spiritual energy. “But I can’t send you to your deaths. Twenty-three more heartbeats. Stay right here.
No one is allowed to go to the lake.”

Meanwhile, Stellan was close to suffocating under the water, the tentacle still wrapped around him.

As a cultivator, he only panicked for a while after entering the water. Once he recomposed himself, he
took the opportunity to take a good look at the monster under the moonlight.

It was a colossal telamonstrum.

According to the elders in the village, when a telamonstrum grew to the size of tens of meters, it would
become undefeatable by the humans in the water. Humans would have to fight against it with utmost

The telamonstrum that had ensnared him was of such vast size that Stellan’s spiritual sense could not
fully encompass its entire being.

It had to be at least fifty to sixty meters long. Even if Stellan was an immensely capable person, he
would have a hard time surviving it.


Following the noise coming from his chest, Stellan spat out a mouthful of bloody water.

His ribs had broken.

Upon realizing that, Stellan moved his hand to stab his bone dagger into the telamonstrum’s large

The bone dagger that could usually break rocks, surprisingly, did nothing to the monster.

To the telamonstrum, the stab was nothing but a scratch.

Stellan was swiftly sinking in the water, and the tentacle continuously tightened around him, crushing
his chest and squeezing out the remaining air in his lungs.

Right as Stellan was about to lose consciousness, a ball of light rapidly bolted toward him in the dark

When he focused on it, he realized that the ball of light was hastily moving upward.

In fact, a big coffin with glowing runes was within that ball of light.

Stellan widened his eyes at the two people on top of the coffin in disbelief.

After all, they were in the water that not even his village elders dared to approach.

Yet, someone was floating up with a coffin.

How is this possible?

While Stellan was staring at the coffin in shock, Jonathan and Seboxia ascended on the coffin in a
quick manner.

“Hey, hey, look at that octopus, Seboxia. Does it have a cultivator in its grip?” Jonathan asked, pointing
at the gigantic creature above him.

Seboxia glanced at the creature. “What does that have to do with us? There are plenty of people who
enter the small world. I can’t possibly save them—”

But before Seboxia could finish his sentence, a looming figure wrapped itself around Seboxia’s coffin’s

Jonathan looked at the tentacle stuck to the shield in amusement before turning to Seboxia.

“Well, it looks like it wants us to stay.”

Seboxia, who had intended to do nothing but watch earlier, clasped his hands together.

“Sir Octopus, it looks like we’re fated to meet.”

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