Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1183

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The Legendary Man -In fact, things were as Winston and the others expected.

Those eighteen individuals were Apocalypse’s core members.

Blaze chuckled at the sight of Winston’s and the others’ grim expressions. “It seems you’ve heard of
my name?”

“Indeed. You’re from the world’s top assassin organization,” Winston uttered indifferently.

“That’s good to hear.” Blaze shrugged. “We received information about the appearance of a chaos
portal here, so we came here to acquire a share of the spoils. You won’t try to stop us, right?”

Despite Blaze’s friendly and humble tone, Winston knew those people were a group of lunatics who
were truly unafraid of death.

Not to mention the others, Blaze alone had accomplished over eighty documented assassinations, and
no lesser than one thousand people had died because of him, either directly or indirectly.

He was an erratic backstabber, cheerily asking someone about what they’d like to eat at one moment
and the next, stabbing them without a second thought.

Yet at that moment, eighteen people with such a character were standing before Winston.

Even the normally fearless Winston felt somewhat apprehensive.

He waved his hand at the few members of the Leeson family beside him, signaling for them to step

“Don’t worry. We’re only here to receive members of the Leeson family. We won’t interfere if you wish
to enter the small world.”

“Great.” Upon hearing that, Blaze turned to look at the few assassins who were making lewd comments
at Savannah in the distance. “Hey! Let’s get down to business first!”

Blaze wanted to gather the assassins. Unexpectedly, Sable, mind taken over by lust, completely
disregarded Blaze’s call.


Blaze’s body underwent a strange fluctuation and vanished on the spot.

The next moment, blood sprayed skyward and splattered on Savannah’s face.

Savannah watched emotionlessly and flashed a faint smile as the headless corpse gradually slid to the
ground. “Thanks.”

Hearing Savannah’s expression of gratitude, Blaze waved his right hand and bowed slightly.

“You’re welcome, Ms. Savannah. You look lovely today, I must say!” Blaze walked up to Savannah as
he spoke and handed her a black business card. “Feel free to contact me if you require my service. No
matter who you wish to kill, I’ll give you a twenty percent discount.” With that, he turned around and
gazed coldly at those silent assassins. “I know you’re all daredevils, but I feel obligated to tell you this.
If anyone dares to cause trouble before we finish our task, I can guarantee you’ll suffer a fate worse
than death! We’re entering the chaos portal as planned. Let’s go!”

Despite his recent ascension to God Realm, Sable could withstand attacks from middle-phase God
Realm cultivators due to his unique cultivation method.

However, even with such a cultivation level, he was powerless to resist when matched up against Blaze
and was killed with one strike.

After witnessing that, everyone else became obedient and stepped into the portal one by one in the
order they had prearranged.

Blaze was the last to leave.

“Winston, I thought we’d have to fight you, but since you’re so cooperative, I’ll give you a piece of
information for free. We are just the first foreign forces in Chanaea to take action because of our
intelligence network. Just before I parachuted here, I received intelligence feedback that cultivators
from the West Epea Alliance, West Region, and Jetroina are rushing over. By the way, Ms. Savannah,
remember to inform the tsar that people from Sanctuary are also hastening here. Good luck!”

Then, he leaped forward and disappeared into the portal.

At that moment, Winston and Savannah, standing outside the portal, both felt an overwhelming
pressure. This newly formed organization, Apocalypse, is terrifying.

Although Apocalypse had yet to reveal that they had any Divine Realm cultivator among their ranks
thus far, no one dared to underestimate them just by seeing how Blaze had killed Sable earlier.

Being able to cover nearly forty meters in an instant wasn’t a feat achievable by mere enhanced agility.
Instead, that type of movement was genuine teleportation.

However, they weren’t Jonathan and hadn’t entered the chaos dimension with Blaze before, which only
made others find the organization all the more intimidating.

Was it possible that Apocalypse didn’t possess a Divine Realm cultivator among their ranks? The
answer was a definite no.

With Divine Realm cultivator holding the fort and having almost peerless God Realm cultivators,
coupled with Apocalypse’s fearsome intelligence network, the organization that emerged less than half

a year ago was simply too frightening.

Moreover, the most unsettling part was that Apocalypse knew over a dozen Divine Realm cultivators
had entered the small world, yet they still deployed only eighteen God Realm cultivators inside to court

Those people had a clear goal and didn’t seem to harbor the slightest fear, prompting others to wonder
what exclusive information did they possess to be so confident.

So many people had gone into the small world, but it was as if they had all vanished into thin air as
there wasn’t any news from any of them.

What exactly is hidden in the Whitley family’s ancestral land? Winston stared at the portal, suppressing
his urge to enter and explore the space within.

He turned to look at Glasses who was standing beside him. “Glasses, contact the family and have the
remaining two Divine Realm elders on standby.”


At that moment, Winston had taken over Ashton’s authority and had become the de facto leader of the
Leeson family.

Even the Divine Realm elders in the family had to obey Winston’s orders.

Everyone fathomed the significance behind Winston’s instruction to have the remaining two Divine
Realm elders to be prepared.

All five Divine Realm elders of the Leeson family had come out of their secluded cultivation because of
the small world, meaning the clan was truly on the brink of desperation.

Savannah took out a lighter and set Blaze’s business card on fire.

Her expression darkened when she saw the copper wire, which was thinner than a strand of hair,
hidden inside.

At that moment, her servant approached her while holding a satellite phone. “Ms. Savannah, the tsar
has given the order for us to enter the portal and scout the area.”

Savannah was momentarily stunned. She took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a deep drag.

The servant stood with his body bowed beside Savannah. “Ms. Savannah, what should we do now?”

“Do I have a choice?” She gazed frostily at the servant. “Send a message to the family and let them
execute the first plan. I’m afraid our good days are coming to an end.”

“Yes, Ms. Savannah!” The servant did as he was told and started contacting the family to proceed with
the arrangements while Savannah reached out to wipe her cheeks gently before leaping forward and
landing in front of Winston.

“Winston, we’re going in now. You’re not going to stop us, right?”

“Do as you please. I’ve said this before. This small world doesn’t belong to the Leeson family. We’re
only here to receive members of our family,” he said impassively.

Savannah chuckled in response. She took out something that resembled a hairpin and stabbed it into
the stone wall next to her, then waved at her two servants in the distance. “Let’s go!”

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