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Chapter 1182

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The Legendary Man -After hearing Winston’s words, Savannah and her team and the
Leesons lapsed into a glum silence.

The current world, as it were, could be divided into three districts based on their respective economic
prowess, politics, military strength, and cultivators.

The first district was none other than North Adrune, Anglandur.

Seven hundred years ago, Western Epea’s Rodunst began the colonization and development of North
Adrune, only to have its political structure severely affected after countless riots led by North Adrune’s

Then, about two hundred years ago, North Adrune’s fifty colonies finally broke free from Rodunst’s
control and gained independence to become today’s Anglandur.

Even though Anglandur was a relative latecomer, their colonies had banded together during the mass
uprising and deployed so many of their best armies and cultivators that they became an
insurmountable force.

On top of that, Anglandur was in such a unique position that no other forces in Adrune could take them

After more than two hundred years of development, Anglandur swiftly climbed the ranks to become the
most powerful country in the world, beating out even a powerhouse like Remdik.

Aside from Anglandur, the other two districts were Western Epea and South Aploth.

A mutual restraint between the West Epea Alliance and Remdik had been around for the longest time,
and those regulations were why Remdik gradually fell behind Anglandur and failed to become one of
the mega-powerful countries.

One could also say that Anglandur’s independence was only possible because Remdik had held off
Rodunst, that happened to be the leader of the West Epea Alliance.

In short, the cause-and-effect relationship between Anglandur and Remdik was one big mess that
could never be resolved.

As for the district of South Aploth, it was led by Chanaea and supported by West Region and Jetroina.

Chanaea’s unique geographical location meant it had three sides surrounded by other countries.
Despite that, it remained at the helm of Aploth and became one of the oldest countries with the richest

That, of course, gave it an air of mystery too.

At that moment, Winston and Savannah were most worried about people from Anglandur getting off the

Western Epea and South Aploth might be two of the strongest forces with conflicting views in almost
every aspect, but nothing could change the fact that they were neighboring continents. They were
familiar with each other’s key, influential figures and could always address them by name even if they
had never met before.

The situation with Anglandur, however, was entirely different.

Since North Adrune was so far away, it got to the point where even Chanaea’s respectable families and
Remdik’s best war machines struggled to infiltrate the area.

Everyone knew little to no information about Anglandur, so how could they not feel apprehensive about
confronting a virtually unknown enemy?

The Leesons quickly backed away from Savannah’s group and gathered behind Winston.

Savannah and her two companions didn’t move an inch from the ridge either as they quietly waited for
the plane to fly toward them.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the private plane that had transported the Mallory family before but an actual
passenger plane.

When the almost eighty-meter-long plane flew over everyone’s heads, its altitude had already dropped
to less than three hundred meters, and close to twenty figures swiftly jumped from it.

“They’re all God Realm elites!” Savannah exclaimed. “Hurry! Inform the tsar!”

Beams of spiritual energy continued to plummet toward the earth, and the mysterious figures only
deployed parachutes when they were dozens of meters away from landing.

Now that their speeds were reduced, they cut their cords in unison and landed gracefully.

Winston scanned his surroundings, and it didn’t take long before he noticed the highly coordinated
behavior of the group. Judging by the looks of it, these eighteen people are most likely from the same
faction. They may have varying skin tones, but I have no doubt they’re all from Adrune.

Winston and Savannah stiffened. Speak of the devil, huh? These people are really cultivators from

After all the Anglandurian cultivators had landed, they burst into laughter. Some even retrieved gold
bars from their storage rings and handed them to one of the men.

The next second, the man with the gold bars began dancing away like nobody’s business.

Winston furrowed his brows before turning to one of his family members.

“Glasses, you can speak their language, right? What are they babbling on about?”

A cultured middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses instantly walked up to Winston.

“Winston, these people were competing to see who had the guts to deploy their parachutes the latest.
The man who’s dancing is celebrating his win.”

“What the f*ck!” a burly man from the Leeson family exclaimed. “How dare they be so condescending.
Winston, these people have no respect for us!”

“Shut up!” Winston replied.

Meanwhile, three men had gotten onto the ridge and were slowly walking toward Winston and the

The man in the lead was a clean-cut blond standing at one hundred and eighty centimeters and
dressed in a sharp suit. His smile was so polite and friendly that no one could bring themselves to
dislike him.

On his left was a stooped elderly man with a wooden stick, while a strapping, stoic man stood to his

Half of the latter’s face was entirely disfigured, and from the looks of it, it could only have been the
gruesome work of a ferocious beast.

All three men were God Realm elites, with the strapping man at the beginner phase, the besuited
young man at the middle phase, and the elderly man at the advanced phase.

Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the young man was the leader.

“If it isn’t Winston Leeson from the Leeson family! What an honor to meet you!” the young man greeted
with a smile.

Upon seeing the three men approach him, Winston narrowed his eyes.

I have a bad feeling about them. They give off a dangerous vibe… Even if we ignore the fifteen other
cultivators, I don’t think the six of us can take on these three men.

Needless to say, Winston was terrified. The killing intent of the three Anglandur elites was so strong
that he felt as if they were holding a dagger to his heart.

“That’s some chilling aura you have. Are you guys assassins?”

The blond young man instantly gave a slight bow.

“I’m Blaze from Apocalypse!”

As the Leesons widened their eyes in shock, Blaze chuckled and pointed to the men beside him.

“This is Fool, and this is Punisher.”

Blaze, Fool, and Punisher were three names everyone was familiar with.

Half a year ago, there was an upheaval to Dark Web’s Assassin List when the top-ranked Blaze
proposed to branch out and start his own organization, Apocalypse.

Fool and Punisher, who ranked second and third on the list, soon voiced their intent to join.

Now that all three men had appeared together, that could only mean they were the Assassin Squad
from Apocalypse!

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