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The Legendary Man Chapter 941

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-The Mysterious Old Man

Jonathan was extremely confident in his plan.

The greatest advantage of taking a flight was that the Remdikians couldn’t conduct a spot check even if
they suspected he was onboard.

Logically speaking, as long as he could get himself up in the air, the Remdikians would be powerless to
do anything unless they were prepared to take down the entire plane with all its passengers.

Once he was airborne, he could hijack a plane and fly it to Harfush.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect the Remdikians to be one step ahead of him by preemptively sealing the

Standing outside the airport fence, Jonathan felt his heart beating furiously as he stared at the rows of
planes that had been grounded.

Yet those were the least of his worries, as the airport was littered with surveillance cameras and

It felt as if they were already waiting for him.

Just as he alighted from his car and prepared to sneak into the airport, an alarm was triggered.

All of a sudden, Jonathan was surrounded by over thirty Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

By then, he was already numbed by the huge amount of cultivators Remdik had in reserve.

Even if Remdik sent a thousand cultivators after him, Jonathan would no longer be surprised.

He had, after all, seen the massive power Remdik possessed firsthand.

However, little did he know that what he saw wasn’t real.

It was similar to a case of survivorship bias. If one were taking a train and inquired with the surrounding
passengers whether they had bought tickets, most of them would answer in the affirmative other than
the rare few who freeloaded.

Even though Remdik had loads of cultivators and the fact that they were well organized due to how
centralized the country’s authority was, their real numbers revolved around a much smaller amount.

After all, a cultivator’s cultivation went against nature. If it wasn’t for the mad scientist, Charleigh,
Grandmaster Realm cultivators would still be a rare sight in the country.

Jonathan had the impression that there were Grandmaster Realm cultivators everywhere in Remdik
due to the shockwave he caused on every visit.

Since cultivators below Grandmaster Realm were useless against Jonathan, the Remdikian authorities
had no choice but to continuously send their best men against him.

“Does anyone here speak Chanaean?” Jonathan yelled in resignation at the thirty over men
surrounding him.

“I do.”

A hunched back old man walked out to the front.

He was an absolute phase Grandmaster that was handicapped, probably due to sustaining an injury to
his Kore in battle when he was young.

Otherwise, he would have already achieved God Realm.

Despite the vigor the old man exuded, Jonathan greeted him politely on the account of his age.

“Sir, I have killed a few hundred Grandmasters throughout my journey. You lot are simply no match for

“Actually, we aren’t here to kill you.”

Just as the old man finished, he pulled out a syringe from his ring and stabbed it into his chest.

He then gradually injected the liquid inside the syringe into his heart.

Amidst the sound of cracking bones, the hunched-back old man straightened his back. He then took a
deep yet satisfied breath.

“It feels great to be able to stand up straight.”


In the blink of an eye, the old man launched a punch at Jonathan’s face.

Although Jonathan managed to dodge it, the sonic boom that resulted from its blistering speed
screamed past his ear still.

This is no f*cking Grandmaster at all!

The sudden turn of events shocked Jonathan. Just from the speed and power alone, Jonathan could
tell that the old man was just as strong as Jokovich.

If Jonathan hadn’t evaded in the nick of time, his brain would have been blown to smithereens.

Without a moment’s delay, Heaven Sword was thrust at the old man’s elixir field. Before it could even
get close, the old man deflected it with a palm strike before grabbing Jonathan’s wrist tightly.


Jonathan’s wrist was snapped with a loud crack.

As stinging pain shot through his body, Jonathan dropped Heaven Sword, which turned into an
afterimage and disappeared before hitting the ground.

All of a sudden, the old man’s arm broke in two. When Heaven Sword flew at the old man again, it was
slapped away a second time.

Despite having his arm chopped off, the old man maintained an emotionless expression.

“So, you have a magical weapon that can attack automatically by consuming Pryncyp. No wonder
plenty of Remdikian cultivators have died in your hands.”

With Heaven Sword floating above his head, Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter flared furiously from his

His heart began to sink as he used the limited life force he had to heal the wound on his wrist.

This is such a cunning old man. Although he’s only achieved absolute phase Grandmaster Realm, the
power he displayed is greater than that of a God Realm cultivator. Also, the old man doesn’t seem
bothered that I have broken his arm. He behaves as if he isn’t affected at all.

Ever since he started his cultivation, Jonathan had only seen two people capable of doing that.

One was the possessed Ryan, while the other was Kenado of West Region.

Even though one was of Grandmaster Realm and the other, Divine Realm, both shared the same

It wasn’t that their methods were cruel, they just had an indifferent attitude to life.

In their minds, there was no right and wrong, and neither was there good and evil. All they could see
was their goal, and they were willing to cast everything aside to achieve it. Even if their lives needed to
be sacrificed, they would show no hesitation at all.

The old man standing before Jonathan was someone like that.

From his perspective, all that mattered was Jonathan.

When the latter scanned the old man with his spiritual sense, the feedback he received gave him a

The old man’s body had begun to crack underneath his clothes.

If he hadn’t used his spiritual energy to seal the wounds, he would have collapsed on the ground in a
pile of mushy blood.

It was the result of the overwhelming pressure his physical body was put through.

Clearly, the old man couldn’t sustain that condition for long.

“Sir, I’m curious about this secret technique of yours. How did you manage to elevate your cultivation
level to such dizzying heights?”

“I wasn’t elevating anything. Instead, my cultivation level has deteriorated,” the old man replied with a

“I was previously in absolute phase Divine Realm and just a step away from Ultimate Realm. Just when
I was about to achieve it, someone found me despite how careful I had been hiding. From that moment
on, my cultivation level began to slowly deteriorate to my current miserable condition.”

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