Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1181

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The Legendary Man -“Hey!” Winston wielded his saber and stood up gradually.

Behind Winston, five God Realm cultivators emerged from their tents and positioned themselves
around Savannah and her people.

Savannah’s expression changed when she saw Winston and the rest.

All these years, she had the opportunity to accompany the tsar due to her family connections.

Remdik, being a country densely populated with cultivators, had a system where all cultivators served
under the authority of the tsar. In contrast, their neighboring country, Chanaea, posed a more
challenging environment for cultivation.

As a result, the world of cultivation remained largely inaccessible to ordinary individuals.

That was why Savannah had never paid much attention to Chanaea since she started learning more
about the country.

In fact, it was not hard to comprehend why she held such a perception toward Chanaea. Savannah
was well aware that even someone like Joshua, who held the position of commander-in-chief, faced
challenges in breaking free from the influence exerted by the eight respectable families.

Furthermore, Asura’s Office and the Yaleview Army, who commanded an army of over two million
soldiers, were only led by two God Realm cultivators.

All these observations eventually developed Savannah’s perception of the mysterious ancient

At the Kremalos Palace in Saspiuburg, Savannah had repeatedly questioned the tsar about why he
allowed Chanaea to flourish.

If the combined forces of Remdik from the eastern and western war zones were to unite and march
southward, they could swiftly conquer nations like Merania and Chanaea, assimilating them into the
expanding Remdikian Empire.

By achieving such a feat, the tsar would establish Remdik as a mega-powerful country, dominating the
world stage and ascending to unparalleled heights of global influence and power.

When that day arrived, neither the West Epea Alliance, long-standing opponents of Remdik, nor
Anglandur would stand a chance against the overwhelming might of Remdik.

This remarkable feat would not only leave an indelible mark on Remdik but also on the entire world

However, whenever Savannah brought up this topic, the tsar would dismiss her words with a dismissive

As for the reason, there was only one. “You have no idea how scary Chanaea is.”

That simple statement alone was not enough to convince Savannah.

However, it was only when she personally led her team on a mission to Chanaea that she truly realized
the country’s strength.

Within the international community, Chanaea’s renowned cultivators were primarily limited to
individuals such as Jonathan, Wilbur, Joshua, Karl, and a select few others. However, upon
Savannah’s arrival in Chanaea, she was taken aback by the sheer abundance of cultivators present in
the country.

On the battlefield, individuals like Wilbur, Karl, and even Ksana, were all vying for military

After escaping from Wilbur’s threat, Savannah and the rest followed the spiritual energy and arrived at
the source of the spiritual energy tide.

However, just when they had discovered the chaos portal in the small world, they bumped into six God
Realm cultivators. Damn it! Did we stir up a hornet’s nest? Why are these God Realm cultivators

Savannah could not comprehend how Chanaean cultivators managed to be so pervasive yet
completely detached from the rest of the world.

The trio remained on high alert, carefully staring at Winston and his companions.

While Winton and his comrades did not possess the divine weapons wielded by Wilbur, their numerical
superiority, being twice as many, posed a significant and potentially fatal threat to Savannah and her

“Winston Leeson?” Savannah asked while glaring at Winston.

Some of the Leesons were taken aback when Savannah called out Winston’s name. “How does this
girl from Remdik know you? What have you been up to in Remdik? Did the girl you were flirting with
come looking for you? Well, well, Winston, not bad!”

The group of men stationed outside the chaos portal of the small world were cultivators from the
Leeson family, kept hidden from the public eye.

In terms of seniority, some of them were even several generations older than Winston.

However, within the long-established lineage of the Leeson family, the concept of rigid seniority based
on blood ties had become less significant. They interacted more like friends.

The men from Doveston were known for their boldness, and since they shared the same ancestry,
Winston did not mind their playful banter.

As they teased him, Winston, who rarely showed signs of embarrassment, blushed. “F*ck off, you
b*stards. I wouldn’t even consider looking for a woman as thin as a stick who can’t even bear a child!”

Savannah could understand the Chanaean language to some extent, but she could only grasp basic

When Winston spoke with his strong accent, it was difficult for her to fully understand.

However, judging by the reactions of those around her, Savannah could sense that the men in front of
her were speaking in a disrespectful manner.

She chuckled and said, “Winston, I knew who you were because you and a few others from the
respected families had ventured into the eastern part of Remdik before.”

“And?” Before Winston could speak, one of the Leeson men, a towering figure standing at two meters
tall, interjected from beside Savannah.

“Why do you think you’re the only one privileged enough to know about Winston’s background? Many
people are aware of who he is. I don’t care if you’re a woman. You’re in Doveston now, not Remdik, so
be careful with your words. Tell us why you’re here. If you can’t provide a convincing explanation, we’ll
destroy you!”

On the tall man’s shoulder rested a massive scythe towering over a person’s height. The rust on the
blade was evident, indicating that one swing of that scythe could lead to a tetanus infection if not
immediate death.

After he spoke, the other Leeson family members no longer wished to engage in idle chatter. They
swiftly gathered their spiritual energy, prepared to take action.

After all, the allied army of the Eastern War Zone of Remdik had already crossed the River Onxy and
entered the northwestern part of Horbah.

With the country’s enemy at the forefront, the Leesons desired to contribute by protecting the borders.

Yet, at that moment, Winston suddenly uttered in a deep voice, “Guys, hold on!”

Setting aside their usual banter, Winston assumed a serious demeanor and spoke in his role as the
person in charge of the Leeson family.

Upon hearing that, the Leesons halted in their tracks.

“What’s wrong, Winston?” The burly man turned his head to glance at Winston.

Winston lifted his gaze and shifted his focus to the southeast. “Calm down. The whole point of us being
here, according to the family head, is not to start any fights with anyone. Plus, we’ve got more guests
making their way toward us.”

Perplexed, the onlookers turned their gaze in the direction indicated by Winston, only to witness a
glimmer of light rapidly approaching at the junction of the heavens and earth.

“An airplane?” grumbled the burly man wielding the scythe. “Is it someone from one of the respectable
families coming to offer support?”

Winston shook his head in response. “There are only a few prestigious families in Chanaea, and they
have all arrived. As for those ancient sects, the ones who were supposed to make an appearance have
done so. And as for the others, knowing their personalities, they would probably prefer to make their
way here on foot. After all, they want to maintain their saintly image. If someone is able to fly directly

here by plane at this time, it’s likely not from the power of Chanaea, but rather from another country.
From that direction, it appears that they may have come from the West Region or Anglandur!”

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