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The Legendary Man Chapter 940

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-Jokovich, who was on the surface of the land, was stupefied.

Although Jonathan cut off four of Jokovich’s fingers, the latter always assumed that Jonathan had the
upper hand because of his sharp weapon.

Jokovich even assumed the reason the Sanctuary’s members died was that he fell for Jonathan’s trap.

If the explosion had not forced me into the underground stream, Jonathan would never have killed
those cultivators so easily.

The more he pursued Jonathan, the more Jokovich was convinced that was the case.

However, Jonathan had eliminated a person once and for all while fighting with Jokovich.

Jokovich felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end when he thought of what Jonathan did.

He even started calculating the survival rate of facing Jonathan head-on versus getting pursued by
Sanctuary if Jonathan was targeting him.

If death is the outcome for both situations, why am I risking my life to kill Jonathan? Isn’t it better to just
hide and run? I killed those members of Sanctuary at the mountain stream as a backup plan, after all.
Do I have to go down that path now?

About a hundred meters away, a figure shot up from the ground and charged toward the south.

Standing on the mountain, Jokovich simply watched Jonathan leave with no intention of chasing after
the latter.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Three figures landed on the snow. They were God Realm cultivators.

A muscular man with a blind eye looked at Jokovich and asked, “Are you Jokovich? We’ve received
Nicholas’ location report saying Jonathan’s here. Where are they?”

Jokovich eyed the three of them. Hmm, they are all middle phase God Realm cultivators.

After hesitating for a moment, Jokovich took a deep breath and said, “Jonathan fled to the south.”

Though the trio did not know why Jokovich looked so troubled, they could not be bothered to ask him
about it. After all, Sanctuary and Remdik were not close in terms of war.

Just as the trio was about to leave, Jokovich added, “That Nicholas you guys were talking about should
be under your feet. I don’t know how Jonathan did it, but there are no changes to the spiritual energy in
the air, and that means Nicholas should still be alive. He could still be saved if you start digging now.”

When he said that, Jokovich fled to the south, leaving the trio who had just arrived at a loss for words.

The leader of the group gazed at the huge hole in front of them with a cold expression.

“What should we do?” asked the only female cultivator among them.

The half-blind cultivator furrowed his brows. “I’ll chase after him while you guys stay here to do the
digging. Don’t give up until you find his body, be he dead or alive.”

“Got it.”

With that, the trio carried out their respective tasks without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had gone underground again.

He was five meters underground, which was enough to stay out of most of the infrared detectors. And
since it was still considered the surface of the ground, the soil was softer. The amount of spiritual
energy used was still acceptable.

Jonathan had to change his direction again because his whereabouts were exposed.

His original plan was to pass by Caso and keep heading southeast.

If Ksana was still alive, she would most likely be heading in that direction as well.

The problem was that Jonathan did not know how many God Realm cultivators were coming after him.
If he did not change his plan, he would not be the only one in danger.

He could bring danger to Ksana as well. It was a risk Jonathan did not dare to take.

Hence, he headed toward Adrune by traveling underground.

According to the map, there was a city called Ballachov about six hundred meters from his location.

Once he arrived there, he could find a way to get onto a plane and flee from the western region of
Remdik. It could be difficult for ordinary people, but it was nothing to a God Realm cultivator like

Moreover, the distance was not too far. Jonathan’s spiritual energy could last until he arrived at his
destination by traveling underground.

With that thought in mind, Jonathan sped up a little.

Meanwhile, Jokovich, too, was swiftly heading toward Ballachov behind Jonathan.

Earlier, he had contacted Sanctuary to request for reinforcements.

To his dismay, Sanctuary only asked him to return to report if he failed to kill Jonathan.

Of course, Jokovich understood what the instruction meant.

It means I’ll die.

As a long-time member of Sanctuary, Jokovich knew the ways of Sanctuary well.

Sanctuary had eyes on the entire continent of Epea, including West Epea Alliance’s territory, which had
complicated forces.

Even the whole of Aploth, except for Chanaea, was under the jurisdiction of Remdik.

Not long after that, war broke out at Chanaea, too.

If Jokovich wanted to be safe, he needed to go to Anglandur, which was in the western hemisphere.

All that had to happen quickly.

Jokovich could only escape before Sanctuary realized the identity he had been hiding.

The fastest way for him to leave Remdik was to rush to the nearest city, Ballachov, and take an
international flight.

Just like that, the two men who wanted to stay alive headed in the same direction without realizing it.

After running for the entire day, Jonathan finally arrived at the border of Ballachov.

Staring at the city on the other side of the river, Jonathan continued forward in a set of clothes he
exchanged with a wanderer.

For some reason, many Remdikian soldiers were guarding the road to Ballachov. Every car and
passerby needed to be checked before being permitted to enter. Jonathan could not help but wonder if
he was the reason for the strict security.

He tried unleashing his spiritual sense, but the soldiers in front of him did not react to it.

They’re not cultivators. They must be ordinary soldiers.

Jonathan turned around and moved to the side of the road. As he passed by the back of a vehicle, he
released some of his spiritual energy and disappeared.

In the meantime, several Remdikian youngsters in the distance peered in Jonathan’s direction as if
looking for something. Alas, they gave up while feeling confused.

Jonathan had used a technique to bypass the checkpoint before crawling out of the ground upon
arriving at a secluded area of the city.

At that moment, he was still oblivious to the order that was given to the entire southwestern region of

People were allowed to enter but not leave. Even all vehicles needed to be examined thoroughly.

Charleigh’s influence on the war was too great. This time, the tsar had deployed all of the Western
Army to capture Jonathan.

Jonathan took out a wig from his storage ring and disguised himself like a drunkard commonly found in

The next thing he needed to do was steal a car to go to the airport.

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