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The Legendary Man Chapter 938

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-Jonathan opened up a little space about ten meters under the snow-
covered ground using a spell from Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

He listened to the roaring sound of engines while eating the pancakes that had turned cold.

That was the third plane flying past within the past half an hour.

All of them were fighter jets, and they flew extremely low. Obviously, they had infrared scanners.

Judging by the large-scale and high-frequency searches, Jonathan had a feeling the other party might
have confirmed his location.

He gulped a mouthful of alcohol, which sent a fiery feeling down his throat. Yet, he felt dejected.

I don’t get it. I’ve put in so much effort to get rid of that idiot Jokovich. How is it I got exposed? Is it not
over yet? They’re using a fighter jet for the search now. If they still can’t find me after some time, the
group of cultivators will surely conduct thorough research. I can’t keep staying underground.

If he were to come out of the space, his whereabouts would be exposed.

And if he were to travel underground, it would consume too much spiritual energy. No matter how many
Spirit Rejuvenating Pills he had, it would not be sufficient for him to travel dozens of miles.

He would have to experience the humiliation of not having enough supplies. None of the options was a
good idea.

Once again, Jonathan came to a dead end.

Just as he was racking his brains for a solution, a strong spiritual sense fell straight onto him.

The moment their spiritual sense collided, Jonathan hurriedly charged forward.

Immediately, the space he opened up collapsed.

It was Jokovich, and he was not alone.

Jonathan did his best to go further into the ground.

One hundred meters was a great challenge. Most cultivators’ spiritual sense and spiritual energy force
field could not go past that depth.

As long as he reached a hundred meters beneath the ground, he would be safe from the duo’s pursuit.

However, there was a problem. The deeper it was, the harder the soil would be. As a result, Jonathan
would need to use more spiritual energy.

Nonetheless, he could not be bothered to consider so many things at that moment. He had no choice
but to go deeper into the ground to escape the men’s spiritual sense.

In just a few seconds, Jokovich’s and his partner’s expressions changed.

That was because Jonathan had gone beyond their detection range. Not the slightest bit of his aura
could be sensed.

“Be careful. Jonathan’s not easy to deal with,” said Jokovich while using his Pryncyp to expand the
force field of both his spiritual sense and spiritual energy.

The other cultivator was a plump middle-aged man, Nicholas Bowen. Gazing at Jokovich’s left hand
that had only a thumb left, he hesitated for a moment before expanding his force field.

“There!” Jokovich yelled. With a leap, he dived dozens of meters deep into the ground.

A muffled sound echoed as a crater was formed on the ground.

Meanwhile, Nicholas stabbed his Adrunite spear into the ground beside Jokovich.


Like a fountain, a huge pile of soil flew into the air.

At the same time, Nicholas was sent flying backward until he crashed into an old tree.

He stared at the spear in his hand to find a tiny chunk about several centimeters deep near its sharp
end was chipped.

With a swing of the hand, he parted the spear in two.

As the soil splattered to the ground, Jonathan crouched on the snow with Heaven Sword while glaring
coldly at Jokovich and his partner.

“Jokovich, I’ve done nothing wrong to Sanctuary. Why are you guys so hell-bent on hunting me?”

Jokovich did not understand Chanaean. Naturally, he did not know what Jonathan said.

However, Jokovich could not give up on the opportunity to take revenge for his broken fingers.

Without hesitation, Jokovich took a single step and charged toward Jonathan with his right fist.

Ripples of energy formed in the air and traveled to Jonathan.


Jonathan thrust Heaven Sword out and broke Pryncyp in two.

When Jonathan gently landed on the ground, the spiritual energy caused the snow to fly into the air.

Jokovich’s pupils constricted as he got ready to handle Jonathan’s attack. Suddenly, the soil beneath
his feet rose dozens of meters into the air and sent Jokovich flying backward.

Realizing he had fallen for Jonathan’s trap, Jokovich turned around and yelled at Nicholas, “Watch out!”

Alas, it was too late.

Not only did the soil throw Jokovich into the air, but it also blocked Nicholas’ vision.

When Jonathan formed his force field using his spiritual energy and spiritual sense, Nicholas practically
lost his ability to use both his spiritual energy and spiritual sense to detect him.

All three aspects—spiritual sense, spiritual energy, and his vision—were currently useless to Nicholas.
The area behind the wall of soil was his blind spot.

As the wall of soil shot into the air, Nicholas glanced at Jokovich, who flew over his head.

Little did Nicholas know he was Jonathan’s actual target.

The trick to winning in fights was to find the opponent’s weakness.

Although Jokovich was not Jonathan’s match, the former was someone who mastered Pryncyp of

Jonathan needed to land many punches to kill Jokovich.

On the contrary, killing Nicholas was a piece of cake for Jonathan.

As Jonathan made a gesture with his left hand, a hole formed silently in the wall of soil.

Heaven Sword then turned into a shadow as it slashed at Nicholas’ circulatory system.

Blood instantly spewed out. The opponent placed the broken spear in front of him to deflect Heaven
Sword. The sword had only slashed his shoulder; it was not a lethal wound.

Seeing that, Jonathan stomped his foot on the ground and charged forward.

The moment he left, an invisible wave of energy hit the ground where he just stomped.


Another crater formed on the ground.

Jokovich had made another attack.

Immediately, Jonathan released his spiritual sense and gestured a technique with his hands.
Subsequently, the wall of soil loomed over Jokovich like a blanket.

Jokovich raised his hand and shattered the wall, yet Jonathan was nowhere to be seen.

“Watch out for the ground!” shouted Jokovich as he threw a punch where Nicholas stood.

Knowing how powerful that punch would be, Nicholas leaped into the air without a second thought.

The ground stirred and transformed into two massive hands that grabbed at Nicholas.

In the meantime, Jonathan kept burrowing further into the ground as he endured the severe pain in his
back. Grabbing both ends of the soil, he bellowed, “Get down!”

Following his voice, the ground turned into two giant hands that captured Nicholas by his legs and
pulled him downward.

Beneath him was the crater Jokovich had created earlier. It had turned into a mud vortex like the
entrance to hell that was choosing someone to devour.

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