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The Legendary Man Chapter 936

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-In Yerner, Remdik, Jonathan was standing in front of a roadside food
stall, holding a large rolled pancake in his hand that was about half the size of a person’s head. The
pancake was filled with beef and smothered in high-calorie sauce. The man enjoyed the food
immensely as he stuffed it into his mouth.

He had run from Mortling Castle, deliberately circling the wilderness to disrupt the Remdikians’ search

Furthermore, he exposed his location with a signal transmitter to lure his target and confuse the
Remdikians’ direction.

Jonathan traveled southeast along the Volga River until he arrived at the first city.

Although the cities in the western part of Remdik were quite densely distributed, they were still
relatively sparse compared to cities in the east.

In fact, because Remdik’s territory was too large and the population was highly concentrated in the
west, there were still large areas of wilderness.

During his escape, Jonathan did not dare to make a fire to cook. Instead, he refueled his energy along
the way with military rations and dried beef.

The man was extremely pleased to be able to eat such a delicious and fragrant pancake.

“Two more, sir!” Jonathan said, pointing to the pancake in his hand and then holding up two fingers.

Although the two of them could not understand each other’s language, they had no difficulty

Seeing Jonathan’s love for his food, the boss laughed heartily and poured him a glass of Kvass.

Jonathan made sure his spiritual energy was firmly contained as he sat in front of the snack cart, not
daring to let any of it out.

Before entering Yerner, Jonathan threw the transmitter onto a boat on Volga River.

However, given the speed of the boat, he believed that the transmitter should have been discovered by
the Remdikians and his signal source located.

Hence, he wasn’t safe in his current location.

Although the disguise technique that Hossom gave him was extremely powerful and could change the
position of facial muscles, he looked too much like a person from Aploth, Chanaea. It was impossible to
adjust his appearance to be like a Remdikian, no matter how hard he tried. Hence, no matter where he
went, Jonathan was quite conspicuous.

Although Jonathan was eating happily, his mind was always thinking of Heaven Sword in the ring.

If he detected anything amiss, he could quickly summon the sword to deal with the threat.

There was no way around it. Jonathan had grown tired of Jokovich’s pursuit over the past few days.

He only kidnapped Ksana, but Jokovich seemed to be hunting him like he had offended his family.

It was impossible to get rid of the man.

After taking a sip of Kvass, Jonathan stuffed the last bite of his pancake into his mouth.

His primary concern at the moment was not his own safety.

With the Pryncyp of Slaughter, Jonathan was confident of defeating anyone below the Divine Realm
cultivation level.

Hence, he was more concerned about Ksana and Charleigh’s situation.

Jonathan had signed a master and servant contract with Ksana. Even though they were too far apart to
establish direct contact, the bond from the contract allowed Jonathan to sense that Ksana was still

Ksana’s mission was to escort Charleigh back to Chanaea, but even after the latter was injured, Ksana
still did not return to look for him.

This meant that Charleigh was still alive!

After being relentlessly chased by the Remdik Western Army for the past few days, Jonathan was even
more certain that they were still alive and on the run.

Charleigh had his hands and feet cut off. Ksana, although a cultivator in the God Realm, was born from
the stimulation of the Holy Blood.

If Ksana and Charleigh encountered the Remdikians or other cultivators from Sanctuary, they were
likely to be in great danger.

Therefore, Jonathan was in a dilemma.

On the one hand, he wanted to avoid being chased and return to Chanaea as soon as possible.

But on the other hand, he hoped that the people from Sanctuary and Remdik’s army would continue to
chase him.

It was the only way to verify that Charleigh and Ksana had not been caught by anyone yet!

When the boss of the snack cart brought over two more pancakes, Jonathan sighed.

I wonder what’s going on in the country? With the pressing troubles at River Onxy, Asura’s Office
should start mobilizing troops by now. Although Hades and the others have no problems controlling one
region, this incident involves two countries and many forces. In this kind of battle, one wrong move
could lead to a catastrophic disaster. I hope that Hades can withstand such pressure.

Jonathan downed the cup of Kvass in one gulp, then tossed some money before turning around to

Just then, a boy with a drawing board was quickly approaching him from behind.

As the two passed each other, Jonathan’s body tilted slightly.

A dagger emerged from the boy’s sleeve and stabbed toward Jonathan’s right rib.

The sound of cracking bones followed.

With a light crack, the boy’s arm snapped off.

The dagger, controlled by spiritual energy, flew up and pierced the boy’s neck, pinning him to the street
lamp post on the roadside.

“How dare a Superior Realm cultivator attack me?”

Jonathan looked at the surveillance camera at the intersection. He then smiled faintly and turned to
disappear into the long alley.

Meanwhile, the passing pedestrians just noticed something was wrong with the boy.

Although his cultivation was not high, his methods were extremely clean and precise, definitely the
work of a seasoned intelligence operative.

Someone like him must have reported his situation to his superiors before making a move against

It seems like Yerner isn’t safe anymore!

Jonathan looked somewhat tired as he gazed up at the gray sky.

He didn’t know where Ksana was; all he could do was hope that she would activate the ring and use
the phone inside to contact him soon.

The man leapt onto the rooftop and quickly headed southeast.

In order to reach Merania, he needed to travel over four thousand kilometers.

It was also the closest way out of Remdik.

Jonathan left Yerner not long after leaving the city.

Soon after he left, Jokovich and several Grandmaster Realm cultivators arrived at the dead boy’s side.

“It must have been Jonathan.”

After carefully searching for residual spiritual energy in the area, Jokovich jumped onto the roof of a
nearby building.

“Contact the western military army and order all God Realm cultivators to pursue him in the Caso

Jokovich leapt away after giving the instructions.

Meanwhile, several Grandmaster Realm cultivators on the ground began to work in an orderly manner.

At the same time, on a train in Samara, a woman with a withered face and a large backpack was curled
up in the corner of the carriage.

As she flicked her hand, a bottle of liquid emitting a blue light appeared.

The blue light reflected on her face; it was none other than Ksana, who had been missing for three

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